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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 24 July 2006
I must admit, I was reluctant to view this film because I am such a great fan of the original (1961, Hayley Mills, Brian Keith and Maureen O'Hara) so I couldnt possibly think this version would be anywhere near as good. After first viewing, I was soon proved wrong because its such a wonderful version which will appeal to many adults and children. Lindsay Lohan making her debut here at the grand young age of 11 years plays the twins Annie and Hallie. They meet by accident at a summer camp and hate each other on sight. When they discover that they are actually twin sisters, they bond, and develop a plan to get their parents, the wonderful Dennis Quaid and the lovely Natasha Richardson back together again. Its a laugh a minute, with a few emotional scenes thrown in for good measure. Although the first version was a great succes, and its still enjoyable today, take this one and accept it on merit. A charming family film which everyone can enjoy.
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on 3 September 2015
Yes I enjoyed this version of the film too which contrasts with the earlier version starring Brian Keith. Lindsay Lohan is well chosen for this part and plays 'both of the twins' well. The scenery and lifestyles of the parents are depicted well. The male parent lives in Nappa Valley and the Lady (with her Dressmaking Business - wedding gowns) living with the grandfather in a posh part of London. People watching this will think that the lifestyle depicted for lady (and child) is representative of British culture. Currently is far from it, but is how affluent families would perceive it to be. The lifestyle of the male - a vineyard in the Nappa Valley growing grapes and making wine I think is more realistic...or am I also dreaming? You check it out.
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on 3 January 2007
I absolutely love this movie! I could keep watching this over and over again! Definitely one of the best family movies i have ever watched.

I would rate nothing less than 10! The acting is great! The plot is brilliant, and so on.

I love the general story though, about two girls Annie and Hallie, in which meet at a summer camp, unexpectedly, not even realising they are each others sister at first, which becomes a huge shock to them both. The girls are not compatible at all at first, they play a few tricks with each other, not getting along at all. Then later on, when they are put in an isolation cabin together, they begin to get along. But fun starts when both twins make an idea of switching places, Hallie goes to London to meet her mom and Annie goes to California to meet her father, after many years of their parents splitting. However, can they reach their goal of bringing their parents back to together again? Fun and laughter throughout. See it!
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Annie is thrilled to be going to camp in America. She is horrified to discover a girl who looks just like her, however. Hallie is equally upset, and they start playing mean tricks on each other. When they are isolated as a result, they get to talking and discover that they are twins. They plot to switch places for two reasons. First, they want to meet their other parent. Second, and more importantly, they hope to reunite their parents. Complications greet Annie as Hallie in California when she discovers that their dad has gotten engaged over the summer. His fiancee is a truly horrid woman who will make everyone's lives miserable. But what can the girls do to change things?
This is pretty much a faithful remake of the original just updated for the 90's. Lindsay Lohan bravely steps into Hayley Mills' famous double roll, and pulls it off with style. This is her big screen debut, and she handles the rolls and the special effects with ease, seeming to switch characters convincingly at will. This is a young actress to watch. Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson are wonderful as the parents caught in the trap. They have incredible chemistry. Frankly, I never found the romance in the original that believable, but this movie has romance in spades. There are some truly great comic moments in the film and plenty of subtle hat tips to the original without slowing down the movie.
The DVD is simple, just the movie. This was one of the first films that Disney released in the then new format, so that helps explain the lack of extras. The film does look great in widescreen and sound great in surround, however.
As with any remake, there will be fans of one over the other. Personally, this one edges out the original, but not by much. There is plenty of charm and humor here to entertain without taking a thing away from the original. If you approach with an open mind, you just might find a place in your heart for this one right beside the other.
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on 21 November 2000
Wow. I've seen this movie probably 20-plus times, and I never get tired of it. The music is especially wonderful, with many classics from Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, the Beatles, and others. I have the soundtrack, and it is the bomb. Very cute wardrobes too!!! Lindsay Lohan is a great actress!!!
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on 19 July 2004
This version of The Parent Trap is 100 times better than the cheesey film that appeared in the 60s. I always hated that "Let's get together Yeah Yeah Yeah" song with the guitar.
Lindsay Lohan is excellent playing the parts of the twins and both of my daughters and I can sit and watch it time after time. It is touching and always brings a tear to my eye, especially when one of the girls meets their mum for the first time.
I won't go into a review of the story as other reviewers have done a good job, but all the actors are just brilliant and I look forward to seeing Lindsay in her other films.
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on 28 November 2015
An enjoyable movie but unfortunately not widescreen with only a 4:3 aspect ratio which was not apparent when ordered. Not how it was originally released in the cinema and who has a non-widescreen tv still?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 March 2011
The Parent Trap 1998 is a Disney remake of a 1961 Disney film of the same name, with both films being adapted from Erich Kästner's novel titled Lottie and Lisa (Das Doppelte Lottchen). This one is directed by Nancy Meyers and stars Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson, Lindsay Lohan, Elaine Hendrix, Lisa Ann Walter and Simon Kunz. The plot sees Lohan playing 11 year old identical twins, Hallie and Annie, who on account of their parents divorce when they were born, have lived separate lives unaware of the other's existence. Hallie was raised in America by her father, Nick {Quaid} while Annie was brought up in London with her mother, Lizzie {Richardson}. But fate intervenes in the girls future when they are both enlisted at the same summer camp, where after some unaware aggressive rivalry, the girls realise they are actually sisters. Thus they decide to swap places and go to live with the parent they have never known. And maybe, just maybe, they can get mom & dad back together again.

