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on 25 January 2015
As far as this book is concerned, 10/10!
A well written book, shocking to those who believe the existing holocaust myth, great debate ammo for revisionists like myself.

A point from history for anyone who still believes the original Holocaust story:
the soviets murdered 22,000 Poles and buried them in the Katyn forest. The bodies were discovered by the Germans in 1943, and the Germans invited representatives from many nations to assist with the exhumation and investigation. The Russians, understandably, denied they did it, and blamed the Germans, even torturing confessions out of some of them to give the story some strength.

In 1990 the real soviet records were released(Communism had collapsed in 1989) and it was proved the soviets did indeed do it. In 1945, when Germany lost the war, the soviets liberated the camps in Poland, confiscated all the documents they could find, and built a few structures to support a Holocaust story(all of which have been shown to be post-war fabrications). They claimed 4 million had lost their lives in Auschwitz alone, a figure that remained until the fall of the soviet union and the release of records seized from that group of camps, when the number wqas revised WAY down to 1.5 million, and many experts contend it is closer to 100-150,000.

The soviets had been allies of the Germans for the first 2 years of the war, then switched sides, and the Germans were very close to beating the Russians on their home ground, at one point, further intensifying the enmity between them. The russians were then sitting as judges at the Nuremberg Trials keen to condemn the Germans as monsters, armed again with confessions obtained by torture, which have also since been shown to be inconsistent, and full of falsehoods. So, what the soviets say, and build, to make the Germans look like monsters, must be taken with a big pinch of salt, no?
Have a look on youtube for some step-by-step evidence showing the impossibility of the Holocaust story.

The problem Holocaust defenders face, a little way in the future, is how they keep face as they backpeddle from comments like the ones left here, when the lies of the holocaust story are being freely spoken about in schools, and the holocaust is used as a shining example of how powerful, emotional propaganda can last for decades before truth, science and freedom of speech finally, painfully but successfully chipped away at it.
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on 20 March 2015
A very indepth study by a chemist who had no connection with politics or any other organisation who was working for a company of lawyers.
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on 5 November 2015
As I live in a country where there is no freedom of speech about this subject it is difficult for me to write a review as the maximum penalty is 2 years imprisonment. The book is an excellent work in proving that the gas chambers were technically impossible. After doing dozens of hours of research on the internet the book has lots of value because it adresses new (technical) information. It's a must read for all the "sheep no more".
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on 21 April 2011
The quote in the title is attributed to Pastor Viktor Robert Knirsch in the text.

The good Pastor spoke the truth, unlike the vast majority of those who maintain and support the now-exposed myth of the "Jewish Holocaust"; the sheer power and beauty of the naked unvarnished truth, as supported by scientific procedure, academic clarity and well-established facts, shines out from the pages of The Rudolf Report and shatters the illusion of a German "death industry" which was supposedly purpose-built in 6 camps, Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor & Treblinka (note: Dachau, Belsen Buchenwald and all the rest are acknowledged even by orthodox "historians" as not having been part of the "death industry") to exterminate the Jewish race in German-occupied Europe during the latter years of the Second World War. Germar Rudolf, a German chemist to date persecuted for the "crime" of being an expert witness in various trials by at least 3 nations against whom he has committed no crime, shows by analysis of the supposed homicidal "gas chambers" which still stand in Auschwitz that no hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B - a common pesticide) was used in those rooms, despite the claims of various "eyewitnesses" who have suggested frankly ludicrous figures of up to 20,000 in a room at a time, with still room for babies to be tossed on top. The conclusion at the end of this chemical analysis is very simple and completely unavoidable: the supposed gassing to death of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Auschwitz simply did not happen.

Remember, the "Holocaust" story (and story is exactly what is it) we are told we must believe is now "definitive", as Raul Hillberg's monumental pack of lies The Destruction Of The European Jews is hailed. It is therefore a cumulative case, that is, all its parts must be mutually supportive. If any one part is found to be lacking then this calls into doubt all the other parts. Out of sight of the media, and totally unmentioned and unmentionable in mainstream western print, nevertheless since the 1970s the Holocaust story has been well and truly dismantled, piece by piece, by scholars and scientists who always knew that the claimed numbers of victims were at least exaggerated and at worst just silly. Remember that there have been real-life experts on gas chambers even in the USA since killing people in the name of "justice" became so popular to that particular "civilised" nation; even these experts are on the record saying the Holocaust as described in the locations claimed could not and therefore did not happen. Most of the claims of supposed witnesses have been exposed as lies and are discussed in more detail in other works in this particular series.

