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3.1 out of 5 stars59
3.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 October 2013
Okay, I try to do a little more than just blatantly slag off a film, but with `The Last Exorcism Part II' it's kind of hard not to.

I didn't expect to enjoy the first film and, amazingly, I was in for a pleasant surprise. It may have been a `found footage' film, but it was enjoyably creepy, despite being an overused genre about an overused subject matter.

Therefore, based on the first movie alone, I decided to watch the sequel. I really wish I hadn't. It's a completely different type of film for a start, i.e. not `found footage.' I guess the film-makers wanted not to just do a rehash of the first movie and try something different. What they came up with was simply one of the more boring films ever made.

We follow the girl from the first story, now trying to lead a normal life. But she can't. The spirit she fought before wants to be in her again. Things bump around wherever she goes, therefore, in turn, making her jump. That's about it. She has a gaggle of female friends who do little more than giggle and make clichéd remarks. Plus there's a love interest for out main lead. It adds nothing to the plot, other than detracting yet further from anything vaguely scary.

The Last Exorcism (part one) was nothing that special, but at least it was watchable enough to be enjoyable (if you like low budget horror flicks). Part II, on the other hand, is just dull with no redeeming features.

Maybe I should have known better than to watch a sequel to a film with the word `last' in the title. Dear film-makers, PLEASE make part II the absolute last this time. I won't be watching `The Last Last Last Exorcism' if it ever sees the light of day.
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on 3 May 2013
I love the irony of having a part 2 to a film called "The LAST Exorcism." That would make the first film "The Next to the Last Exorcism" a title that wouldn't sell. Since this is Louisiana, it should be "Far From the Last Exorcism."

First the disclaimer. I disliked the amateur attempt of the first film with the hand held camera. They dropped the hand held camera and opted for better effects.

Nell is at a half way house via a medical ward. She has a day job as a maid and suffers from major "hallucinations." It seems in order for the demon to get loose, he must impregnate a somewhat pure vessel and Nell is apparently the last Christian virgin on the planet. The plot was rather mundane for demonic possession films. The acting could have been better, but was par for a sequel. The movie opens with a quick, distorted, ineffective flashback that does nothing to help anyone who hasn't seen it.

On the plus side of the film was the scare factor. It was able to effectively use sound, shadow, screams, background noises, and disappear/ reappear to create suspense and tense moments that would make most kids in a dark room go nuts. I liked the film for this reason, although I was not gaga about it. They at least did their homework. Now to bring it home with an effective script would be the next step. Makes for a satisfactory horror film rental if you just want the effect.

Parental Guide: 1 F-bomb shouted by Nell. No nudity or sex. 3 1/2 STARS
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on 4 October 2013
I was 50/50 after the first film, I really liked aspects of what it had to offer and even the ending as much as it went a bit OTT it still had enough there for me to be intrigued enough to watch the sequel.... Oh how I wish I hadn't.

They destroy Ashley Bell's character Nell with mind-blowing dull script that has very little to no meaning to the concept of the film. What this film needed to do was tell the viewer what happened to Nell after that night in the woods, they don't need to go into vast detail but you need to understand how/why she survived a demonic cult early birth and what they did with her during this time and why. The entire sequel is about her relationship with Abalam and it collapses because you're not given any context.

Her dead fathers appearances are also extremely odd and well dreadfully thought out. He's a ghost right? But a ghost in solid form that can move her like a person who is alive? Is that what we are meant to believe? .... mmm ok but no that just doesn't work, I'm ok with the whole divine entity coming back to give her good advice or look out for her, but coming back from the afterlife with a shotgun? Hahaha ohh that one cracked me up....

The ending. This film was bad, it was dull, it does nothing to the concept of the original story, but what gets this film a 1 star is the ending. The concept of Nell accepting Abalam would actually be quite a good twist if the consequence of this hadn't of simply made Nell a super charged Carrie character which made no sense at all. IF a true demonic entity was to gain access to this world via the possession of a human body and miraculously this agreed possession allowed them to have and to use some kind of hell powers that mean causing death and fire is just a simple thought process, would they really go for a drive?.... is that what an eternity in hell makes you desire? ... returning to the women's hostel to kill them all - pointless adding nothing to the already confused weak script and the special effects... well they are so bad I would imagine even the first series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer would hold their head in shame.

