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4.8 out of 5 stars50
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2014
A brilliant read. A gem find for me. This trilogy of books, which were not only highly entertaining but incredibly clever and thought provoking was one of the best reads I have had for a long time. I have a great interest in Quantum Physics. I read books on the subject. I love the whole metaphysical concept and Mr Legg not only explains the subject in a wonderfully fantastical way, he also makes a lot of sense.

What if there are parallel realms of existence, which breach time and space? Wouldn't this trilogy be an extremely accurate assumption?
The characters were superb. Nate was very lucky to have such great friends. He was unlucky to have a bit of a rough relationship with his mother, a dead father, from circumstances not at all clear, and a brother who is in a mental hospital.

When Outview, the first book ended, and I moved on to, Outin, I thought, thank God, I can read this straight away. I felt the same way as I went on to the third book, Outmove. The entire trilogy was compelling and wonderfully written - Good solid writing, which did not wane. Scenes were vibrant in description, plots were engaging, and pace was excellent.

I truly enjoyed this experience, and I thank the very talented author, Brandt Legg.
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on 26 May 2014
First I'm going to give you words and phrases that describe this page turner for me.... Conspiracy, discovery, trust, betrayal, mystic powers, terror, innocence, sibling love, friendship, family.
Start out with Outview (book one).... the story of a young teenager Nate who has this power (or curse; however you choose to see it). His father had it, his brother Dustin has it and his Aunt Rose does as well. Their gift is misunderstood - most likely by ignorance on the part of the 'normal folks'
After Nate's father dies (or is killed - you'll have to figure that out), Nate goes on a search to find the depth of these Outviews he experiences. I had never heard of an out view and I'll have to admit I was intrigued.
With the help of his good friends Kyle and Linh, Nate begins his search to find answers. He is steadfast in his search for answers. The depth of the innocent adolescent friendship between these three is another thing that amazed me. We see how unconditional love and trust abounds with them. We also experience Nate meeting up with his spiritual advisors along the way, the mystics who don't give him answers per se but encourage and teach him how to deal with his power; to look into himself for answers. I learned just how powerful the mind is....mind over matter I guess you could say.
Brandt Legg is the ultimate story teller. He takes us on the journey with Nate and I completely felt like a spectator. I WAS in the woods with Nate. I felt everything from the wind blowing in my face, to running through the woods with Nate, the sound of the water, the branches of the trees moving, the mountain lions and the vivid descriptions of each scene. I felt the sting of knife wounds, the piercing of a gunshot to the flesh and I was scared to death.
I also felt the anguish and heartache Nate's mom went through. As a parent I felt for her. I cried. She did what she thought was right at the time and I realized through her that as parents we don't always do what is right. Sometimes we make decisions based on what other people tell us is the right thing to do. We come to regret that later and her regrets tore at my heart.
The love between Nate and Dustin was incredible. These 2 boys had 'the gift' but one was institutionalized and labeled crazy. The other was tethering on believing he was crazy as well. I have recommended this series/boxed in one set to all my friends! Brandt Legg - you've given us three gifts:) I can totally see this series being made into an Academy award winning movie!
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on 14 December 2013
I was so excited to find one of my favorite series of the year collected in this wonderful box set. If you haven't read Brandt Legg's paranormal trilogy yet, I'll break it down for you:

OUTVIEW (Book 1)

The book that kicks it off is a corker. I loved it even more the second time around. On reflection my initial review (from 10/16) could have said a whole lot more (I didn't know what a ride I was in for!). Here it is:

Really cool story about a 16-yr old boy plagued by nightmarish visions in which he is transported to violent moments in history. The characterizations are smart and the writing overall is very polished and slick.


A great second installment. This book continues the adventures of Nate and Yangchen and the story of the Movement. The book is about young adults but can be enjoyed by all ages. It neatly intersects sci-fi, adventure and paranormal and is a very well-written and compelling story. Brandt Legg has improved on his impressive debut and should only continue to flourish as an author.


