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3.9 out of 5 stars79
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2010
I enjoyed listening to the first Linkin Park album when a drummer friend bought it into the shop I worked in. The beats and mish mash of explosive riffs, fairly decent raps and soaring choruses impressed me immensely. A little older and wiser the second had it's moments for me but was drifting and slowly the two held less interest for me beyond a few songs. Minutes to Midnight came along and while admirable for its efforts in trying to forge the next steps in their sound there were chunks that left me wanting. My friend and I bought tickets for November at the O2 largely out of 'never got around to this, been ten years, perhaps we should'. Imagine my surprise when I first heard the Catalyst. A driving beat, soaring synth notes, lyrics that grab me in a very grown up way, a better marriage of Mike and Chester's (and apparently the rest of the band's) vocal sounds than I'd ever heard from them. Building and building in a fashion of emotional highs and lows I wouldn't have ever thought possible. Best I could describe my first encounter with this was - I want to listen to this again. Once the actual album arrived I was in awe. Everyone working at the top of their game. From the gentle keyboard to the varied beats, the waves of delicate to vicious guitar and the whole band vocals dipping in and out from beginning to end. I've now heard this album probably 20 times and I'm still not tired, if anything it gets better each time. Maybe it is too different (I am intrigued to see how some of it's going to fit in with the older tracks live) but different is good. All the Oppenheimer/Dr King stuff, it lends a meaning and weight to a lot of it. It's like they're striving for something bigger and better even as they finally release it.

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, I'm not trying to start a debate with anyone, I just need to share my two cents. I know it's only been a few days but unlike a lot of the bands I listened to in my youth I can actually imagine enjoying this in ten years time.

Bravo Linkin Park; Bravo
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on 15 September 2010
After hearing The Catalyst I was hugely disappointed and was fearing the worst with their new album. However, it's not too bad, but definitely not great!

The album has 15 tracks, but only 9 are proper songs and the rest are just fillers - not good!

In my opinion there are just 3 excellent songs, 3 decent songs and 3 poor songs.



I have now had time to listen to the songs a few times and openly admit I was wrong with my initial review above. Although I'm still not happy with just 9 songs - what you do get are actually very good songs (once you have listened to them a few times), one of which has to be one of their best tracks ever (I'll let you figure it out when you listen to the album). I actually really like 'The Catalyst' now too!

I believe all the negative reviews here on Amazon are probably from people (like myself) who reviewed it after just one listen. After a few listens I'm sure they too will add one more star to their initial review.

Not Linkin Park's best album, but not the worst either!
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on 22 December 2010
Linkin park has always been and probably will always be one of my favorite bands ever. I couldnt wait for the release of this album, but when i got it i was slightly dissapointed.. why you ask? well, mainly because i was expecting something similar to "meteora" or "minutes to midnight". Therefore i only listened to a couple of songs half way through and turned it off. The next day i decided to give the album another chance, listened to it the whole way through once.. twice.. three times.. and finally realised that it was actually amazing! Yes, LP have changed in style alot over the past years, BUT IN A GOOD WAY! if you do buy this album, take time to listen to it properly. i assure you, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!

Mike sings in "when they come for me": " everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first"

with music, and the bands that you love change is inevitable. if bands dont change their style slightly once in a while, the music they produce will go stale.

9/10 excellent album, mike and chester's singing ties together perfectly.
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on 30 December 2012
Hybrid Theory is the obvious high point - and for good reason I need not go into here - but Meteora and Minutes... sagged like a hammock full of smashed bananas. I got a hold of ATS a couple of years ago with the half-arsed idea of having something easy to listen to while I played Mass Effect 2. That didn't really work out, and I walked away from the situation feeling a little miffed; after all, LP are good for drop D, cranking it up to 11, etc...

From the second listen onward, everything clicked. I could go into detail about how much I love it when bands stop singing about depression and girls for a minute to try something actively interesting that delves into ideas and concepts, or how much I love it when a band releases an album that isn't readily suitable for download track by track (almost as if they hadn't released an album at all, but a collection of songs designed for commercial release...) but I will talk about the feeling of incredible satisfaction got from listening to output from a band releasing their fourth album and discovering it is in fact the most adventurous and positive album from them yet. Few bands release a fourth album that's any better than stadium-rock fodder. For Linkin Park to produce this shows that the mainstream album is not yet dead! Blimey.

If you listen to this once and wonder what on Earth these guys have been doing with their money, just sit down, stick it on again and actually make the effort. Not everything is designed for instant gratification. Kind of like tantrism.
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on 20 September 2010
I am a great fan of Linkin Park and all their music. I really loved their nu-metal, rap-rock style in their first two albums and liked Minutes to Midnight.

With my first listen through the album, I thought it was good, I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting more heavy vocals, although if I put my mind fresh and forget the old LP. The album is actually fantastic!

My favourites are Blackout, Wretches and Kings, The Catalyst, When they come for Me and Burning in the skies.
Most of the other songs I still liked including the short tracks fitted well in the narrative of the album. I liked Journado del Muerto as a filler.
I also liked Iredescant and Waiting for the End. But they weren't favourites.

I loved the way each song varied and weren't linear all the way through. For example the music varied and different vocalists stepped in. Its like most songs had two sides to them. Some being completely different such as Blackout with hard vocals,then DJ mix mash and relaxing vocals at the end. I think the songs were very well put together. They sounded great. I am glad Linkin Park spent extra time on delaying the album to enhance the songs.