So much more could have been made of this films concept, a much darker story with innocence being corrupted and conquered if they would have just spoken to me ... I jest, but how this script got approved is beyond me and very disappointing.
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on 5 May 2016
Some movies based around demons/ghosts are either really good while others aren't so good, I love jump scare movies like Paranormal activity, Sinister, Insidious and of course the first Last Excorism was a really good movie but annoyingly the same cannot be said for this. I ordered this the other day as I had no luck finding it in stores, Eli Roth who had his name on the first movie said that this movie was pretty scary so I had high hopes for it. The first issue with this is that it isn't a found footage film, unlike the first, so I was expecting it not to be exactly the same but still thought it would be a good and very jump scare based film but even that was really poor. The movie isn't well written, it's insanely boring and really not scary in the slightest. They could have done something so much better with this, considering the first one was actually good. I fast forwarded this movie a fair amount just to see if it by any chance picked up but nothing really happened. The best part of this is right at the beginning in which we see her settle into her new home because you wonder what will take place but soon enough, you find that nothing is even happening and that it starts to go from fairly decent to really bad very quickly and at this point you are wondering if you want to continue. The movie is a pile of dog crap!
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on 29 November 2013
The girl from 'The First Last Exorcism' is back, and now she just wants a normal life, so she moves in a home for troubled people, and starts flirting with the boy who nearly shot Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.

Not long after the credits though, the shadows come back, and the flies start to buzz, and the director thinks its a great idea to make a very loud noise every now and again to make the audience jump....

The first movie was fun, but the ending was silly and ruined the rest of the film. But the idea was sound, and the performances were great, and it was scary for the first two acts.

This film however, goes in the opposite direction, the film for the most part, is rotten to the core, and I feel sorry for Bell, because she really is good in her role. But back to the film. It's devoid of any scares, plot, character development and was just made to make a quick bit of cash for the company.

It failed miserably here in the UK and never even made the top ten, but the sting in the tail is the ending, it flashes an idea that could have been good, and then finishes.

So all in all, its a stinker, a really bad clunker that has a great performance from the lead and a good idea come the last minute, which makes me dislike the film even more
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on 19 January 2015
I actually like this film quite a bit, I didn't want to watch it at first because of the bad reviews and the better ones which the first got, I really didn't like that one it were boring. With this I was surprised because I personally like it whereas people who didn't like the first, more didn't like this one. It's clich'e and been there and done that but I think if it weren't for the girl who plays Nell, this film would be nothing,. In the first I weren't impressed with her acting skills but in this, she seems more realistic/natural. I thought she did a really good job at it.

I must also admit that I love horror movies, I never get 'jumppy' with them apart from once or twice whereas with this, I jumped a lot even when I knew it was going to happen. The ending though without not spoilers is good and solid IF they were going to do a third but because they're not it's disappointing because It could actually be made into a good franchise.
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on 30 June 2014
I know this film has received mixed reviews but me and my hubby really liked it! The acting of Nell is tremendous, going from shy jumpy girl to real freaky scary!
Nell makes you wonder with her if she really did imagine the whole thing and she seems to 'get better' by trying to lead a normal life .....until things start getting creepy!
I like the twist at the end as well, for me that really finished the film off nicely.

Bottom line: If you're not really into paranormal/horror films to begin with then I doubt you'd like it so give it a miss. But if you're into paranormal/horror, don't let the bad reviews put you off, it's worth a watch! I'm actually going to go and buy the film for my collection now :o)
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on 11 October 2014
The reason why I'm giving this film 3 stars is because I didn't have high expectations for it in the first place (being that the 1st one was such a let down, this one basically lived up to how crappy I thought it was going to be so I gave it a 3) I don't think there needed to have been a 2 part to this story, it was just as bad as the first part. The ending was an anti-climax, although you could clearly see that the writer and director did try to attempt to create a stable running of themes throughout the film (mainly to do with the main characters loneliness and as well as minor other ones too). I would recommend to watch this when sports and betting are the other things availale to watch on t.v.
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on 27 March 2015
I've not seen a movie so utterly lacking in any sort of appeal in a very long time. Terribly written, ham-fistedly directed and coming so far out of left field that it doesn't know what it's doing itself, this is a car crash of a movie. Nothing about it is scary in the least and while it begins poorly, it ends abysmally and leaves you cursing it for wasting your time watching it. Steer clear of this inane drivel and find something better. It has no saving graces whatsoever and offers nothing in the way of suspense, shocks or story. Where the first movie did, at least, offer some storyline and jumps, this just makes you want to jump up to throw the DVD out of the window. Dire.
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on 4 January 2015
I really enjoyed The Last Exorcism Part 1, but unfortunately this movie was not even half as good. There are so many parts of this movie that just don't make sense and the script is terrible. We felt like the writers hadn't decided whether they wanted the story to be either a)that Nell had been destined to be a demon and just had to accept "her true self," or b) that she was seduced by a demon who had sex with her or c) that it was her father/member of the cult who had raped her. There also seemed to be quite a few red herrings in this movie, for instance the (possibly lesbian) sex dream that she had- was that a flashback or memory of her time in the cult, was that Nell being corrupted by the demon or was it just a sex dream?!?

Overall, left feeling confused and underwhelmed by this film and I wouldn't recommend it. The great aspect of the first movie was the story that a preacher could lose his faith and then find it again; whilst trying to highlight a scam, he uncovers "the truth." This sequel really missed that struggle and needed a better storyline.
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