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4.6 out of 5 stars1,015
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2006
I bought this DVD not because I am a die hard romantic and love slushy sentimentality, but simply because it was selling cheap in a local supermarket. I usually love watching action films and thrillers, so as you can imagine romance is not big on my 'must see films' list. After a rubbish Saturday night TV I decided to pop 'The Notebook' on thinking it would be a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours before bed, not imagining that this film would affect me so deeply. I was hooked right from the start. The sets and the costumes are fabulous, and the main characters are played amazingly by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. There was so much chemistry between them and they played the process of falling in love perfectly. I suppose the film is a little predictable but I think in quite a subtle way. After all, if it were that predictable they could have re-met when she was working as a nurse but they meet again simply because she goes looking for him. I did think that the ending was quite a stretch of the imagination, but I can't think of any other way that it could have ended that would have satisfied the audience. Right then, now for the crying! I felt quite emotional thoughout the film, but the last 15 minutes or so really got to me. I sometimes get a lump in my throat or slight tears in my eyes when I watch something sad, but I was actually sobbing out loud during the last scenes of this film. I am so glad I was alone in the house during this film!!! To sum up, Rachel McAdams is amazing as Ali, and Ryan Gosling is not only incredibly gorgeous but he also makes you long for a man like him. Go buy this film now because it is absolutely amazing.
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on 14 February 2005
my god this film is wonderful! i dont think ive cried so much in my entire life. its beautiful,passionate and very sad. the basic outline is about teenagers noah and allie who fall in love pre-world war two. Events break the two up, but fate can decide if they get back together? the whole story of noah and allie is read by james garner who reads the story to his aging lady friend, played by gena rowlands. the cast is wonderfull. the film is magnificent. you must watch the notebook...but make sure you have some hankies at the ready....wonderfull film i cant sing its praises' enough.
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on 28 March 2005
A friend of mine recommended this movie a couple of weeks ago. The cover of the DVD said that it was a story similar to that one in Titanic. I was up for a good tearjecker so I rented it. And what a delightful surprise I got!
The first thing I can say is that the only similarity with Titanic is the fact that Allie and Noah are separated by class difference and therefore face her family's opposition to their love. Apart from that, we are before a very real story, with real characters without Titanic's predictability. It's not a Hollywood blockbuster and that is part of its charm. The plot really captures you and does not let you go until the very final scene, one of the most beautiful endings I remember in recent years.
All the actors are in superb form, especially Ryan Gosling (of whom I've been a fan since Murder by Numbers). They keep it real and make you bond with every single one of the characters at some particular stage. In the end, one really feels for Allie, who must decide between her two loves, both of them very likeable, unlike the duel between Leo di Caprio and Billy Zane in Cameron's movie. Titanic got the Oscar glory, The Notebook gets my praise.
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on 21 March 2007
A friend lent me this DVD and I loved it so much that i ordered both the book and the DVD from amazon that very day.

This fantastic, touching love story has a twist that left me in tears more than once. The whole cast is so convincing and Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams compliment eachother as actors in the very best way. This is definitely in a different league to any other rom-com i have seen before.

A tender love between two young people, torn apart by people who just do not appreciate these feelings entwines into a deep and life-long love in which Allie and Noah embark upon.

You will not regret seeing this film, it is definite must. My new favourite film.
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on 4 February 2008
Generally speaking, am averse to mawkish, Hollywoodized manipulation of our feelings. For example, I'm completely indifferent to Titanic. But The Notebook takes the classic boy-meets-girl-loses-girl-wins-girl-in-the-end premise and turns it into something extraordinary.

Ryan Gosling, as Noah, is a revelation in this film, and if you don't come away from watching it with a massive crush on the man, I'll be astonished. Rachel McAdams is perfectly cast as Allie, as she does have a very 1940s look about her, and the chemistry between the two is palapble - I imagine this is, in part, due to the fact that they argued like cats and dogs on the set, and subsequently got into a real life, long-term, reportedly fractious relationship.

Part of the power of the movie is its double strand. We are watching two individual love stories that just happen to intertwine at the end. The love story between the young Noah and Allie will take your breath away with the force of it, and the love story between the old Noah and Allie will make you cry your eyes out. I can appreciate that some people may find it predictable, but predictability in no way detracts from the story's beauty. This isn't a film that has a huge twist at the end - a device most movie-goers now demand. Why would it need one? It's a beautiful, powerful love story which details how that one true love will never die, regardless of what life brings to the 2 people involved.

