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4.8 out of 5 stars20
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead is a 'never-ending' dystopian Zombie survival horror, designed to satisfy the fan who has been left wondering what happens next after the credits have rolled in zombie-flicks. This is Book 4 in the series (as the title might suggest!) and collects issues #36-#48. Animated by Charlie Ardlard, the series is entirely black & white, apart from the vivid and artistic covers of the original issues which are collected in the back of the books.

In Book #4, things are shaping up nicely for our survivors and they begin to let themselves dare to hope. Having found Woodbury prison, cleared it out and resecured the perimeter, ploughed up the yard and planted crops it looks as though they may have a chance at a future. However, when a routine foray into the surrounding towns for supplies turns into an encounter with another survivor settlment who have devised a rather different way of surviving this new world, doubts start to grow whether the walking dead are really the worst enemy they face...

What sets The Walking Dead apart from other comics is that you cannot see it coming at all; usually stories have a central set of characters that are held high & dry above the turmoil and you have no real fear that they will die when placed in peril. This is not so in TWD and it creates an electric sense of tension throughout the story.

Highly recommended for dystopia fans, zombie fans and graphic novel readers in general, a shining beacon for the genre!!
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on 2 February 2009
now that 'y the last man' has finished (the walking dead's only rival) this book stands as simply, issue after issue as quite magnificent and the best ongoing comic book.
it'll make you cry, it'll make you laugh, it'll make you wince, shock the beejesus out of you and make you cry again.
love love love these books.
if you haven't read them, do so, it's not about zombies, it's about people and human nature. stunning, really, stunning.
if you don't like it, you are a zombie.
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on 6 March 2013
Happy with the product, arrived on time. Great book and read in particular for any fans of the tv series.
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on 8 May 2010
The Walking Dead is a testament to what can be achieved in the comic medium.

I've always felt that its more about the writer than the subject matter, as even the most ridiculous of concepts can be made human and believable by a great writer (Eg Bendis on Daredevil, Millar on the Ultimates etc). If the writer is good, it hardly matters what the genre is.

Despite being a 'horror' comic, The Walking Dead is one of the best written character dramas out there, and I'm not just talking in comics. The closest comparison I can draw is with the recent Battlestar TV series. On the surface its space science fiction, but anyone whos watched it can tell you that beneath the scifi premise is a deep and dark character-based story. On the surface, The Walking Dead is a Zombie horror comic, but really its about people and what they'll do to survive when faced with oblivion.

Sure, the premise of Walking Dead is a zombie apocalypse, and it does it well. If you've really only come to pick it up as a Zombie fan, you'll love it. It beats anything Zombie-related that I've seen in TV and movies (including the awesome 28 Days Later). But its real strength lies in the characters and the persistent sense that anything can happen. Nothing is sacred and no one is safe. This is true throughout the series but never more so than in this 4th volume.

It can be a hard read, as the book pulls no punches. The 'good guys', characters you've grown to know and love from the start of series, bend and change under the strain. Some breakdown, some commit suicide, some become executioners.

But it feels real, which is scarier than zombies.

Check these books out, they're awesome. Then go read Y: The Last Man :-)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 October 2009
The survivors are still holed up in the prison to keep themselves safe from the zombies which have overrun America. Despite a few brushes with death & the birth of Lori's baby, they are lulled into a false sense of security - which is when the Governor turns up. He wants the prison for his own base & he wants revenge. He also has enough weaponry & manpower to make it happen. If Rick's group are going to defend the prison, they're going to have to stick together - but can they? And how many of them will still be alive to stick together by the end?

Volume 4 of the oversized hardcovers collects #37-48 of the comic or #7 & 8 of the softcover trade paperbacks. It's incredibly well-structured & the character observations are spot on. The quiet lulls between incidents bring inner tensions to the surface as these shellshocked people face the impossible task of coming to terms with the world they knew being swept away. These sequences are anything but dull, as an incredible amount of character development is squeezed economically into only a few pages. Plus the grand finale is not only epic but also convincing, with all the characters being true to themselves.

Great stuff. I can't recommend this series enough. Volume one was fantastic & this series has continued to develop & get better ever since.
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on 29 December 2015
Partner was very happy as he collect the walking dead books and enjoys them very much . reasonable price and arrived extremely fast. Never had any problems when I've ordered them in the past either !
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on 23 September 2013
I love these books and am patiently waiting on the next installment where even more zombies get killed.

Went off the TV series after reading the comic because the comic is much better.
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on 18 September 2011
Don't get me wrong I'm loving this series but the grim relentless nature of the story is starting to wear me down. There is always the hope of seeing light at the end of the tunnel but Kirkman always manages to slam down the blinds and cut your eyes out so that you can no longer see it. I'm taking a break before getting book 5 which no doubt I will get. Just need a breather. I need to read something uplifting before going back to this.
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on 19 February 2010
It is just great. Mature, realistic... not an epic story, but a surviving story.

Probably one of the best comic-books I've ever read.
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on 19 October 2014
This was for my son who is an avid WALKING DEAD fan. He loves it, it made him very happy, therefore I have to love it for that reason.
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