Although The only tracks I really do not like are The Messenger and Wisdom, Justice and Love. But apart from that the album is great and you are guaranteed to like at least 2 songs.

My musical taste is quite wide so I appreciate (and love) a majority of the songs in this album, from techno, electronic, hip hop, rock and rap. I even liked some of the weird songs like The Requiem.

But if your music style is quite linear (e.g. only rock/metal) you will not like this album, perhaps only Blackout.

My music styles have varied in the last few years and so has Linkin Park's. That's fine with me. I also hope Linkin Park can build on this, continuing upon what they did very well in this album.
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on 21 September 2010
3 stars, not because it deserved it but because I couldn't do 2.5. The extra half a star was in hope that this is merely a pit stop on what has been a great musical journey so far.

I tried hard to like this, I really did. I have listened to it 3 or 4 times from start to finish but I just connect to this or even connect it to the Linkin Park I have enjoyed so many times. It is said that the musicians are on a journey which they take us on with their music. I can only hope that this is a cul de sac and LP manage to find the batteries for their GPS.

Don't get me wrong, there are flashes of brilliance in this album with stand out rap performances by Shinoda and great vocals by Bennington, but this doesn't come together in the same powerful way that it has on all previous excursions. Much of this seems to be introspective, politicized, turgid and sample ridden. It's as if there was a moratorium on guitars as well with Phoenix's trademark sound all but completely absent.

It is brave of artists to do something different, to try out a sound and see if it works. But this doesn't sound like a brave new direction. There is nothing bold or progressive about it. For that you have to listen to all previous albums. I hope that whatever helped persuade them to make this album is now out of their system and that we shall hear LP return with the energy and originality that they have always been previously associated with.
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on 15 May 2012
I brought this album a while back as an MP3 download as I wasn't sure if I wanted it. Eventually after hearing all of the singles released (The Catalyst, Waiting For The End, Burning In The Skies and Iridescent) I decided to take the plunge. At first I wasn't keen on it as it didn't sound like their old music, but I was persistent and kept playing it on repeat and I've come to realise that I love it! Personally I think it's one of their best albums, I loved their other albums as at the time the songs were about stuff I was going through.
Yes their sound has changed but it has matured and to me still sounds amazing, lyrically wise the songs are very interesting. There are some amazing lines featured in songs the one that stood out the most is in When They Come For Me (great song especially live) 'And I'm not a robot, I'm not a monkey, I will not dance even if the beats funky'
I must admit at first I wasn't sure of some of the shorter songs, but listening to the album as a whole I grew to like them. As usual Mike's rapping is featured and Chester's voice sounds amazing. Plus the album sounds good through speakers and headphones :)Buy it you won't regret it, my only regret is not reviewing it sooner, I didn't realise it had so many negative reviews.
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on 25 September 2013
Now I realise that some die hard LP fans might consider this offering as almost treacherous, and a departure from earlier material, but I believe this is how most bands evolve and mature.
I will admit I haven't really followed LP that closely, and probably came 'late to the party' when they hit the popularity peaks with the Transformers soundtrax, but I just can't get enough of this 'album'.
The entire album is brilliantly compiled with lead in tracks that both build you up and provide a continuity throughout the whole list, a throw back to bands like Pink Floyd with their concept, progressive rock.
The tracks vary enormously, which just goes to highlight the bands musical ability and vision, as it all blends superbly.
Then, as if that isn't enough to keep you happy, you get a DVD thrown in too! Filmed in Madrid, the band perform many of the tracks from the album and some of their previous favourites.

This gets top marks from me. You won't need persuading if your an LP fan, but if you're not or you're not sure, give it a try. Trust me, it is fantastic.
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on 23 August 2011
Linkin Park are Linkin Park.
I love their 'old' stuff and their 'new' stuff.
When LP started they wanted to make a sound that was different. People are complaining that it isn't like the old stuff and they are sellouts. Yes it isn't like their old stuff ... but sellouts? No. If a band kept making the same thing over and over again then they would be the sellouts because they were making music that everyone wanted to hear. LP make music that they want to make and that they enjoy.
There are songs on this album that have sounds that you would find on HT, Meteora and MTM but there are a lot of amazing new sounds and songs that are out of this world. I ask any band/singer to sit down and make an album with such passion as they do.
Every song is amazing and no matter what you get from it, you have to see beyond the fact that they aren't punching in the guitar riffs every five minutes.
I love the album, I love ALL their albums and I will continue to love whatever they make/sing/rap.
From One Step Closer to Iridescent to singing the Dictionary ... they Rock!
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on 20 September 2010
Having received my O2 tickets recently, to see Linkin Park play live for the second time in the 8 years since I've been a fan, I was very much looking forward to buying and listening to this new album too. However, I have to ask what on earth went wrong? Where was Chester's amazing angst ridden voice, where was the energy, that formula they have for making you feel the music deep inside the pit of your stomach? Where was their signature guitar sound even?!! Who's decision was it to depart from that established genre and put this kind of pop/electro fusion, with sound bites in it's place?!!

I've tried to give it time. I so wanted to like it. I've played it over and over, and at full volume, but it's just so lacking and feels totally weak. It doesn't go anywhere. Falls completely flat. A lazy attempt, to produce something that is defined as 'progressive' ... try regressive !

I reach again for Hybrid Theory and Meteora ..... relishing in the nostalgia of a band who now seem to be a bit lost and who have left me very confused.
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