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4.5 out of 5 stars135
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2005
I am a huge fan of the Alex Rider series so I was more than eager to read this new explosive series when I heard of it's release. I bought and read the book all in one day so I got all the action at once, therefore my head is still reeling.
Contrary to popular belief Raven's Gate isn't very much Alex Rider at all. In true Horrwitz style the Hero is good looking, strong and very likeable but different and mysterious.
It tells the story of an orphan boy called Matt who was caught up in the wrong crowd and found in the wrong place. As a result instead of being thrown into juvy was placed in a new project called LEAF (basically where you are sent to a remote foster home and made to work to get rid of your attitude). It is here that Matt finds himself under the rule of most twisted and corrupt villan I've ever read. In his new and highly strange country life, Matt finds himself thrown into darkness and mystery as the strange village and its inhabitants take an uncanny interest in him. From here Matt finds himself on a rollercoaster of action, dark magic, mystery, darkness and evil.
In a brilliantly written, intriguing, action packed plot, Horrwitz unveals the secrets of the Raven's Gate and the power Matt never knew he had. Through stranges dreams, unexplained deaths and a sense of unease Matt discovers the secrets behind his strange new town and the people inside it.
From the very first chapter you are hooked and the fast paced aaction of the book keeps you reading to the last page.
Although I loved the book and would certainly recommend it I must warn you that it does contain some dark content. This isn't your average 'Harry Potter' it is dark magic and at times you could describe it as satanic. I personally would never normally read such a book but it is written well and the plot is so good that by the end you don't care about it.
I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults who don't mind the main character being a kid. It is suited to any sex that loves a good adventure but I assume that it is aimed more towards boys than girls (even though I personally loved it). All in all it is a fantastic adventure story with unbelieveable twists that make you keep reading. Once again Horrwitz has created a series that leaves you pining for the next book. Two thumbs up!!
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on 9 March 2010
This book has gripped me from start to finish! When I got this out of the library, I got negative reviews from everyone. But after reading the first 2 pages I nearly shouted "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" in the middle of class! It combines the spook of Horowitz Horror, the action of Alex Rider and the mystery of The Diamond Brothers to make a spectacular creation of wit, suspense and spooks! Horowitz at his very very very very best!
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on 9 August 2005
At last !!! He's re-writing the old Pentagram series! I was extremely excited when I saw this book only the other week! The title of the series alone drew me towards it "Power of Fiver Series" - Is this really deja vu ??
For years I have been searching for the final book in the series known as "Power of Five" or "Pentagram" series, and couldn't believe it when I came across this book. The character names may have been changed slightly - but it's the same dark sinister story of the "Old Ones" rising to power through the gates. Matt Freeman is the boy featured in the first 2 books "Raven's Gate" and "Evil Key" whereas it was Martin Hopkins in the first series "Devil's Doorbell" and "Night of the Scorpion." The next 2 books in the old series "Silver Citadel" and "Day of the Dragon" introduced the rest of the children, and I await with great interest & enthusiasm the titles and children's names in the rest of this series.
For those of you who may remember the old series, first publised as far as I can tell in 1984, this is truly a remarkable & exciting find, as we will all finally get to know what happens at the very end. I have so far never come across anyone who has ever read the last & fifth book of the old series - if anyone has, please please let me know!! This one's a great read and follows exactly the same story more or less, but Anthony has re-written it into the modern day with added bits of information. Surprisingly however, the journalist, Richard Cole, has kept his own name! Now I can hardly wait for the rest of the books in this new series and I thank Anthony Horowitz for bringing this great story back to life! I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially to those of you who read the first books of the Pentagram series!
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I bought this book for my 12 year old son, but he has found it a bit scary. So, I read it myself. It is an excellent book (I am used to the series Alex Ryder) and it is the type of books I would usually read. Mr Horowitz is an excellent story teller and Raven's Gate is riveting. When you read it, as an adult, you do not feel that the main character is a kid, you just identify with him. It is for Young Adults, but it will definitely appeal to adults too, the same way it appealed to me. Basically, Matt, the main character is a teenager (14 year old) who feels he never fits anywhere. After the tragic death of his parents, he goes to live with his auntie who does not like him at all and neglects him. A wrong decision sees him in court for burglary and a crime he did not do, but he is placed into a program where he has to go and leave in a farm in a little village with foster parents. And it is when trouble starts even worse. The people are weird, the village is weird and weird, scary things happens.....
I can understand that my 12 year old did not like it because he is more into The Ranger's Apprentice and Harry Potter or into the World of Skulduggery Pleasant and I think Raven's Gate iwas too''mature'' for him, or maybe too dark or at times, too grisly.

