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on 8 March 2013
i bought this set of books as i thought it was a bargin for 3 books in a series. there wasnt any reviews to go on so i took the plunge.

wow what a ride!! these books are comeplete fantasy and i applaud the author for creating a whole entire world from her imagination. the books are a bit like the file "the never ending story" but for adults!! theres drama, passion, steaminess, romance, action!

the characters are well rounded and believable (for a fantasy world!) and you really feel like you get amongst them when reading. I COULD NOT PUT THESE BOOKS DOWN!! and i was craving more when i had finished them. this series could really push lots more books out and would make a great film.

if you love the hunger games, never ending story, mad max etc then you will love these books. i highly recommend them and i feel that the better known they get the more everyone will be reading them!
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on 15 August 2014
Book 1:
"I began The Pearl Savage having read most of Ms. Blodgett's DEATH series. I had no idea that this book would be a parallel read to DEATH, but I was stoked when I realised! TPS could be classed as historical romance, fantasy, sci-fi, YA. You name it, it's got it! I sped through it as I was already familiar with the world, it's occupants and some of the characters. I then consequently bought and read the rest of the published series!

This is quite a serious series, but you still get humour, adventure and intrigue and a major case of awesomeness!"
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on 5 January 2015
To read one of Tamara Rose Blodgett's books at a time, awesome! To be able to get all three of these books at once for a marathon read-a-thon was priceless!

The Pearl Savage-Set the stage and got all the world building done while taking me on a fantastic fantasy adventure! This author really knows how to write for young adults! A great story set in the future, after worldwide disaster, kind of steampunk, with so many PC/social issues and, of course the romantic side! Loved this first book of the series!

The Savage Blood-Amazing! Well worth the wait! Reading what the heroine went through, how she felt, I could swear the author was a teen, herself! For the most part, I got the feeling the characters lived with a '19th century' feel, the formality in speech, proprieties, behavior. The smattering of contemporary speech, as well as the use of informal names was brilliant! The ending has me dying to get hold of the next book!

The Savage Principle-Imagine another world where the inhabitants must live in spheres, linked by passages because they have been told the outside air is poisonous. These people have, for the most part, gone rather soft, dressing in the style of the 19th century. Yet, beings who have 'evolved' with gills roam outside the walls in Bands. They are strong, fierce and protective of their kind, particularly the females. Toss in 'the Travelers,' mysterious humans who have played 'God' with these peoples, bringing in the Fragment, criminals from their world, who wreak havoc wherever they go.<br/><br/>Rowenna, a select female must mate with a sphere-dweller, Raymond, soon to be the King of the Kingdom of Ohio. Their union has been prophesied. It must happen, for the future of their world. The prophesy also states that the child will be raised by Raymond and his future wife, Ada, a shrewish and vain princess from another sphere. These two must accept their fate, but their meetings are not what either of them expected. Rowenna, although young and scared finds that Raymond is a man of honor. Raymond finds Rowenna to be all he could want in a woman. Tamara Rose Blodgett has painted a world where you feel the air around you, feel the emotions of the characters, their devotion to duty. The villainous characters carry a dark, evil presence about them. I became so wrapped up in the story, I actually hated one character even more than in previous books, these characters are THAT real! Their lives become real! Their world is real! This author can write, putting more imagination into this work than many books twice its size!! I do suggest you read the series in order to appreciate what happens in book 3!

Love this series! a fantastic escape!
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on 4 January 2014
I read the blurb of this book, and I was intrigued. The plot is well thought out, the characters all mysterious, with secrets that liner beneath the surface, encouraging you to read on. I am so glad I came across this fantastic book, it is simply amazing!!! I was hooked from the beginning to end, and I am still curious as to which member of the band Clara shall choose as her betrothed... I can't wait to read the next book!!!
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on 12 April 2014
The first book had an interesting post-apocalyptic setting and reasonable characters and action and I would have given it about 4 stars. However, the second book lost most of the post-apocalyptic interest and the action degenerated into female / male angst and meaningless erotic interplay between stereotyped characters. I became bored with it about half way through and never managed to read any further.
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on 25 March 2013
Wow!!!! When I purchased these books I was sceptical as to what they would be like considering they were only 77p. Well, I couldn't put my Kindle down! Tamara is an incredible author, these books are just incredible, I kept saying when I get to the end of the next chapter I will finish for the night. But I couldn't. It was so difficult to put down, one night I started reading at 9pm and was still reading at 3am the next morning! What can I say, BUY THESE BOOKS!!! These books keep you guessing at every page and turning pages, drawing you into Queen Clara's world and the plots are fantastic. I got so involved in reading these books that I actually began to imagine I was there, they grab you so tightly. I am a writer myself, as yet unpublished, if I could write half as well as Tamara I would be very happy. She has an amazing imagination. I have just finished book 4 in the series and eagerly await book 5.
Thank you Tamara.
Jules Lancaster
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on 25 June 2013
I can't say too much about this series. I deleted it after forcing my way through a few thousand words.

I'll finish most books no matter how bad they are but this one defeated me. It's not just the crazy illogics of the social system, I could tolerate that just about, it was that plus the utter ignorance of science. Thing is if you're going to use science (and let's get this straight this is supposed to be an alternate on this world) you better use something that at least makes some sense.

If you've seen the 1950s film adaptation of Day of the Triffids, you'll know what I mean. And we are talking salt.

Learned some interesting things about oysters though.
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on 14 August 2014
Basically this is a colourful read .believable characters excellent use of diction and just keeps you reading hard to put down Tamara is a very talented writer I am hooked many thanks for the stories
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on 24 May 2014
Well, the story goes like this, woman or women get captured, get rescued.
Strange for a woman writer to make the women all victims who constantly get captured in various ways, sometimes in unbelievable acts of stupidity.

It ought to be called The Stupid Women series.

Inside there is is an interesting larger story trying to get out. Having read these three books I know that if the unnecessary kidnappings, two of the kidnappings were essential to the story, were taken out you'd have one book tightly written and really good Sci Fi.
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on 21 April 2014
Brilliant read loved them all and will continue with the series. love the savageness, violence and of course the romance.
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