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4.4 out of 5 stars156
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 June 2002
What can I say about this film that hasn't already been said?
Possesion has always been one of the most talked about subjects when the theme of horror crops up in conversation and this film is usually one that's at the forefront. This intensly dark chiller is "mentally disturbing" in the respect that it is based on a real life occurence. Forget your Amityvilles and poltergeists, this is the geniune article. Barbera Hershey plays an outstanding role of a woman who is mentally and physically abused by an unknown Demon that repeatedly rapes and tortures her. The thing that gripped me most about this movie, was the eerie atmosphere the director clearly and successfully aimed for.
All too often horror movies bore us with fake decapitations and lots of tomato ketchup- this movie however captures the essence of spine tingling nervousness - you can't see whats stalking her - but you know he's coming...that gives it a huge fear factor. Together with some first class acting from all of the cast, this film has been talked about for many years and will still be a topic of conversation for many years to come. Definatly one for the collection.
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on 10 November 2000
This may be an relatively 'old film' now but, my God, is it SCARY!
There's no bells and whistles when it comes to cinematic technology in this film but that doesn't even enter your head becuase your so engrossed.
It's based around a true story of a woman in the States that is frequently visited and raped by and invisible entity. This Incubus (correct name for the phenomenon) would manifest at any time of the day or night and carry out a brutal sexual attack on this woman.
After convincing the paraphsycology dept of the local university, they finally decide to create a replica of her apartment in their studios and ask her to live in it.
Whilst she is there, they monitor her progress with a view to capturing this entity by spraying liquid nitrogen on it.
This is the type of film that will pop into your head just before you go to bed at night and scare the livig daylights out of you!!
A Must!
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on 10 March 2001
The title sequence in this movie shows a young woman attending night classes with dialogue that cannot be heard but music that suggests we will be witnessing something later which is going to leave us on the edge of the seat. Less than ten minutes later you are there but instead of being on the edge of your seat you are trying to sink into it. The music has become as dark as the night which two-thirds of the film is set in and you are left wondering when 'it' is going to strike next. This is perhaps the films greatest asset since it is only on one occasion where 'it' shows itself and this in itself is quite terrifying. This is made possible as well by the sheer look of horror on the principle characters faces notably 'Barbara Hershey' who excels in the role of 'Carla Moran' whose performance captures a woman who has gone through hell and back and become a stronger person if some what battle scarred emotionaly in the process. It should also be noted of the unusual camera angles this film encompasses and the attention paid to the smallest of details with regards to setting up the moment of possible danger. As i understand it this film wasnt very well received when it first came out in 1982 and the reviews i have read since then have been less than friendly. This is a shame but not entirely unexpected since when you are telling the story of a poltergeist raping a young woman then it isnt going to be for everyone. Based on a true story it has been told, but even if it were fictional there is no denying the power this movie holds especially in the comfort of a big TV, night time, and not another soul around.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 December 2014
Great horror film based on true events, Barbara Hershey was wonderful, if not award winning, the mad thing about this film is there is no gore or blood but it still scares the crap out of you, there are no special features on the disc well if you call a trailer special, but hopefully if they bring out a Blu-ray release there might be more, if you want to watch a film at Halloween then this film is a must.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 September 2013
Not seen by me for perhaps 30 years or so, this film, directed somewhat wildly by Sidney J Furie, still has the power to upset and scare. This is mainly thanks to a good script, by the author Frank De Felitta, and a powerhouse performence from Barabara Hershey. One can only imagine what she went through on set during filming of the many "rape" scenes. She is ably supported by Ron Silver, and the rest of the, mainly, but not all, unknown support cast. As I said, Furie directs a bit wildly with odd angles tyrown in every now and then, but all in all his style works well. An excellent widescreen 16.9 print helps, along with a good price. A disturbing film, yes, but a worthwhile watch. Recomended (for adults if I may say so).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 August 2014
This is the loosely based on facts story of Carla Moran, a woman who was allegedly tormented and sexually molested by an invisible demon.

Regardless of if the facts of the case are fictionalised for impact, or if indeed there is any basis of truth to the attacks in question, The Entity as a film fails to rise above average due to sloppy direction and a very poor script, whilst the score from Charles Bernstein is akin to being hit over the head repeatedly with a blunt instrument.

That said, the film isn't a total wash out, there are genuine moments of dread in the piece, and most of the tension and fear is realised from a very credible performance from Barbara Hershey as Carla. The nature of the beast with this type of picture will always be open to either scoffing or a fear of the unknown, so to get the audience involved with a topic like this you really need your protagonist to be believable, Hershey manages to do this in spite of the character being hopelessly under written. There is no real urgency or understanding of feelings portrayed other than a few rushed sequences, it's kind of like poor Carla saying she's been attacked by a demon and her doctor going, oh OK, lets talk about it.

If you believe in the paranormal etc is irrelevant, that The Entity isn't a terrifying story is sadly just a missed opportunity to not only scare, but to induce thought provoking conversation. 4/10
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on 29 January 2015
Genuine classic 80s horror starring the gorgeous Barbara Hershey as a mother who gets brutally raped and molested by a ghost. Of course no one believes her story, and she must convince someone or at least show some evidence to the contary. Slowly but surely people come around- that is except her doctor played by Ron Silver. Indeed most of the movie's tense scenes play out to Silver's disbelief of her- you'll find yourself screaming for his character to 'just believe her'!

The effects for the day are excellent- though the reveal is a little tacky. But the acting is what wins this movie over. Hershey is excellent as is Silver. Sidney J Furie directs with total professionalism, framing well, and you'll notice how everything is seen from Hershey's perspective, cleverly done. Hersheys doting friend Margaret Blye is also worth a mention in a strong supporting role.

You have to take some scenes with a pinch of salt- namely a professional doctor popping into his patients house after a few visits and Hershey lying naked in bed with her boyfriend- after being "raped" by the entity. Though it may be implied in that scene that they didn't have sex.

Reportedly based on a true story.....
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on 17 March 2015
My sister and I watched this (bunking off school one day) when you could first hire VHS....we didn't know anything about the subject....omg did we crap our pants...watching it again now still gives me goosebumps. Could this be remade, yes, with CGI could be very impressive...Google the history of Carla Moran, doesn't sound like the woman was lying.
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on 22 September 2006
Another true story of dubious authenticity, The Entity concerns a libidinous invisible presence. This unseen force repeatedly rapes poor Barbara Hershey, who can't get anyone to believe her stories of sexual assault. Frankly, she doesn't believe them herself until she undergoes therapy conducted by experts in both psychology and the supernatural. The entity, a great, hairy blob, is ultimately tricked into materializing, an act of revelation that proves to be its downfall. Adapted by Frank de Felitta from his own novel, The Entity is a classic horror of the '80s and a must for the collectors of the world..
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on 24 May 2013
what a scary film I can watch anything but film really shocks you, the good thing is that this entity force that attacks Carla is an unknown, invisible force that rapes and beat her for no reason.
great story and creepy music to add to the horror of the film.
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