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on 13 January 2013
I read The Light in only 3 days because I couldn't put it down - I confess I am a contributor to the book, so I was particularly excited and curious to read everybody's ideas! It has been a delight to be involved in this charitable project and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I found it fascinating to absorb the rich and heartfelt perspectives on the Light through the various contexts that appear chapter by chapter, in this 'book of wisdom'.

One of the reasons I enjoyed The Light book so much is that it exemplifies the message: we are all connected, and our mutual happiness, health, well-being, wisdom, co-creative potential and truth can all be revealed when we centre ourselves and authentically imbue any subsequent action with forgiveness, gratitude, loving-kindness, creativity and compassion. However, the book also helps to clarify the paradox that, within this connectivity (because we are currently residing in the illusory limitations of time and space), we are each utterly unique and miraculous beings! Every single one of us has divine purpose, no matter what our spiritual beliefs may be.

I feel the guidance provided in this book is offered with an honest intention to empower readers to:
- discover and reveal their innate Light;
- recognise the inherent, universal qualities they possess;
- shine and share that Light by becoming their fullest, truest, most loving and creative expression of themselves.
*With the added bonus that all proceeds from sales of this book will go to charity.

I think the way The Light book is structured enables any reader to access the information contained in it. Owing to the many different perspectives, which of course are naturally inter-related through the Light theme, something if not everything will resonate with you depending on where you are coming from. A reader can take from this book exactly what they need as they travel on their spiritual journey.

Contributing to this book has been vital to my own spiritual journey because, the more I learn, the more I realise that learning (in its purest - therefore, least distorted - vibration) isn't really learning at all. It is simply a process of revelation... Bringing the Light of pure awareness - without judgement - to our experience of unfolding life, in the moment, reveals the truth of All That Is.

And what is that truth?
Right now, I'd say it's all about the Love.
Pure, and Unconditional Love for the self and others (because our separateness is an illusion created by the temporary limitations of time and space). And if that Love is Light, and we are made of Light, then we are made of Love.

See the Light in everybody and everything - in All That Is - then, you cannot fail to see the Light and the Love in yourself.

But, hey, I'm still 'learning' and loving every minute of the creative process...
Please, enjoy this book and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!
With Love (Light), Lauren
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on 20 February 2013
I cannot fully express how wonderful this book is, every chapter inspires me in my life and makes me want to tell the world how great this book is! I cannot even choose a favourite chapter!

The Light is full of inspiration and I feel every person can relate to the messages and ideas in this book from whatever life they lead. I feel the book gives great hope and also relaxes and calms the mind. I love how all the different contributors have different experiences and messages to give, but all strive for the same goal of shining their Light to all of us. It was also very interesting to read a little about the contributors themselves which helped you understand their background and what inspired them to be the people they are today.

I must express what a special thing Keidi and the authors of each chapter have achieved and how much this book will help change the energy of many lives (it has my own) which will knock onto so more lives as a result, not forgetting the book was created to help charities with love, care and selflessness.

What more can I say, than you must read this book and share it with your loved ones,and be prepared for things to change for the better. I also feel that the book was meant to find you, once you get your hands on it!

Enjoy, love and light to all, happy times x
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on 16 January 2013

I cannot paraphrase what is said as it would do the authors a disservice.

I will quote from 'The Light'

'when this Light is revealed...there is no more fear, only a desire to serve, a feeling of eternal gratitude, a compassionate heart and a marvellous sense of joy and laughter, knowing the sublime truth that we are all one'.

Wow! Can it get any better?

There is a chapter on gratitude, the positive results of which I experienced yesterday, as defined by the author of that section,

I have not attempted to read this book quickly rather to immerse myself into the fascinating, diverse and concise chapters reflecting the views and experiences of thoughtful people, written in an an easy and understandable prose. One can marinate the mind in simple and approachable concepts.


