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4.8 out of 5 stars595
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 16 April 2010
The Green Mile probably not that same opinion as most but I actually enjoy this better than Darabont's other epic, The Shawshank Redemption. It should have won Oscars but didn't down to 2000 being a lucrative year of classy movies. For instance, if this film was out last year, Avatar and The Hurt Locker wouldn't have had a lookin'. Michael Clarke Duncan, in his first major role was robbed of a best supporting actor Oscar really (Michael Caine was just being Michael Caine).

For the HD part, I can report that it's a great transfer! I've never noticed just how much all the actors were sweating until now - the detail level is that much higher. Mr Jingles looks fantastic - on the same level as Peter Jacksons King Kong in detail. Some of the limitted amount of outdoor scenes away from 'The Mile' aren't top quality but still the vast majority of the quality is excellent. The extra's are SD from the DVD - it's well worth watching how they did Mr Jingles in the days before CGI took over, it's a refreshing change. Audio on the DVD was great and it's great here also but The Green Mile isn't a movie for audio muscle. As long as the dialogue is clear that's all we really need. The thunder and lightning clap is the only place HD audio comes into play.

Region Free

Audio: Dolby TrueHD English; DD 5.1 English, French, Castilian Spanish, German, Italian; Dolby Surround Portuguese and Turkish

Subs: English; Portuguese; Castilian Spanish; Complex Chinese; Dutch; Danish; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Italian; Korean; Latin Spanish; Norwegian; Swedish; Thai; Turkish and a partridge in a pear tree...

Run time: 188mins of brilliance
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on 2 July 2012
This DVD is perhaps one of the all time greats.I have been a fan of Tom Hanks for many years,and have found him to be one of the most versatile,and talented actors I have had the pleasure to watch,he reminds me very much of our very own David Jason whom I first saw in a play in the west end called 'No sex please were British'which is a comedy.I recognised then a person who obviously had read his script well and actually becomes the character he portrays.Tom Hanks has these same qualities and this is what makes him such a compelling actor to watch,from comedy to drama.
I would recommend all his films to any 16-90 year old person simply for the range of his films and the absolute enjoyment of seeing a truly great actor at work from Forest Gump right through to The saving of Private Ryan.
I'd like to thank for their excellent and straight forward service and also their range of dvds and books,being new to the internet I was dubious of buying online and giving out my banking details but Amazon put me at ease,and I now look for ward to using them again.
D Valpy
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on 18 June 2011
This is an immensely powerful film on so many levels.

In spite of its 3 hour length, it not once gets boring or drags. Although the subject matter is grim, life on Death Row in the 1930s depression, this film manages to be funny, tragic, touching, horrific and heartwarming through it's many remarkable scenes.

The acting is first-rate, all the characters have depth and maintain interest throughout. Marvellous sharp screenplay.

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on 23 January 2012
The prisoners who are sent to E Block at Cold Mountain Penitentiary come and then they... go. One man, however is destined to make a more lasting impression.

Set on the penitentiary's death row, The Green Mile is an adaptation of what is, in my opinion, one of King's finer stories. It is also, surprisingly, given the subject matter, an uplifting and even heart-warming film. Directed by Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead), it takes a similar setting to another of King's stories Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, also turned into an award winning film by Darabont.

Set in an American prison during the Great Depression, The Green Mile has (like The Shawshank Redemption) a wonderfully clear sense of place, the dusty despair of the era and of course the chilling sense of impending doom of a death row cell block. There is a wonderful scene where the guards are shown cleaning and polishing "Old Sparky" in preparation for one of the executions* and the juxtaposition between this menial housework and the terrible purpose it precedes is spine-tingling. Indeed, the minutes leading up to the executions (all three are shown in some detail - this is rated 18 for good reason) are more chilling, even upsetting, than the final act itself. Of course the story is bigger than that one idea and it explores some typical King concepts; good and evil, spirituality and redemption and they leaven the more horrific moments.

These redeeming messages are delivered in part by one of the central characters, John Coffey ("like the drink, but not spelled the same") and enormous black man, condemned for the rape and murder of two children but posessed of some miraculous healing powers. One commentator has decribed this character, derogatively I suppose, as a 'magic negro' - a stereotypical black man whose sole purpose in life is to further the happiness of a white person. Whether this is an over harsh or even accurate description of the intent of King or Darabont, it was interesting to watch the film with this thought in mind and it certainly put the story in a different light.

The acting is fine and the cast list is impressive but by no means overwhelming. Hanks does a sterling job as the compassionate and fair-minded head warder and David Morse fits the role as his second in command "Brutal" Howell perfectly. Michael Clarke Duncan is suitably titanic as Coffey although the character comes across as rather more stereotyped on film than in the book. The remainder of the cast includes some that will be familiar to Darabont's fans (Jeffery deMunn, William Sadler) and includes a fair sprinkling of other (perhaps surprising) well known names, such as Michael Jeter and Sam Rockwell. Perhaps the most ironic casting moment is that of Harry Dean Stanton** who does NOT play the part of the character "Dean Stanton" (that role is reserved for Barry Pepper).

