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4.2 out of 5 stars41
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2002
This is a great, loud, catchy rock song. It has everything that is good about Oasis packed into three minutes of energetic guitar riffs and Liam Gallaghers trademark snarling vocals ! If it had been released in the mid nineties EVERYONE would've been 'mad fer it !', it is 2002 though and plenty of people will tell you Oasis are all over, don't believe them, music needs more bands like Oasis and less Gareth Gates/Will Young's right now, so do everyone a favour and buy this !
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on 6 March 2002
With a 10th Anniversary tour under their belts, Oasis release their first single written and recorded by the new Oasis line up.
The Hindu Times is a back to basics rock 'n' roll record, crunching guitars and snarling vocals wrapping around a simple, straightforward melodic hook. BUT, don't be fooled into thinking this is a return to the Definitely Maybe era - this is a slicker and more mature production than anything from the eponymous debut album, and some may argue, as a result it lacks the edge and charm of some of those tracks - indeed it pales into insignificance when compared to the likes of Live Forever or Slide Away and the lyrics lack any real originality or meaning "in and out my brain, running through my vein" isn't a Gallagher classic. However, it's still good, old fashioned feel good Rock'n'Roll song - stuff to sing along to in the pub - LOUDLY
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on 12 March 2002
Having heard the "Hindu Times" live on three occasions,and thought it was superb, I was even more delighted when I finally heard the studio version.
It has a feel of Kula Shaker, with a chorus that will have every Oasis fan totally intune with.
Without doubt their best single since Some Might Say, and surpasses "Who feels love" tenfold.
The song would have sat nicely in between Definitely Maybe and WTSMG, and if this is a sign of the quality of the new album, then I am getting in the queue now!
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on 13 March 2002
I am a massive Oasis fan of 8 years and was stood in college at 8:25 with my portable radio held in the air trying to get reception just so I could hear the firt playing of 'Hindu Times' on Radio 1. I think it is a simply fantastic track and if the rest of the upcoming album is anything like to the standard this is at then Oasis are back and bigger than ever. A self assured number one, Hindu Times features a spellbinding guitar riff which is infectious beyond belief and Liam using his extremely unique voice to absolutely great affect. The lyrics are simple 'I get up when I'm down, I can't swim but my soul won't drown...' but this is by no means a bad thing and will be a massive crowd pleaser. It is a little repetitive towards the end but the line 'I get so high i just can't feel it' is so easy to chant the fact its repeated a couple of times really doesn't matter. This is best described as an anthem to be placed beside the likes of 'Supersonic and 'Roll with it'.A GREAT PIECE OF ROCK'N'ROLL FROM ONE OF BRITAINS LEADING ROCK BANDS! Can't wait to hear the follow up material as well as the album in July.
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on 8 March 2002
You know that feeling you can't explain that you get from hearing a song the 1st time, well for the 1st time in a long I got that from this song. It came on and just the 1st few second made me realise that they're back and here to show the world we're back and we're the best! i admit straight away that i hear influences in this song such as the riff appears to be same one as the stereophonics "same size feet" riff, and i get a feel of the melody from "all right now" by free. but that's oasis for you, a pinch of this and that makes them the best in the world. compared to songs on SOTSOG it's much more positive and upbeat with such lines like "cos god give me a soul in your rock n' roll babe". If you remember the 1st time you heard come back singles "D'you know what I mean?" & "Go let It Out". I remember and thought "oh they're good, but not as good as I would of hoped". This is why "The Hindu Times" excites me, i got that feel of that's amazing thought "the boys are back in town!"
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on 18 April 2002
I really do start to feel pretty old when I talk about Oasis. There isn't another band that I can think of which make me go all misty eyed and start going on about 'the good old days' quite so much, but back in 1994 when "Definitely Maybe" exploded and pretty much took over my life (sad to admit, but I if I could have nicked Liam's look convincingly then I would have) Oasis were the greatest rock and roll band around and helped a number of other British band to flourish in their slip stream.