The word amiable is the first thing that springs to mind come the end of a viewing of this version of The Parent Trap. It has no pretensions to be anything other than the smile inducing family comedy that it is. Something for the kids comes courtesy of the shenanigans and set pieces that involve Lohan's dual sisters, while the adults, if so inclined, get a nice sweet romantic story that's not shy in the laugh department either. Disney's original film from 61 starring Hayley Mills has a firm fan base and is fine just the way it is. So why a remake then? And why a remake that's not really doing anything different? Well the cynical could point to a cash motivation, but I really feel that Disney just wanted to update a lovely story and bring it to a new audience. Besides which there's a lot of love shown to the original, with nods and references ensuring that nobody is in any doubt about this update knowing its family tree.

The cast are well worth their corn. Lohan is perky and handles both accents of her characters very well. Asked to basically carry the weight of the film, she does so with such agreeable ease, it's not hard to understand why she was being touted for big things back on release of the film. The two main adult actors are, in truth, not required to do a great deal of depth seeking. But both Richardson and the criminally undervalued Quaid play it right and engage from the get go. It's with the adult support that The Parent Trap surprisingly pleases the most. Simon Kunz as Annie & Lizzie's butler Martin is a total joy and reason enough to stay with the film thru its over long running time. Lisa Ann Walter as the other "house keeper" Chessy, also impacts, both on a comedic level and as an emotional centre as the plot pulls together. Which leaves Elaine Hendrix as the gold digging, self centred babe, Meredith Blake, who's out to snag Nick into marriage and upset the applecart big time. As the only villain of the film it would have been easy to just play it one dimensional, but Hendrix is asked to offer up a bit more, and she does, especially during a fun filled, and character outing, camping trip.

It is too long at just over two hours, and you got to wonder about the callous side of the parental decision glossed over by Disney. But this kind of family fare is prescription medicine for the cold of heart. It may be undemanding too, but if you find yourself in need of a break from head scratching Indies or machismo fuelled actioners. Then you may just find that this film gets in and does just the job you want it too. 7/10
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on 18 April 2015
Nice idea for a plot, but could have been more cleverly scripted. Some overly silly bits and far fetched scenes spoiled it for me, but my 6 and 8yo children loved it and watching their enjoyment made it worthwhile. There are better family films out there, but still worth a watch.
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on 10 January 2004
This film is the ultimate film for making u feel good if u feel a bit down. It is sassy, fun, sweet, and above all the soundtrack to the film is wonderful- especially the opening number as Elizabeth and Nick are getting married, it is soft big band jazz, and makes the film feel classy and not childish. Th e plot is simple and yet it is snappy and as I have said, the music fits the scenes perfectly- it says everything that the characters dont! This is definately THE film to buy if u need a bit of cheering up bcos it is so sweet!
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