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The Nuttery XL Seed Feeder
by The Nuttery
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it was really easy to clean. I soaked it overnight in ordinary washing up liquid (not a lot though) in a bucket then brushed it out using an old baby bottle brush with a one big brush at one end and a little pointy one at the other. You can pick these up at most supermarkets. Also a hose works well with a jet spray to get the remainder of the feed out, if there's any left. Remember to completely get rid of all soap, which is why I soaked it again in clear water and rinsed off. I left it to dry overnight in a warm place. Hope this helps?
2 Dec 2013 by Spammie
No I tie it on to the branch with a plastic garden tie strip so it just swings to and fro
23 Nov 2014 by E M Ramsay
Do the whole thing under water as is.
7 May 2014 by Leicester Lass
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