I have been eagerly awaiting this book since falling in love with Outview and Outin. I am happy to report that Outmove, book three in this exciting trilogy, does not disappoint! Book 3 starts off fast and the relentless pace continues until the unexpected climax. Hero Nate becomes the leader of the revolutionary movement against the dark forces of Omnia and this makes for an exciting plot. I was blown away by many of the plot twists and reversals. If you haven't read this trilogy, you are in for a treat.
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on 6 December 2013
This trilogy is absolutely fantastic! As you follow Nate, the protagonist, on his quest to discover secrets of the past and avoid Lightyear, you will be immersed into an exciting and thrilling adventure: there's time travel, loss of friends, decisions that can make a difference between life and death, love, and action-packed scenes. All those elements add up to fantastic books, but that's what's visible on the surface, on the level of plot.
These books are much deeper than the surface plot as they books make the readers think about many philosophical concepts but present them in a very accessible way. One such concept is that of awareness. Brandt Legg makes us question our own lives and consider how aware we really are of our surroundings, of others, and of ourselves - and that's a great issue to ponder for a person of any age, teenagers included. Many ideas in his books and the eloquent way that the author expresses them feel like pearls of ancient wisdom in the modern world, and that's incredibly appealing.

The nature of creativity, spiritual understanding of the world, material advancement vs. preservation of old traditions, reincarnation, free will, the nature of fear and overcoming fear to reach goals - all these are issues that Nate has to deal with as he pursues his quest. As a reader, you will be right there with him, and you will emerge a wiser person.

I adore Brandt Legg's use of language. He is a writer and a photographer, so his keen power of observation doesn't come as a surprise. But it still delights. The language is precise and descriptive without being overly wordy. Here are just a couple of my favorite phrases: "the jumble of yellow cabs" (in Manhattan), "the joys of Dreams Lake helped disperse the morning's traumas," or "time was attacking us from many sides."

What I love about Brandt Legg's books is the deeper level of thinking and deeper issues that he invites us to explore, all in a very easy-to-read and entertaining way. "What if?" and other hypothetical questions are always fun ones to ponder, and you will have plenty of opportunities to do that when you read his books. What are the best ways to drive innovation? What societal structures are most conducive to innovative thinking? How does money affect societies? What could the alchemists really accomplish? And why didn't JP Morgan board the Titanic, like he was supposed to? And this is just a quick little sampling of the kinds of things this trilogy will make you think about. What a fantastic journey! Highly recommended.
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on 4 December 2013
Book 1 Outview- A great fantasy thriller with a deeper magical meaning.

I was hooked from the first page. After just reading a few pages, I recognized that Brandt Legg is an incredible writer. This isn't just hype, this is for real. This guy has a gift for creating a magical tale deep with meaning while being entertaining. The plot, character development, the pace, the emotion, all show signs of a great writer along the lines of the best out there today. I dare say, that I wouldn't be surprised to see great things happening to Brandt Legg in the future, yeah, this book is that good.

Now, about the story. An engrossing tale that pulls you in from the start with Nate having these visions of dying over and over again by every conceivable manner. Adding to this twist is the mysterious death of his father and the dysfunctional relationship with his mother. Then there is the brother who is committed to an institution. Nate does have friends in Kyle and his cousin, Linh. This is the foundation of the journey they are thrust into.

There are C. L. Lewis-esque qualities within this tale with the deeper meaning and layering of esoteric and magical themes. Throughout the story, the references are remarkable in showing a side of reality that has long been debated. I love the past lives/reincarnation, astral travels, and other topics that some would consider new age. However, Brandt Legg incorporates these points into the story to bring about an awareness and raises questions that are philosophical in nature, that almost reads as a parable at times in bestowing wisdom. Very richly done.

