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3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 7 September 2004
Hmm. I ordered this with a sense of nostalgia really. After randomly searching "Mario" in the engine, this came up and I
remembered watching it as a child. I thought it was worth a look - but fourteen years wiser and I can now appreciate how dodgy this show really is.
First of all, being shot in the 1980s and therefore pre-Charles Martinet (who does Mario's voice on the games now), all the characters have gruff Brooklyn accents. That includes Toad. The sound effects are kinda strange too, mixing sounds and themes from the actual games, and songs from the (then) charts.
Secondly, before and after each cartoon we are treated to "hilarious" live action skits starring the Mario and Luigi voice actors. It's basicly a little story set in their Brooklyn apartment that starts before the cartoon itself and concludes afterwards. They usually have a guest star with them - vague 80s stars that nobody can really remember. Now, I can't recall these truly awful live action parts from watching them as a kid (aside from the "do the Mario" dance over the credits, which is pretty funny) - maybe they were cut from the episodes I saw then.
Each of the six episodes all follow pretty much the same storyline - Princess Toadstool (or Peach as we know her today) is captured by King Koopa (now re-named Bowser) and Mario and Luigi have to save her. Sometimes slightly amusing, these episodes are well presented enough (although now I would have thought they'd be anime - Mario originating from Japan and all), and they do display a certain charm, but Luigi is really quite useless. He's perceived as cowardly and never really gets the limelight - for instance it's always Mario who gets the power-up or Fire Flower first - even though it's named the "Super Mario BROS Super Show". Also, being made in the 1980s means that it's pre-Yoshi too, so he never appears on any of the episodes on this DVD.
Anyway, if you're buying this for nostalgia, I guess the price is right, so go ahead (but maybe get Volume 2 instead - it's cheaper). If you're buying this for a younger relative, then the rest of what I said is pretty much redundant - kids'll love it.
Perfect for anyone under the age of 7 (but watch out - if they watch this without previously owning any Mario games, DON'T let them get wind of the games - you'll have to fork out for them too!). Anyone else - only if you love Mario and/or have never seen any of these old cartoons.
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on 6 May 2006
This DVD is a must have for all you Mario fans from the 80s and 90s. Shout have really done a good job with this DVD. Previous single DVD releases of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! have had errors with boxart and some minor graphics but this DVD is excellent. It sticks to the originality of the original release by Nintendo and DiC Entertainment. The menu is jazzy with a mixed tune of the cartoons intro music. 4 discs with 24 episodes in total completes the first half of the Super Show series in one go! Shout have announced a 2nd boxset release to complete the series. Includes the live-action segments, the cartoons, original advert start/end screens and the original previews of The Legend of Zelda! Shout have officialy said that it will only be in a region-1 format.
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on 29 March 2013
I have this and my cousin she always puts in on my 360 so she really likes this Mario bros show a lot, she's only 8 too.

The show has a movie like with actors of Mario and Luigi where they do funny things for a few minutes then after a cartoon plays after for 20 minutes then the movie ends with the Mario and Luigi stars at the begining to end it since the start of the show has a break for to it to be continued.

The cartoon is about Peach being captured by Koopa
(note he is called Koopa not Bowser in this one) and so Mario saves her as usual with the gang of Toad, Luigi.

The series then has a lot more movies 9 short movies in all and most important I like is they added music from the Mario games so when you listen it you know it by heart this is a good thing to listen too if you're a fan of Mario bros stuff.

Then after Mario is dancing with the Mario music in the background and oh yes and singing do the Mario swing your arms to one side come on it's time to do the Mario!
Then the credits kicks in.

Any kid will like this dvd, buy if you got kids they love it to bits!
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on 10 August 2011
I might have already commented I was not aware that this was a USA product or that it may not be playable in the UK, however, I can play it on the laptop but the whole point was for my son to watch whilst I had peace using the laptop. never mind, qulaity is good though
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on 19 October 2015
wonderful card great service
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on 25 May 2014
I was very disappointment with this produced as it was very late and had to Give it to my nephew after his birthday. Also I thought it was going to be a cartoon for him all the way through it wasn't it was part cartoon part dresses up charctictors. I would not buy again
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