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3.4 out of 5 stars23
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 January 2012
This is a beautiful film, but the problem is, it's only beautiful, it's not very interesting.

What's good: the effects are amazing; the fight scenes are fantastically done; the scenery is brilliant; the costumes are wonderful.

What's not so good: it's a sequel, but there is no attempt to reintroduce the characters; the plot is so thin it's almost not there; the plot that is there doesn't make sense; there are so many fight scenes that they become boring.

When I watched it I ended up forward winding through most of the end because I was so bored with all the sword fighting. I love a good martial arts battle, but this film took it to an extreme. There was one point where Cloud and Wind were fighting and first they had the battle in their heads, then they actually had it and then they did it all over again!

So if you love long drawn out battles, go for it; if you want any kind of plot, don't bother.
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on 3 August 2014
There is no denying that this highly anticipated sequel delivers as far as visuals go, it's beautiful and mesmerising and just as fun is seeing Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok back together as the comic book heroes . A good point to note is that it is not a direct sequel so those who missed the 1998 Stormriders don't need to worry infact it may be best if you haven't see it as sadly this movie pails in comparison :( . I couldn't get used to the change of actresses in one of the main roles and visually stunning movie soon became monotonous with lack of plot and development of characters apart from wind and cloud. It's a good film to watch for big screen tvs but as far as matching it's predecessor for storyline goes it's sadly a far cry from it.
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on 13 July 2010
Full credit should be given to the Pang Brothers for taking on the huge, daunting responsibilty of creating a sequel to one of the highest grossing movies of all time at China's box office, especially when they specialize in the supernatural chiller style of horror and have no prior martial arts experience. Whoever took on the challenge, and whatever feature they delivered, would've been met with a considerable amount of critism due to the high levels of expectations generated from the original, which in turn, can never be fully realized on a satisfactory level. Thankfully, i read numerous bad reviews slating this dark follow-up to The Storm Riders, and so, my level of expectation was next to zero when i finally sat down to watch it for myself; i ended up being pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained.

Simon Yam is cast as the emphatic evil warlord Godless; Lam Suet (my personal favourite) is King Piggy; Charlene Choi provides the eye candy as Second Dream (although, "Every Full Bloody Man's Dream" would've been a better name for her character - she looks stunning); Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok reprise their roles as Wind and Cloud; and, do i need to mention the amazing special effects that The Pang Bothers have become renowned for throughout their careers?

Personally, i find watching warriors do ridiculous kung-fu moves like: throwing scores of swords through the air conjured out of thin air; creating impenetrable forcefields; running up mountains; leaping forty foot in the air; getting up without a scratch after being slammed 100mph into solid rock; walking in the realms of death, and a whole host of other mind-blowingly imaginative ideas to be a whole lot of fun; and, if you're not psyched to see the Pang's rather impressive sequel, loaded with spectacular CGI visuals and epic battle sequences, then you just don't appreciate crazy, overly stylized Chinese martial arts movies to the fullest.

Yes, the story is a tad lame but that's nothing most viewers, who consider themselves genuine fans, haven't already come to expect from Chinese fantasy flicks, in fact, it enhances the viewing experience on a certain level: creating numerous parodies for you to laugh at. If you're watching this type of flick expecting a gripping story with needless character development, which has already been achieved in the original, then i think you really need to have a long word with yourself in front of the mirror and stop taking things too seriously: it's meant to be fun so enjoy it for what it is.
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on 30 September 2011
great action start to finish loved it
must see the first one before u watch this one for the stroy line as you
come in half though a story
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on 7 May 2012
I bought this as I had seen the previous film and was curious to see the sequel. I enjoyed both up to a point but would not give it top marks. The difficulty for me is that it relies too much on the fanciful and special effects rather on the undeniable skill of the actors. I also felt the story line was a little weak. However it did entertain but I would not rave about it.
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on 26 June 2011
This should have been an outstanding film but it was so badly let down by a poor script and far too much posturing by the actors.
The effects were brilliant and the story overall was very good but where this film fell badly was on trying to be like Crouching tiger hidden dragon but ended up just as an ok film.
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on 14 September 2012
Storm Warriors is a good movie!!, except that the original movie with Sonny Chiba is a notch better.
I feel that this new movie is more like every other new movie from Asia.
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on 10 November 2010
Over all a good film, some of the special affects are worth watching. Unfortunately, as with many Chinese/Asian films, especially those dealing with the supernatural or fantasy, the plot is a little thin on the ground and is far too
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on 1 August 2014
Totally enjoy watching martial arts movies. Loved the storyline, and affects.
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on 31 August 2010
I am a very big fan of martial art movies and have to say i was very dissapointed by this. I really would reccomend giving this one a miss if possible. The fight scense are far and few between and the story is just lacking.
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