The crux of the matter as far as this particular analysis goes rests on the fact that hydrogen cyanide reacts with the plaster of walls, especially cool, damp plaster, to create a long-lasting stain which is widely used as a dye, known as Prussian Blue. The walls of the disinfestation chambers, acknowledged by supporters of the orthodox version of history to have been used for non-lethal purposes, are all stained heavily blue due to prolonged usage of hydrogen cyanide for its real purpose - to kill vermin such as the body louse which has spread the typhus epidemic through prison camps all over the world throughout history in the clothing of prisoners, killing hundreds of thousands in Germany alone despite the most modern facilities; THESE are the pictures we have been shown over the years, as well as pictures of the corpses which piled up at the end of the war when the German infrastructure crumbled and the Allies callously guarded the prisoners while they died like flies. Rudolf also shows with real documentary evidence that this staining can occur after only one fumigation. Yet after the hundreds of thousands or even millions, depending upon the source, of Jews gassed to death using the very same substance, the supposed homicidal gas chambers' walls - rooms with regular office doors which even contained keyholes - contained no detectable trace of cyanide compounds when analysed by a prestigious German research institute (which did not know the source of the samples they were analysing beforehand). The book contains colour pictures of the staining on the walls - and the lack of it in the "gas chambers" (note: "gas chamber" was a commonly-used term in prison camps because they all, without exception, contained disinfestation facilities for epidemic control, and at that time Zyklon B was one of the most effective pesticides). One wall is stained even on the outside by cyanide compounds which penetrated the entire wall over decades. Yet the "gas chambers" contained no trace.

What conclusion do YOU draw from this? And this is but the tip of the iceberg of the revisionist case.

The report itself, as would be expected from an academic paper, is written in a clear, concise, scholarly fashion, it is very easy to read and to understand, and is as interesting, in my opinion far more so, as any murder-mystery which, indeed, is exactly what it is, the only difference being in this case the mystery is a mass-murder that did not happen and it is those who are trying to expose the truth who are being persecuted rather than the perpetrators of these monstrous and totally unproven lies. The graceful truth in this case rests in the fact that the Rudolf Report proves with no room left for any trace of doubt that the supposed holocaust at Auschwitz categorically did not happen. If you are new to the subject this is a very good place to start, for it shows that "revisionism", far from being the depraved rantings of "deniers" and "Nazi sympathisers", rests on solid scientific ground, supported by documentary and physical evidence, solid research and first rate scholarship in a way that the orthodox version of events is totally lacking. Indeed, official history, now enforced by laws in supposedly-civilised Europe, is supported by an almost total lack of physical and documentary evidence and relies in its entirety on eyewitness testimony - the least reliable of any form of evidence and indeed in non-bizarro world totally unacceptable as evidence of a crime without some supporting physical or documentary evidence.

And how amazing it is that, despite the supposed "thousands of witnesses" to the deeds we often hear people say "must exist", since 1945 only 2 of these witnesses have taken the stand, in 1985 at the first Zundel trial. Arnold Friedman and Dr. Rudolf Vrba quickly fell apart and essentially admitted they had seen nothing. Vrba went so far as to admit he had used "poetic licence" in writing his book I Cannot Forgive. The whole thing became so farcical that the prosecutor Mr. Griffiths asked his own witness par excellence, "You told Mr. Christie several times in discussing your book I Cannot Forgive that you used poetic license in writing that book. Have you also used poetic license in your testimony?" before dismissing him from the dock. Since then no witnesses have been forthcoming. So official history is supported by the eyewitness testimony of witnesses who cannot even reliably stand up in court to testify about what they saw. The outrageousness of the witnesses' claims is exposed in detail in other volumes in the Holocaust Handbook series, for example Dissecting the Holocaust edited by Germar Rudolf and The Giant With Feet of Clay by Jurgen Graf; suffice to say the Rudolf Report shows with absolutely unequivocal conclusiveness that those witnesses who claim Jews were gassed to death in gas chambers in Auschwitz are all, without exception, liars. This therefore shows that the cumulative argument that is the officially-enforced version of events-that-did-not-happen is fatally flawed. The number of similarly fatal flaws in other aspects of the "Holocaust" story show that the whole story that is the officially sanctioned definitive version of history is not so much a cumulative argument at all so much as a never-ending series of often contradictory lies of mind-numbing stupidity.

The second part of this book contains Rudolf's own story of his experiences of German "justice" after his report was published without his knowledge or permission. It is truly shocking to see such a blatant travesty of justice unfold before our eyes in a supposedly civilised place in the 20th & 21st Centuries, but then, as Schopenhauer said, "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." This would seem to suggest we are in the second stage as far as the truth about the "Holocaust" goes. Soon the grace and beauty of the truth will overpower all attempts by earthly judges to conceal it any longer, and the whole formation of the nation of Israel will be finally exposed for what it is: the ill-gotten gains for successfully pulling off the biggest modern crime against humanity, supported by the biggest lies and the most virulent liars since religion was foisted onto the human race, perpetrated by the supposed "eternal victims", those Jews who wittingly and willingly support the Holocaust fable in order to continue their extortion of the world for "compensation" for a crime that never happened.

In non-bizarro world books like this would be on the "best-seller" shelves in bookshops. That it is now a crime in some European countries to own, never mind to publish, such professional and academic works as this should, in light of the quote in the title of this review, tell you everything you really need to know about "The Holocaust".

Note: A properly formatted Kindle version is now available for download from the Internet Archive.
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