Lets pootle on!!
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on 28 December 2012
The pages of this book contain so many words of wisdom,inspiration, love and insight into what is, and, what could be, that I found it impossible to put down-The fact that so many people have given their time and knowledge freely and that all profits from the sale of the book go to charity makes this project all the more wonderous. I hope all who read this book feel as inspired as I do.
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on 15 January 2013
I recently finished reading the book The Light and as a result I am now feeling uplifted and positive about the future. I loved reading all the different ways of awakening my own Light within and I am already beginning to integrate many of the exercises into my daily life.

Inner wisdom is difficult to write about, but the 22 contributors of this book have each added fresh insights on that invisible force which I refer to as "God."

My favourite chapters were Spiritual Nutrition by Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Manifesting Miracles by Dr. Sue Morter because I think it is very important to be aware of what you are eating most of the time and that if you can practice being still and quiet, miracles can happen. I must say here that I thought every chapter was excellent. I also found the structure of the book very appealing as it is divided into three sections: Preparation, Practices, and Subtle Energy Experiences, and a white butterfly leads the reader through the entire book, which is delightful.

I am the mum of the creator of this book and I am very proud to see the end result of what my daughter and the other 21 contributors have spent two years creating. The fact that it is also 100% for 7 charities warms my heart and gives me hope for the future of humanity and the planet. I think they all need to be congratulated for sharing their wisdom and I hope all the charities benefit enormously.

Please take the time to read The Light and support this charitable project
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on 22 January 2013
A truly wonderful and inspirational book, something that one should keep forever and refer to whenever the lessons of life call you. Magically the wisdom in the pages reveal themselves at the same pace as the reader progresses in their own spiritual journey.

Even though I have read a chapter a few times it always manages to deliver a message that is so current and, which relates to my own personal development it makes me think that perhaps this book was written just for me!!
I truly beleive that this book can transform lives and that it delivers the right messages and lessons to each and every reader just at the right time.
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on 23 January 2013
'The Light' by Keidi Keating holds many keys of awareness, insights, and wisdom. Each chapter has been carefully chosen to give the reader a broad spectrum of experiences, by the various authors to digest and learn from. Keidi's own journey is interesting and inspirational. Without meeting her I know she is a very heartfelt individual, who reaches out with her talent of writing and being able to connect others with all thats good in the spiritual worlds and the levels of light inside each one of us.

I was also very interested in the chapters by Michael Hayes and John Roger about the light, karma and destiny. I highly reccomend this book.
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on 10 February 2013
Before the publication of this highly enjoyable and wonderful book, I interviewed Keidi Keating for "Sharing Your Passion", my interview film series.
What struck me then and remains so now is the uniqueness of Keidi's project. Here was a young lady assembling a cast of twenty-two highly evolved souls to produce a book, not only on how they each came to find the light within themselves, but also on how "we" - the readers - might also do so.
This compendium of souls had, Keidi explained, mentored or helped her in some way.
"The book is my way of giving back," she said. "I want to share the wisdom. It's not "my" book; I see it as selfless service..."
Keidi's selflessness is epitomised by the book's non-commercial status. All of the net profits go to charity. Keidi has thus created something which entirely benefits others - well, almost! I say "almost" only because I foresee Keidi getting a lot of kudos and praise for what she has manifested here, and deservedly so.
By the way, If you are interested in seeing the interview with Keidi, in which she reveals more about the origins of book, identifies some of the contributors, and tells her own fascinating personal story, you can watch it at [...]

The book is non-fiction - just to be clear. Still it contains many wonderful stories. It is of course about light, but in the spiritual sense, and in the metaphoric sense and in the individual awakening sense. It looks at light from the sensory and non-sensory perspectives. And it is about seeing the world in a different, positive and uplifting light
For example, I am not a Quantum Physicist but, if I were, I would probably tell you that everything is energy. Since everything means everything, light is also energy. And so everything is also light. We humans are light, even though it appears to our five senses that we are physical bodies. And so we are capable of so much more than what we believe we can do with and in our physical bodies.
Light is used as a metaphor throughout the book. This is light as awareness, as in the phrase "seeing the light."
Investigating the so-called "Inner Light", also known as "the True Self", "the Soul" or "the Heart," the book illustrates the importance of acknowledging this light as part of the Oneness of who we are, so that we may, for example, allow the light to flow and so allow life itself to create through us.

