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4.0 out of 5 stars72
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 14 August 2010
It might be the last ever episode and in some ways watching this it becomes easy to see why, yet nevertheless the story places the Royles in one of their most intriguing premises yet.
As the episode kicks off things feel a little forced, perhaps because the cast were forced to reshoot after losing some of their filming but once into the "holiday" situation things settle down again. The only thing that might niggle you is that although you might well be enjoying the story, you'll keep having this feeling of deja vu that you've heard all the jokes before and it seems that they have nowehere left to go with the characters except to use everything we know about them up to now to make fun of them, in all the recent specials Dave and Jim are increasingly becoming a bit farcical. It used to be quite a lot more heartfelt and poignant, and you would relate because you would "know" people like that, but by this episode the characters seem to have become more like caricatures of themselves. But while the actual dialogue seems to have become more forced and two dimensional I did enjoy some of the individual joke situations and I felt that the story placing the Royles on holiday which became a bit farcical was just perfect for the characters, you will enjoy as a long time fan of the series, but in some ways you might maybe only half enjoy it.
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on 2 October 2012
It is Barbara and Jim's wedding anniversary and after much squabbling about what they should do with the money gifts they were given they end up going to prestatyn in Wales to a caravan site with their daughter Denise and son in law Dave . The entire DVD is laugh out loud funny with each member being as finny as the next esp when the four of them are in a confined space in a caravan with no chip pan!!!!!!!How on earth can they possibly survive without a chip pan on their holidays...It's madness I say!!!. My stomach was sore from laughing at it. Perfect to watch with your own family or on your own for a good laugh out loud chuckle.
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on 11 January 2010
Firstly this "one off" episode is a vast improvement on the previous one "The new sofa" but both over all miss the mark and do not have the subtle charm and humour of the series.
It feels like the show has fell into that area many shows do by trying to hard and going on long after its time, Only fools and horses did this with its last 3 episodes, Are you being served did this with its last series and the list goes on.

There are some very funny moments in the show but in places it feels very strained now, Maybe is because it is trying to live up to the standard it set, Or maybe its because its so loved that we can see the cracks in it now.
Really the "Queen of sheba" with all the emotions etc was the best show for the series to end on and without Liz Smith as Nanna it misses a lot of magic Much as fools and horses missed Uncle Albert.
I would recommend it to anybody who is collecting the whole show but maybe wait until the price drops a bit, Thats what I am doing.
I hope this will be the the end of the show now though.
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on 27 December 2009
what has happened to this once brilliant written and performed sitcom ? think they should call it a day if this is the best they can come up with. such a shame as this was one of the best shows on tv not so long ago.
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on 8 January 2010
If Dave's car had gone around that mini-roundabout one more time I would have put my foot through the screen.
It is hard to believe that they had a year to come up with this script knowing it was supposed to be a Christmas day highlight. Like in most comedies that have run out of ideas they have fallen back on relying on everyone's worst characteristics and using over the top crudity (see Little Britain). All sublety has gone out of the window. Dave, Denise and Barbara have become ridiculously stupid and Jim is just disgusting with no saving graces. Sending the staff of Grace Brothers to the Costa Plonka on holiday seems plausible and almost comedy genius in comparison to the Royle's outing to Prestatyn in the middle of winter.
They should never have considered taking it out of its living room setting. No more. Let it rest in peace and allow us to live with our memories.
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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2009
OK, I'm not a big fan of The Royle Family, but I have to admit this was the worst thing on TV last Christmas Day, and all left us wondering why Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash bothered writing this? It's the money, it has to be!

Barb and Jim are celebrating a big wedding anniversary, 50 years together, and so have a party. Lurkio (Anthony - played by Ralf Little, good to see the lad back) decides to give them a party with Denise and Dave; not only that Barb is fed up of not going on holiday, so they decided that was the best thing to do with Anthony's present.

This show just wasn't up to the standard they have set before, the family seems to be getting further apart, with Denise not even bringing the kids on the holiday with them. Dave's about the only one up to his usual poorness, even Jim was just completely off the rails, though him wiping his bottom on a picture of Piers Morgan cracked me up, and was the best moment.

Also there was FAR too much product placement by the BBC, The One Show got so many mentions I was surprised Adrian and Christine didn't come to their home, or probably Lucy or that Dom Littlewood! Was absolutely overkill; though was funny when they howled the theme tune.

Then there was the product placement of LDN by Lilly Allen - talk about the BBC plumping up it's pillow!

The nonsense about the sat nav was completely unnecessary too, and was about as funny as getting a cold - I think they are really making the Royle's stupider than they are!

I wouldn't recommend this DVD, simply because later in 2010 you can bet your bottom Dollar that the BBC will release a complete box set for the next Christmas - and it'll be cheaper and you'll get the whole lot. If you're such a big fan you've probably given up reading this and have bought already, for moderate fans I would say give it a miss - it's substandard which surprises me with Ricky Tomlinson who's such a Socialist - and a fan of good British products, sadly this isn't one!

Must Try Harder
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on 26 December 2009
I was a massive fan of this show, and still laugh at the earlier episodes - but this episode took it to a new low.

Toilet and Sat-Nav gags mixed with repetition do not make a funny show.

How medically retarded do the producers think working class people are? Yes the Royles are depicted as being VERY lower class, but there's no need to go OTT on the dumb humour.

I laughed maybe twice in the whole show - and the second time was relief when the credits rolled!

Thank you for producing a funny show in the past Caroline, but you've taken it too far. This is the worst yet - let us hope there are no more.
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on 27 December 2009
'The Royle Family' used to be unmissable television but sadly it has become a sad shadow of its former self. With the exception of the last two specials, of which this is one of them, the show used to be clever, hilarious and at times very moving.

'The Golden Eggcup' is utter rot. It is better than last year's 'special' but that isn't saying much.

Both are utter wastes of time.

Spend your money on the original series. Do not go near this one unless you want to be severely disappointed.
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on 12 October 2010
The Royle family was one of the best comedies of all time in my opinion,caroline aherne and craig cash's scripts had a nice mix of comedy and pathos,intelligently written and carefully crafted. Since the brilliant Queen of sheba special a few yrs back there has been a law of diminishing returns, 2 very disappointing xmas specials have sullied this once great series. There are 1 or 2 little flourishes here and there to be had but overall it's just poorly written now and a shadow of its former self. The whole caravan chapter was just plain bad,just not funny at all. Over the last 2 specials it has started quite promisingly but once they go out of the royle house things just go downhill fast!

Buy the series but leave these specials alone.
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on 30 January 2012
Purchased as a Christmas present. I must admit that it isn't really my style of comedy, however the recipient likes all of the Royle Family comedies and so was pleased that his collection is more complete, and he enjoyed it.
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