This book will appeal to readers at all levels. A great read for teenagers as well as adults. But this is especially a great read for those with some working knowledge of new age thought. Just like the writing of C. L. Lewis, there is something for everyone here, it is up to you how far you want to go down the rabbit hole.

This is what a fantasy novel should be like. This book is that good and one that I can highly recommend.

Book 2 Outin- This is the second book in the Inner Movement trilogy by Brandt Legg and after reading the first book, I was excited to dive into this one. What I enjoy about the works of Brandt Legg is the multi-layering that is throughout his books. Having studied physics and quantum mechanics, I recognized so many aspects of the subject which only added to the entertainment value. I can only imagine someone like Michio Kaku, a leading theoretical physicist and considered to be the father of string theory, reading this book with a smile seeing how the principles of String Theory are woven throughout the storyline. Some of the aspects of the time travel in the book remind me of some of Brian Greene's, (another leading theoretical physicist,) work. However you don't need a PHD to enjoy this series. But if you do, it only makes the trip down the rabbit hole even more exhilarating.

With this installment, we go along with Nate and his friends on his journey in trying to learn what it is that he must know while trying to stay alive and away from a rouge government agency. Fast pace with lots of action with several "nip of time" escapes to keep you turning the pages. A very fascinating story that is hypnotic as it holds your attention with utter abandonment to everything else, leaving you wondering if Nate will survive the chaos and have the mysteries revealed, either in this time or in an alternate universe.

Brandt Legg is an incredible author with a deep knowledge of life, science, philosophy, and an imagination that is beyond compare. His works are a welcomed relief from the drudgery and doldrums of life. Take a break and be entertained for awhile and even pick up a few jewels of knowledge along the way. Brandt Legg's Inner Movement is quality reading.

Book 3 Outmove- With this being the third book in the "The Inner Movement" series Brandt Legg delivers an Epic ending to an incredible ride. The book picks up with Nate Ryder's journey to understanding and for the salvation of humanity against evil forces out to destroy and imprisoned society. This tale takes the reader down the rabbit hole at warp speed. It is hard not to become enthralled with the action, which has increased dramatically over the other two books.

Brandt Legg's trilogy is has a metaphysical spiritualness to it invoking the gambit of emotions along the way. Along with this spiritualness, you are offered parallel dimensions, alterative universes, time travel, quantum physics, ascended masters, introspective look in eastern thought, and most of all, the coming of age; an enlightenment. It is almost allegorical if not philosophical when you contemplate the story, as to what exactly is transpiring and what the implied hidden meaning could be. I love a story that makes you think.

I have a feeling that everyone who reads this will take away something different. Depending on how open minded you are and how versed you are into metaphysical thought; you might experience what Brandt Legg as masterfully not written. Yes, I know, that seems a bit paradoxical, but there are layers within the books that do exist. Whether this is intentional or not, Brandt Legg has imprinted within the pages, a deeper sense of mystical knowledge that brings about an introspective nature to the reader.

The book, within the context of fiction asks some simple yet profound questions, such as this example,
"Do you fear death?"
"I've died too many times, lost too many loved ones . . . seen dimensions, past and future times, and beyond . . . No, I don't fear death."

And with that quote, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide the esoteric meaning of Brandt Legg's "Inner Movement" trilogy. Either way, it is still an excellent series, worthy of more study.
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on 6 December 2013

An imaginative and intriguing novel which will pull you right into the pages.

Great plot twists and turns have been created which will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The characters are super in this well-paced metaphysical thriller.

Legg certainly has shown the capacity to craft a great page-turner- you will be gripped to this fantasy adventure.

Superb- well worth a look! 5*****


OUTIN (The Inner Movement)

I was give a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

After reading the superb first book by Legg- thoughts, hopes and ideas are in place for a great second novel. The second book Outin meets all expectations and reaches beyond- fantastic!

Fans of the first book in the series need to pick up this thrilling read. The story is full to the brim with adventure, mysticism and spiritual undertones. Readers will be gripped to the pages and intrigued as the tale develops.