The adaptation to the big screen is done with due reverence to King's novel and the dialogue and plot are exceptionally faithful. The original story is a long one (some 480 pages) and some fairly extensive (but sensitive and ultimately successful) editing was needed, but it still comes in at 3 bum-numbing hours.

All told, this is an absorbing and very enjoyable film. Well acted, well scripted and well adapted. The one down side is, perhaps, the rather gruesome imagery; it's in keeping and warranted and doesn't overwhelm the film but it may be upsetting to sensitive viewers.

Extras - on the DVD version these comprise the usual commentaries and a short "making-of" documentary, which is really only a compilation of cast and crew interviews.


* As an interesting aside, according to Wikipedia, the word "electrocution" which we use now to describe any electric shock (accidental or otherwise) is actually a portmanteau of "electrical" and "execution" and was coined to describe the method of dispatch. Every day's a day at school.
** See film critic Roger Ebert's rule that "no movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad."
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on 7 January 2012
I have read the book and I always prefer books to films. However on this occasion the film truly surpassed my expectations. Excellent acting and you so wanted a diff ending for Coffey. Some great well known actors in the film. Truly enjoyable. Yes its long at over 3hrs, but send kids to bed early, switch off phone and curl up on sofa with box of tissues and enjoy.

I wont tell you the story- other reviewers have done that. It does explore the characters well. Some you will love, some you will hate. Everybody gets what they deserve except Coffey. He is a 'simple' man but touches the lives of all on the green mile. I liked to think of him as an angel thats just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Its different from Shawshank. They often get thrown in together as 'the prison films'. Each film is unquestionably magnificent but completely different. It would be like comparing Deerhunter and Forest Gump as 'vietnam war films'

If you watch this film and cant rate it 4 or more stars, then you have no heart or soul. And had better stick to Jeremy Kyle....
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on 6 February 2005
This film is delightfully enriching, which is a skill in itself given the truly dreadful setting and happenings.
The journey is one of battered souls, both prisoners and guards, battered out of normal human responses by circumstance and cynacism. It is set in depression struck Louisianna.
John Coffey and his great gift challenge many assumptions and bring hope were it would ordinarily be lost, curing sickness, giving life when none could hope for it and ultimately righting wrongs and evil doing.
For John his gift is a double edged sword for with it's truth it brings horror and with it's empathy it leaves no room for his own emotional world. Part of John's journey is not simply to share his gift but show it's warts and to convey his need to escape it, but here lies the dilemma for the guards and for Edgecombe in particular. In granting John his escape is he condemming himself and his colleagues? and if so what to?
A truly amazing drama and a great working of the novel.
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on 25 June 2007
Superb movie, subtle, and based on character interactions; that's not to say that "nothing haoppens", but don't expect explosions and car chases! Very fine acting all around.

I have to take issue with a previous reviewer - the 2-disc SE is very good, their are extras on both discs and the film is deliberately split across the two discs so as to increase the bitrate and hence improve the picture quality. Yes, you can cram 4 hours' worth of video material onto one DVD but the quality would be a bit naff - with a long movie like this, or like Peter Jackson's King Kong remake, splitting the feature gives much sharper picture detail ... surely a good thing?

Excellent release of a brilliant movie.
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on 23 April 2002
this film was excellently portrayed, beautifully acted, funny, moving, and any other words you can think of to describe a truly magnificent film.
Hanks is first class as is all other actors playing their characters, the characters in turn are also second to none but that would be the credit to the amazing Stephen King. The special effects are quality and there is no weaknesses throughout the whole film. A masterpiece.
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on 5 March 2003
When I got this DVD I was dreading sitting through the best part of 3 hours of dreary, dull America in the depression, how wrong could I have been. I was gripped from the very beginning, all of the actors, not just Tom Hanks, made their characters totally believable. The storyline is simply magic, in more ways than one! And is dealt with superbly. Paul, Hanks' Character has, at one stage a severe bladder infection and you can almost feel his pain and discomfort.
You can also feel the fear and dread of the prisoners when they have to face the 'Chair'. the compassion shown by the warders only highlights the awfull reality of the execution, though one of them is, shall we say, a little over cooked!
As the secret of John Coffey is slowly revealed you become more and more gripped by the film, I didn't want this film to end, three hours may seem a long time for a film but I could have sat through six hours of this if I could.
I feel that the music used deserves a mention too, the soundtrack is wonderfully understated and counterpoints the acting beautifully.
For me this is a film I will watch again and again, buy this film and enjoy, you won't be sorry.
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on 27 December 2000
You forget almost straight away that you will be there for three and a bit hours. After seeing it 8 times at the flicks, I can honestly say, that there is something new in it every time. Not as good as the book, I must admit the director does the story justice in every way possible. This film will make you cry, laugh and feel hatred. Excellent endng with the closing comment "Our own green mile can seem so long." So true, we never know what is infront of us all. Congratulations to the cast and crew. I am a firm believer that miracles do happen. This maybe a film, but watch it and it will make you sit up and think. Some strong issues tackled in the three hours. Miracles? Capital Punishment? You decide. But I would reccomend it to anyone who wants to see a good film. This was one of the first DVD's I bought, and I would buy it again if this one screwed up.
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