The book is a rich source of wisdom and inspiration. I particularly liked the following:

"Once the need to survive is removed from the Mind's experience, the Soul has the space and freedom to express it's true nature. We then start walking through the world in an entirely different way; no longer stressing and straining, no longer competing, no longer looking for the advantage, no longer needing, wanting or asking for anything. We simply stand in the space of life with a single and simple question: "How may I serve you, how may I love you, how may I be here with you in such a way that you know exactly who you really are?" - Neale Donald Walsh

"Only through more loving can more things be healed" - John Roger

"Today corporations, not governments control global economics. We are those corporations. Many of us work for them and almost all of us buy from them. Up until now, we have sent a strong message that we want high quality but inexpensive shirts and jeans and that if they are made in sweat shops in Asia or Latin America, we will turn a blind eye and look the other way. We send the message that we want cheaper petrol for our cars and if that means destroying the Amazon rainforest, then we will turn a blind eye and look the other way. This has to change. We have to take responsibility as consumers. It is up to all of us to turn things around. For example, it is imperative that we only purchase goods from corporations and businesses committed to creating a sustainable, just and peaceful world" - John Perkins

Effortless inspiration can be induced by dynamically opening to the Divine within us.
It can be as simple as placing awareness on one's breathing. Allowing for the existence of limitless potential is a profound act because it removes all boundaries and liberates possibility. - Lauren Sebastien

It is the Oneness within, the love, the heart, the unconditional connection with spirit, with nature, with each other and the expression of unique creativity, that unites us. Like points of light emerging from the darkness, we find each other
- Barbara Marx Hubbard

The book covers considerable ground. There is so much you can find here - from the power of feng shui to the power of forgiveness; from reversing the ageing process to working with angels; from releasing blockages to living as unconditional love. And I am just touching the surface!

Without naming the writers concerned - buy the book and see for yourself - I loved the chapters on flowing with the river of light, the divine artist, the colours of love and understanding the light, respectively. And when I read the book again, I may give you a different selection!
This is a book to refer back to, one that I will certainly re-read, and maybe more than once. And, as with many of the best spiritual books, I sense I will find something new every time I dip in.

To read The Light is to be reminded of who we really are or, if you prefer, who we really can be. The reader is given many paths and opportunities and ample encouragement, not only to see life in a much bigger light but to fully embrace it. And there are practical exercises to help!

The book is not for everyone. And I do not say that lightly! In Keidi's own words, "anybody who is meant to find the book, will find it..."

Well, you have found the book. Ergo, you are meant to read it. And I predict that you will be delighted!

Glenn Moore
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on 24 May 2013
Imagine you walk into a car showroom and can have any sports car in the world: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mazarati - you name it. You ask for it, the salesman just smiles, hands you the keys, and off you go! So you drive and drive...on the endless highways, up hills and round speedways, scenic byways and forest landscapes. You feel there are no limits to where you can go.
But then - wait a minute! One day, you feel your car slow down a bit; something seems a bit off. There seems to be a leak here, a flat tire there, a crack in the window here, a twisted metal there. After all the mileage you've put it through, that super sports car needs some taking care of!
Your body and mind is far, far, far more precious than a sports car (duh!). However, every now and then it does require some fine-tuning. Occasionally one can feel flat, down, frustrated, uninspired or lost in today's complicated world.
The Light offers valuable words of wisdom and advice from prominent experts, suggesting ways to get yourself back in gear (...) and find meaning and happiness in what you do and where you are in life.
Think of The Light as a fine tune-up that your body and soul requires every now and then - a much-needed pit stop (minus the hefty bill!)...
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on 13 February 2013
After years of depression and being in a really dark place the last few months, I decided to give THE LIGHT a read. It was just what I needed. Helps in so many ways. It was different to what i initially thought, turned out to be a much better read though. Would highly recommended to anyone who is suffering from depression or just interested in spiritual healing...THANK YOU KEIDI xxx
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