Some of the cinematography is just incredible. One scene has Noah rowing Allie out to a duck-pond filled with what looks like a hundred thousand ducks. The sunlight is dappled and willow tree branches drift on the surface of the lake - it's peaceful and calming and beautiful... add to that the sexual tension and love firing between the two estranged lovers, and this scene alone makes it worth the cost of the purchase.

The supporting cast are all fantastic, with Joan Allen especially deserving a nod as Allie's mum; and the older Noah and Allie (played by James Garner and Gena Rowlands respectively) are of course magnificent. But ultimately the praise should go to the two leads. They have played their parts so poignantly, to the point where thousands of people will be asking whether a love like that exists. Just have a look at IMDB...

Perhaps that's the power of this film. All people want to be loved, and The Notebook details that once in a lifetime True Love that very people seem to find, let alone hold onto, particularly in this fractured world. Where divorce is commonplace, and where magazines and tv shows are full of cheating partners and problem relationships, this film shows us what true love can be when we find the person we were created to love.

As a warning, though, I would say if you're going through a break-up, or if you're feeling especially lonely, this isn't the right film to sit down with as it'll hurt your heart desperately. But for anyone else, I actually don't think I can recommend it highly enough.
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on 20 May 2007
The cover of the notebook compares the movie with Titanic. In my opinion, this film is far superior.

I have never watched a film before that has stayed with me so powerfully: Nicholas Sparks' intensely passionate and beautiful story, combined with the high calibre acting from a spot-on cast and a stunningly shot and wonderfully soundtracked picture create a genuinely heart-warming and moving film that I defy anyone to discredit.

The cast are fantastic: Rachel McAdams gives a truly brilliant performance as vivacious and tempestuous Allie, and Ryan Gosling is the perfect counter to his leading lady- quietly charming in his dedication to and certainty in his love for Allie. The tangeability of the emotion and magnetism between the two lead charactes convey their relationship's sense of destiny within the story.

Even when, in old age, their relationship is tested by Allie's increasing mental infirmity, Noah refuses to leave her or to stop perservering in his faith that he can help her come back to him, challenging the cynical idea of human limitation by proving the mysterious and bitter-sweetly immense power of love.

When we watched the film together, I thought my boyfriend would hate it, it being a romantic story (synonymous with 'chick-flick'!), but even he enjoyed it. Or at least he pretended to. People often remark that 'they don't make films like they used to'- and in a way, I can understand that, but this film wipes the floor with anything I've seen in the last ten years, and is both more intelligent, subtle and compelling than Titanic- 5 stars.
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on 14 February 2007
For the true romantic - absolutely fantastic. One of the best love stories I have seen on film for a decade. Superb acting from all 4 leads - Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands and James Garner. This is a wonderful story of innocent teenage love found just before the outbreak of the 2nd world war. Lost again, through strict parental control and the class restraints of `white trash' poverty versus upper class money. And then, finally found again through a sequence of both fate and good timing. One of the most touching elements towards the end of the story is how Noah cannot bear to be parted from his lifetime true love Allie when she is moved into a nursing home with Alzheimer's in her older age. This brings a truly modern twist of reality to the ending of a very traditional and beautiful love story. I'm now off to buy the book. I will watch this film again and again. Highly recommended!.
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on 17 July 2006
I went into watching this thinking it would be a teen rom com chick flick, but my god was I wrong. This was such a mellowing love story and I was in tears most of the film, and very embarassed when the people I babysat for got home! My boyfriend even liked the film so I am definately going to go and buy a copy for myself- a great watch!
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on 7 February 2008
This film is an amazing and scarily relatable tale of how two young adults fall in love over the summer. The way in which the growth in their relationship is displayed and the emotion and the ease to relate is unbelievable! The ending is extremely emotional yet highly touching and will make you think twice about what 'true love' is.
I can honestly say i have never met anyone who has watched this film and not been touched by it.
Definitly a must see!
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on 8 August 2006
I was given this film as a christmas present and as i had never heard of it, it ended up underneath all of the presents which u get but would never use. After finding a free moment and having exhausted my film collection i decided to watch this film, and i found it to be an absolute treat it has everything one wants in a film, love, politics, and obstacles for the heroes to overcome. The striking quality in this film is that the hero and heroine are not an actual perfect match making their relaitionship far more explosive and thus more interesting to watch. Overall i would say it is a must see, and afterwards you will most likely feel emotionally drained but you will be essentially satisfied with the bittersweet outcome and both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams grace this film with two superb perfomances which compliment N. Sparks novel exceedingly well.
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