However, by the time "Be Here Now" arrived in all of its over blown, stomach churning, intolerable pomp the wheels had then spectacularly fallen of this once great band. Within months they went from meaning everything to meaning absolutely nothing at all. After a spectacular ascent, fuelled by storming tunes, great gigs and unbelievable attitude, they were suddenly heading back down to earth - and when the plodding, introspective pile of nothing that was "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" arrived with its terribly muted fanfare (even Liam's claims of its greatness sounded hollow and insincere) I even felt ashamed to have once been a fan. Oasis promised a great deal and had eventually become a sham and tabloid fodder for the hungry red tops. Yawn.
Nail suitably in coffin then. Except to my complete surprise they've come back with this fantastic, snarling single and some equally killer B-sides! As soon as that riff kicks in it's like the spirit and the balls that engulfed their debut has woken up hungry and wants to set a few wrongs to right. The band haven't sounded this pumped up and enthused on record in such a long time - and Noel, it seems, has rediscovered his ability to write those killer tunes once more - certainly lyrically he appears to have pull his gaze away from his navel and up towards the sky. Top marks also to Andy, Gem and Whitey for becoming the rhythm section I'd always hoped they'd be.
Whether the album will continue this momentum is something I can't wait to find out, but right now I feel like it's 1994 all over again - and whilst you might turn your nose up at that retrospective prospect, for this band that's a good thing.
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VINE VOICEon 20 November 2007
The Hindu Times was a great comeback single for Oasis - it's rocky, it's catchy, it's gritty, it has a great vocal, a great riff, and great lyrics.

Just Getting Older has been knocking around the internet in demo form for years, and it's nice for it to finally get an airing. It is a lovely acoustic song; hardly rock 'n' roll, but inherently Noel Gallagher nonetheless.

But it is Idler's Dream that is why this single is worth a buy - it is one of the best songs Oasis have ever produced. It is a stripped down piano tinkler with spectacularly good lyrics and another wonderful vocal performance from Noel Gallagher. The song could never ever have been on an album - it just sounds nothing like Oasis, but it is still a wonderful song. It'll surprise anyone - indeed, if the box didn't tell you it was Oasis you wouldn't believe it. And it isn't available anywhere but here.
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on 11 March 2002
After a long wait we finally get a new single from new look oasis and it doesnt dissapoint. Hindu times is a great song thet unfortunatly wont do well in the charts. The song sounds like columbia mixed with go let out great stuff go get it now
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on 8 March 2002
The first single from planet OASIS in over two years is finally released and sports the title "The Hindu Times". Mmmm, strange name, I hear you say. Well yeah it is. It is also two words that aren't mentioned once in the lyrics to the song. There's one verse repeated verbatim and the same goes for the chorus.
But hang on. I'm making it sound like the first Noel Gallagher song to be heard in over two years is a dog. Well, you'd be very wrong. "The Hindu Times" is 3 minutes of unabashed British rock and roll in the best sense of the word.
If you're a fan of Oasis, this song will make you believe that "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" never happened. Oasis have (thankfully) done away with the moaning rock star angst of their previous efort and have aimed squarely for the jugular with a song that sounds like you think you've heard it before. After one listening, it's in your skull and it wont leave for love nor money.
It has all the hallmarks of the classic Oasis track. It's loud, it's angry, it's lyrics mean practically nothing. There's a riff going through it thats so simple it makes you wonder why you never thought of it before.
In short "The Hindu Times" is the greatest comeback single EVER released by any band EVER. If you thought Oasis were dead and buried, listen to the track and believe, ONCE AGAIN, in the greatest animal ever produced by Great Britain.
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on 7 March 2002
Oasis are back and this is special. Unusually for Oasis, this is a song that takes a couple of listens to get into you but once you're hooked you'll be blown away.
Yes, it does nick the opening to Street Fighting Man by the Rolling Stones, the riff from Same Size Feet by the Stereophonics and sounds a bit like Columbia, but, Noel's always been good at lifting great ideas and building on them!
This is probably the best Oasis single since Some Might Say and wipes the floor with just about anything from their last two albums... oh... and it wipes the floor with 99% of the other music seen in the charts recently!
Buy it, and you will enjoy it!
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