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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2002
I just love this film, whenever I am down I put it on. At first I had the video (OK first I saw it at the cinema then I got the video) and it is running out and so was overjoyed to find that it is out on DVD. Now if you are looking for a faithful rendition of the Wind in the Willows story you may be a little disappointed. But if you just wish to see the tale with a new and comical twist then this is great film. Only downside is that badger is not fierce enough! But toad is gloriously pompous and Ratty is ever loving his river. The extra features are great especialy the part where you can sing along to 4 of the songs, the Weasels song, toads song, Ratty on the river and the charming song the Badger, Mole, Rat and Toad sing in friendship. The sad thing is that there is no sing-along for the end title tune which I also love.
I would not be without a copy of this film in my house because it is very funny and always cheers me up. I would hope that it will do the same for anyone who buys and or watches this film.
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on 24 March 2003
A fair effort at portraying the classic story and very true to the book. This DVD is fantastic for kids simply because of its special features sing-a-long section, it keeps them amused for hours.
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on 3 December 2006
We have three different versions of this classic story. We read the book to our children first and then showed them the film. The script is witty, intelligent and reflects the book beautifully. The story is true to the book up to a point but there are some lovely Jonesian touches which are so funny and well done that you can completely forgive him altering part of the story. "Is it really such a nasty world?" "Oh yes,a very nasty world!" has become a family catch phrase. My husband would like one of the Weasels' coats.
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on 4 June 2002
this is a good version of a classic tale. the use of real actors adds a real element of acting. it does alter the story in minor ways, but captures the essence of the book. the singing is remeniscent of frederick ashton's ballet version of "the tales of beatrix potter". there are some very good cameo acting roles- watch out for the chief weasel! good fun
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on 27 February 2006
I found the film very entertaining for both adults and children. There are lots of clever and interesting things to observe and it's quite delightful. The acting is superb and it's great to see the Wind in the Willows acted by real actors. There are so many famous faces in this film - all excellent comedians - and many from Monty Python days. What a pity it didn't actually go on general release to cinemas - a treat the general public missed.
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on 24 November 2011
I have never read the book of The Wind in the Willows and I never really liked the 80's version of this film but this film just made my childhood and is the best adaptation of the film by far!!

The story involves Mr Toad and his latest craze of motorcars (he has many crazes), the first one is revealed when Ratty and Mole arrive at Toad Hall as boating which has been dumped, secondly Caravaning which doesn't last long and finally Motor Cars which he constantly crashes and the evil Weasels make up a plan to take Toad Hall and make it into a Dog Food Factory.

I would recommend this film to your children and any young kids because it is a brilliant and fun adaptation of Kenneth Graham's classic book and in opinion the best so far. There are some great guest stars and cast including some members of Monty Python.

Eric Idle Plays Ratty
Terry Jones Plays Mr Toad
John Cleese Plays Mr Toads Lawyer/Defence
Michael Palin Plays The Sun

Also Featuring:

Steve Coogan as a terrific Mole
Nicol Williamson as the grumpy Badger
Anthony Sher as a brilliant evil Chief Weasel
Stephen Fry as The Judge

The film features five great songs:

Messing About on the River
Secret of Survival (Weasels Villian Song)
Mr Toad's Song
Riverbank Song
Miracle of Friends (Shows the releationship of friends & it plays through the end credits)

As well as a brilliant film, an amazing cast & excellent songs there are also some decent extras for the money which you wouldn't find on many dvd's these days.

DVD Extras:
Sing-a-long Feature. (Sing along to all four songs in the film except Miracle of Friends which is slightly disappointing)
Originsl Theatre Trailer
Sketch to Screen Featurette with Commentary
Go Wild In The Country: The Making of The Wind In The Willows (A behind the scenes featurette on the film which is very interesting and it runs for 25 mins, only downside is the annoying frame around the feature, although it can easily be resolved by zooming in the aspect if you have a 16:9 TV!)
Photo Gallery ( A few pictures from the filming of the film)
Director's Commentary (An interesting commentary by Director Terry Jones and there is some good information explained about the film throughout)

I am giving the film five stars for the amazing film and cast and what it made of my childhood. I am still happy to watch it. I would really recommend buying for young kids or Grandchildren as I really think they would enjoy it as much as I did!!
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on 10 December 2000
The Wind in the Willows is based on the well known childrens book by Kenneth Grahame. Terry Jones changed the story around a bit and created a funny story. If you ever read the book and liked it or if you enjoy other movies by Terry Jones you will love this movie. The story is basically, Mr. Toad spends all his money on motorcars. The evil Weasels notice this and plan to make him sell Toad Hall to them. Toad's friends Ratty, Mole and Badger try to prevent this from happening. I definitely recommend this movie to you and I hope this review was helpful.
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on 1 June 2009
If only Graham Chapman could have still been with us when this film were made, as it features four of the original six members of Monty Python-and ought to have been credited as their fifth feature film. It features all the magical qualities of the original book, but with the wonderful humour that only Terry Jones could have created. Eric Idle is hilarious as Ratty, Michael Palin is a very vibrant sun, John Cleese gives a Fawlty-esque performance as Toad's lawyer, and of course, Terry Jones is perfect as Toad himself. With the brilliance of Steve Coogan as Mole, this action version of the traditional childrens' tale could not possibly be any better.
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HALL OF FAMEon 3 August 2007
This is a so-called kid's movie that's way too good just for kids. It's based on the book The Wind in the Willows. Mr. Toad (Terry Jones) of Toad Hall loves fast cars, crazy inventions, and all the latest fads. He crashes his cars regularly and is spending more money that he has on his enthusiasms. And it seems the Chief Weasel (Antony Sher) and his cronies have been buying up the land Mr. Toad has had to sell. They're going to tear down Toad Hall and build a huge dog food factory in its place. The Chief Weasel plans that the first ingredients to be processed will be Toad and his friends, the meek but brave Mole (Steve Coogan), the picnic-loving, loyal Rat (Eric Idle), and the grumpy, advice-giving Badger (Nicol Williamson). The movie details with great humor their adventures to defeat the Chief Weasel and save Toad Hall.

What makes this movie so special is the loving care Jones took establishing the look of the place and the fullness of the characters. If you pay attention, you'll see some gentle takes on greed, the legal system (John Cleese is a defence attorney who makes an impassioned case in court that his client should receive the maximum sentence), 1984, the protection of our environment, taking responsibility for our actions, and friendship. And the movie is not ponderous or preachy at all. It's great fun.

Disney, which had U.S. rights to the film, did nothing with it. When they finally put it in U. S. theaters, after insisting the name be changed from The Wind in the Willows to the name of one of their park rides, they spent almost no marketing money on promotion. Not suprisingly, the movie tanked faster than Mr. Toad's tongue catching a fly.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride should be considered a classic. Little kids would probably like the characters, the color and the action, but my target audience would start with slightly alienated and smart teenagers. They'll get it. And then move on to those adults who like adult things.
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on 25 September 2009
Bit dissapointed to see actors with no costumes on at first but within minutes i realised i was watching an absolute classic.I never heard of this film on release ,i stumbled across it by accident on the internet.It is a must for Monty Python freaks and people of normal mentality also..My 6 year old loves it my girlfriend also,my gran,my dog,my mum,my dad,my nx door neighbour,my pet african land snails,my pen pal in peru,the bloke up the shop and the man from del monte he say yeah!!!!
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