Again, great characters with a mix of magic, suspense, fantasy and plot twists.

Highly recommended 5*****


Still in the process of reading this one but it is as great as the first two books!

A super and entertaining read. The collection is certainly worth a look.

Fabulous writing from Legg!
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on 4 December 2013
Three great books all in one place. A thrilling collection.


I don't usually read YA but something about OUTVIEW drew my attention. It has an original plot that has been expertly woven. Strewn with spiritual and fantasy elements, entwined into a contemporary setting and populated with well drawn characters. OUTVIEW is an engrossing read which I would recommend to anyone, whether a YA fan or not.


After thoroughly enjoying Outview (The Inner Movement) Book 1I could't not read 'Outlin'. This is a great continuation of what's building up to be a classic fantasy series. 'Outlin' starts directly where 'Outview' left off and hurtles you along the story. Again filled with wonderful characters and great spiritual and fantasy concepts 'Outlin' leaves you gasping for air and eagerly awaiting the next thrilling installment.


The third instalment of Brandt Legg's thrilling Inner Movement trilogy doesn't disappoint. Filled with adventure and well rounded characters, "Outmove" takes us on a spiritual journey through time. A wonderful climax to a gripping trilogy as we follow the members of The Inner Movement as they battle against the evil organisation "Omnia". Beautifully written and packed with unique concepts and riveting action "Outmove" should not be missed.
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on 20 April 2016
New Age crystal healing nonsense masquerading as science fiction, marinated in a thin gruel of quantum theory lite and reincarnation for dummies. The characterisation is tissue paper thin, what passes for a plot in the 13% of the book I subjected myself to could have been written in crayon on a Rizla paper with room to spare. I will never get the time I wasted on this book back, but if it teaches me to cut and run at a much earlier stage it will have been a lesson worth learning.
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on 8 March 2014
Book One: What if you were forced to die every night? Not just die, but experience a horrible, painful death that was different each time. What would something like that do to your mind, especially if you're a teenager?

"Outview" by Brandt Legg tackles this in a fantasy-type setting with 16-year-old, Nate.

This is a well-written book that delves into some deep new-age topics. If you're a firm believer in reincarnation, this book will snag you from the beginning, and even if you don't, the wild ride of this epic YA Sci-Fi will keep you hooked.

Book two: In, Outin, Book 2 of the "Inner Movement" series, the mood has darkened and Nate is no longer as young in mind-set as he was in the beginning. There are sci-fi books then there are SCI-FI books. Brandt Legg writes the latter. From epic ideas to amazing world building, you'll go on a ride as far as your imagination can stretch.
It might just change how you think about the dimensions.

Book Three:
Outmove is the final story in the “Inner Movement” series. The way Brandt Legg handles the complicated multiple outcomes is amazing. Each move Nate makes changes the fate of humanity. This is one of those books that will get you thinking. Loved it.
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on 17 March 2014
The young adult hero, Nate Ryder, possesses extraordinary psychic abilities that give him tremendous power as well as make him target for some truly loathsome villains. As Nate comes to grips with his supernatural powers, he realizes that his brother, Dustin’s breakdown was likely due to similar powers and that Dustin no more deserves to be stowed away in an asylum then he does. The plot starts with Nate’s determination to free his brother and thickens with the discovery that his father’s death was not due to natural causes.

The story spirals into a faced paced race to see if Nate can avoid the government’s reach long enough for his power to grow to the point where he can save his friends and family.

In addition to the thrilling plot, Brandt Legg introduces a series of rich side characters to the story, each with a fascinating story of their own. He pulls in a touch of romance and a ton of loyalty that stirs the heart. The story is filled with fear, loss, hope, reconciliation, forgiveness, and triumph and it spills over with action, action, action! I must say it was quite a ride and I couldn’t resist jumping straight into the next book. Or maybe I was having an outview!
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