My recommendation, as a parent, is that if your child is easily disturbed by supernatural/paranormal thing, then give this book with caution.
But for myself, I loved it and got the other book from the series. Maybe in two years time, my son will be ready to read it, so, I will keep it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 February 2007
Do you believe in witches or the Old Ones?

Matt has been accused of committing a crime which actually he really didn't do. So now he has a choice to either go to jail or stay with an old lady named Mrs. Deverill in a remote area called Lesser Malling because of the government's new law called the LEAF Project. Matt should have chosen jail because he will soon find out that someone is planning something there at Lesser Malling, and Matt is in the middle of all the commotion.

Matt's past hasn't been the best. His parents died in a car crash six years ago and he has been living with his mom's stepsister, who doesn't necessarily treat him very well. But Matt has discovered that he has some kind of weird magical power--but doesn't know what it is.

When he gets to Mrs. Deverill's house he isn't treated in the best way possible. Even though he thinks the food is good he has to do chores and basically clean up all of Mrs. Deverill's property. After a while he has had enough of this bizarre nonsense and wants to leave, because this was supposed to be a volunteer act.

But when he tries to take a bike out to the main road back to Greater Malling and then back to London, every road he takes just brings him back to the place he started from. Well, he went home after that, and thought that he'd try the next day.

When coming back to the same spot, a guy named Tom Burgess appears and says he wants to help Matt out because this isn't a safe place to be. He also says that he will explain everything tomorrow at his farm, but what Matt doesn't know is that he will find Tom dead the next day.

After Tom's death things got even worse. Mrs. Deverill starts to come out more strongly and everyone that tries to help him get out of this creepy place just ends up dead. Is Matt's new helper bound to turn up dead, too?

Find out! Read the book.

I think this book is incredible!! Once you start reading you can't stop! This book has a twist at every turn. I recommend this book to anybody interested in books like the Harry Potter series--it's just so magnificent!!

Reviewed by: Spreeha
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on 9 September 2013
This book was amazing! It started really exiting then ended with a show stopping finish. Also Jane Drevill and her secrets that she couldn't really hide like when Matt was going to die she brought him back to life with snakes poison or blood. Also when Matt found out that he had a special power and used it to save his life was good. I would recommend this book to everyone. I have no dislikes. And I will give it a 5star rating for being brilliant.
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on 21 February 2007
This is almost as good as it succesor Evil Star. The Power of 5 series doesn't get the credit it deserves. Ravens Gate is the first of the series of 5. It is about Matt, after he has been arested by the Police, he is 14 years old. He gets sent on a fostering programe called The LEAF project. He gets sent to a farm in a place called Lesser Malling, and notices that his carer is a strange woman and so is her assistant Noah. Actualy the whole village is strange and set up a plot to kill him so they can bring back some ancient monsters into the world called The Old Ones. Can Matt beat these people with help frm only the Nexus and Richard?

If you buy this book you should also buy Evil Star and pre-order Nightrise.
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on 2 November 2013
It's great and I'm under 10! I got so into it l couldn't stop so I just carried on.I would recommend it for 9 ups
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on 24 May 2006
Raven's Gate is a fantastic story with suspense, horror, laughter and fantasy. They should really make a whole new genre just for this book. This book scared me when i read it at night and i had keep reassuring myself that it was just a story. I would recommend it to anyone and now that the sequel 'Evil Star' has come out I will read that too.

It's also good that it goes back from the supernatural to reality at times and has the normal characters that you would suspect to see every day. It seems that he is never with help when he is moved to his foster home and does not seem to fit in with the other children and adults.

It is a good book and I recommend that you buy it.
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on 17 November 2013
I have never been a big fan of horror so I was a bit skeptical about this. But I'd read the Alex Rider series and enjoyed so decided to give this a go. And I must say, I couldn't put it down. It was just amazing. Action packed, with twists and turns that you'd have never expected, I love it. Reading the next book now!
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