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on 31 July 1999
It's all here. Everything we ever needed to know to begin to change our world and ourselves. Totally brilliant. Many years in the making, this book covers a very wide spectrum of knowledge and is fascinating all the way through. Like The Tao of Physics, this book looks toward a world view that encompasses a balance of science and spirit. Capra is also not shy about deconstructing or critisizing popular economic and political mythology, which may disturb some readers, but he has the benefit of input from some of the greatest minds of our time and his analysis is unassailable. Female readers will probably appreciate his sensitivity and balanced approach to feminist perspectives as he discusses what's wrong with our world and what we can do to change things.
My experience was that I read his other book "Uncommon Wisdom" first, which was in large part about Capra's experiences leading up to the writing of The Turning Point with the people and minds that inspired and enlightened him. Reading that first made all of The Turning Point flow even smoother. But Uncommon Wisdom is getting hard to find, so don't quibble. Read Turning Point no matter what! It is still 100% relevant to today and comes from a man who has been at the forefront of cutting edge thinking since the 1960s.
This book is filled with Capra's take on insights obtained over the years from people like Werner Heisenberg, E.F. Schumacher, J. Krishnamurti, Hazel Henderson, Gregory Bateson, Pitirim Sorokin, Stanislav Grof, Margaret Locke, R.D. Laing, David Bohm, Adrienne Rich, Lyn Margulis, and many others. With The Turning Point, you're getting into the thoughts of a whole lot of brilliant thinkers, both male and female, that Capra has known personally or studied thoroughly.
All of Capra's books are fascinating. Check out "The Web of Life" which is another 5 star book in my opinion.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 August 2007
Written 25 years ago this book possesses an across the board optimism about the death knell of Cartesian 'reductionism', meaning the dualistic approach brought in by the scientific revolution in the seventeenth century by the likes of Galileo, Bacon and Descartes which led to the development of what we know as scientific methodology in physics, biology, economics and medical science.

Capra believes this methodology, however effective in understanding the mechanical aspects of the world we live in fails to appreciate the interconnectedness of all phenomena.

Capra is of course a trained physicist, and this book follows on from 'The Tao of Physics' with Capra's understanding of modern physics leading him to believe that mind exists in all things, and that in a sense all things are mind. He goes on to analyses a series of disciplines and to argue that we have got into trouble in medecine, economics and science by failing to adopt a genuinely holistic approach, and pointing out that traditional 'pre-scientific' approaches of traditional 'third-world' societies are in some ways more sophisticated and effective.

Along the way some very good overviews of the development of thought in philosophy, psychology and economics may be of considerable benefit for the lay reader.

As I say, now in one way outdated, but in another way all the more relevant as this discussion arguably needs to be held now more than ever.
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on 22 June 1998
The book has an extremely broad sweep and tries to get to the very root of our crisis as a civilisation. Building his case from a very logical historical perspective that covers the very essence of our academic and intellectual foundations, Capra argues for a paradigm shift in order to bring about sustainable development. The book is not a mere superficial recipe for survival but provides a blueprint for excellence in the new era of globalisation and economic change. Written in a lucid and fluent manner, the arguments flow systematically and call for a radical change in our approach to both seeing and solving problems. The book is both philosophical and practical in its approach and therein lies Capra's greatness. He has been able to weave the enormous research into a comprehensive tome that is as useful for the expert as it is fascinating for the layman. Highly recommended. Mohit Misra, Asian Institute Of Management, Manila.
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on 1 October 2012
This is a thought provoking book. The chapter on the "discrepancies" of quantum physics is worth the price of the book alone.The author dissects the current (although this is an old book, most of it is relevant today) findings of psychologists, biochemists and surprisingly the economists as well. Surprisingly the author devotes much of his book to disproving psychological theories and making sense all the way. However I must warn you that this is not light reading, but if you bear with it you will be rewarded immensely. Can't wait to read the web of life by the same author. Thoroughly recommend.
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on 9 January 1999
The Reductionist model of the world holds sway today with incredible tenacity and effect. Capra's tracing of it's history, implications and role in present society is outstanding. His advocacy for system thinking is likewise terrific. In the second portion of the book Capra attempts a prescriptive dialog in several areas. This prescriptive section was interesting and contains some good ideas, yet lacks the power of the first part. My recommendation: Everyone should read the first portion while the second is very optional.
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on 19 March 1999
I read this book after seeing the movie "MindWalk". That movie was so fascinating that I had to read the book that this movie is based on. This book really cover just about everything from religious/science/philosophy to politic/economy/social and then explain the relationship between all those. It did make me a better person by seeing the bigger picture of what we didn't recognize. It sure made me think more, question more, explore more, seek more..and so on... everybody seriously need to read this..
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on 4 February 1999
The intellectual applications of this fine book are astounding. Make it a definite point to see the movie based upon the book, MINDWALK. It is truly one of the best reflections of a book in the film genre.
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on 7 October 2007
Environmentally we will reach the Turning Point soon, that is, if we haven't already. This book is all the reasons why we need to change course now. All his books are brilliant, but for me, this is his best.
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on 12 June 1998
This is a very good work on the systems view of life, with some great insight. There is, however, a very liberal agenda that Capra is clearly pursuing, especially in Part 2. I differ with him politically (no, I am not a conservative...) on a number of things, and was a little disappointed when his political views carried a chapter or two. It was a blemish on an otherwise excellent book, and would have been better left out. Overall, though, an excellent work that I would recommend. Like the apple, just cut off the bad spot. :)
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on 4 October 2014
A good book written by a great scientist
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