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on 3 June 2014
I have purchased both of Sasha books now and this book is exceptional as it goes into more detail than the Effortless Sleep Book. My problem started in February 2014 through a noisy neighbour and stress from work. After years on end sleeping a solid 8 hours a night I found I was waking up 10-12 times a night and only ever achieving stage 1 sleep. Like many others i rushed off to the chemists for OTC drugs that amplified the problem, enrolled on a SRT program which made the problem worse! After reading quite a bit myself I realised that the problem was essentially just a learned bad habit amplified by my own actions! Anyway after starting to commit to the 12 commandments as I like to call them and learning to understand insomnia a little better or I like to call insomnia bad sleeping habits! i have found over the last week i have had 1 bad night now waking up a 6-7 times but getting straight back to sleep to the other 6 nights waking maybe 2-3 times and getting back to sleep straight away.

My mother after reading Sasha first book has went from 30 years of bad sleep spending most of her night reading to sleeping from 11pm to 0630am every night now, it took her 4 weeks to turn the 30 year habit around!

I agree with the commentator in the book who calls Sasha and angel! Not many people after suffering what Sasha went through for 15 years would still want to actively engage with something that wreaked havoc on her life for so long! So thank you Sasha both from me who is still recovering and from my mother 30 years of bad sleep gone in 4 weeks! Thank you!
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on 1 December 2013
Having read sasha's first book a few months ago and seeing quick results, I was excited to hear she was releasing a new book the effortless sleep companion. At first I thought, but surely there's not much more to cover, but there is and she covers a variety of questions that have been put to her over the years.  The book also concentrates on thoughts and negative thinking which keeps our insomnia going. I particularly like her description of the fear cycle that keeps us in that insomnia trap. she says that if you don't fear insomnia it becomes powerless and I totally agree with this, since I have realised that after a sleepless night I can still function and go to work (although I may feel rubbish) I can still get through the day  and know that eventually I will sleep!. It really is amazing how much our thoughts effect us. Having suffered with anxiety I have had my eyes opened to this fully over the past year.

There is also a section on setbacks and what happens when you go through a bad patch again. This was very reassuring to know that this is perfectly normal. It is how you react to these bad nights that will make all the difference.

Sasha's writes in a way that really speaks to you. There's something about the way a person writes when they have suffered what you have, that speaks to you on a different level and there is true understanding.

I would definetly recommend this book, in fact her advice applies not just to sleep but is also a helpful attitude to life in general.
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on 27 October 2013
For anyone who has suffered chronic insomnia I believe loneliness can be the scariest thing. Sasha delivers not just the comfort of someone who has been through it all herself, but absolute logic and actual solutions that ring true. Instinctively I knew this was the solution because it all felt so familiar and the answers so right. In a world saturated with self-help books, this is the only thing worth taking the time to follow. I needed to hear some tough love, I was stopping and starting, trying things then ditching them - Sasha gave me a talking to in the best possible way. And for the first time I really feel positive and on my way back to normality.
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on 31 October 2013
I bought this hoping it would help me to "mop up" my frustrating residual feelings towards sleep and the amount of time it took me to fall asleep. I found the first book very helpful although, like others, found some contradictions. There is more helpful advice in this book including that you are likely to experience problems with sleep at some point and not to panic about it. My "safety net" is that I will fall asleep eventually and I always seem to these days, waking feeling generally like I have had enough sleep. In the past, when I have panicked about not getting enough sleep, I have suffered nights of very very little sleep. Not clock watching is a huge tip because it makes the problem worse if you are obsessed with time and it is much easier to give yourself a positive message that you are getting enough sleep without this as you have no proof ! My issues have not completely gone but feel much further away and I feel much more like I used to. This was confirmed today when I woke feeling worn out, a feeling that lasted all day. Whilst I still dwell on it (hard not to when you're dog tired), it also dawned on me that I hadn't had this worn out feeling for a while so it was not the norm for me anymore. This is such a relief after feeling so tired for months. I look forward to a better night's sleep tonight and logically know that there is no reason why I should suffer any worse sleep than the next person. I agree with others that sometimes you can't sleep and it's not because of your attitude or bad habits. Also, that for chronic insomnics with no "trigger" event the method may not work. From my point of view I had got myself into a panic mentally that I found very difficult to shake and this really helped me.

Lastly I have found The sleep salon product that Sasha mentions very helpful. The tracks are v easy to listen to and helpful for me as, when I listen in bed they distract my thoughts from focussing on falling asleep.
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on 24 November 2013
Insomnia gone!!
After applying the advise given, I was able to overcome insomnia after one month
The book doesn't offer a magic solution BUT, it gives you the practical advise to beat insomnia.
Granted, your sleep will get worse before getting better BUT, the suffering was worthwhile for me.

I bought the first book (Effortless sleep method) and I thought the second book had nothing to offer. Read the second book just to check if there was something missing and, I was very surprised to see that there is a lot more of helpful advise you still can get to beat insomnia once and for all.

In my opinion the principles behind the advise are correct. It can take some time before your body learns to sleep deeper and longer but definitely the advise given works.

After 2 years of insomnia, I can say that this book has being of great help to overcome the problem
100% recommended
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on 4 November 2013
I've just finished reading this book and I love it, Sasha knows what she's talking about and you can tell she has been through what most insomniacs go through.
This book answers any question you might still have about insomnia and sleep problems.
My recovery started last year after reading The effortless sleep method, this second book has answered those questions and doubts I still had.
If you understand the psychology of insomnia you will get rid of it, one of the mistakes I was making before reading this book was overanalysing my sleep, how I felt in the morning... I was trying to improve my sleep even more, I wanted to find a logical explanation for the bad nights... this is a total waste of time and it actually makes the problem worse.
I strongly recommend both books.
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on 23 August 2015
I have this book and Sasha's first book 'The Effortless Sleep Method' also. I have had insomnia for over 7 years and read many self help books in this time and I must admit, these two books are the best books I have ever read on the subject. Not only do Sasha's words resonate but they make a lot of sense. I know that putting the reading into practice is going to be tough butSasha does teach you that you shouldn't expect instant success, this is not a magic bullet, but instead a progressive journey in which you will build upon better sleep week upon week. It also teaches you how to deal with set backs which is essential in becoming an ex-insomnic. I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone experiencing sleeping problems.
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on 1 January 2014
The thing with Sasha is that she completely and utterly identifies and empathizes with her readers. And it comes across so strongly in her books that you can't help BUT feel so supported and validated; that someone else knows exactly what you're going through and more than that, can help you on the (sometimes) long road to 100% recovery.

I found Sasha's first book, The Effortless Sleep Method, extremely insightful and very helpful. I read it at a time when I was actually sleeping better, after coming to some of the realizations that she describes in the book, myself. I was going through a massive process of self-realization and understanding that your thoughts totally direct your mindset, attitude and, essentially, your life. And Sasha not only reaffirmed these ideas but further strengthened them. And this new book takes the idea even further.

What she stresses over and over is that it is YOUR hands to change your sleep and no one else can control it for you. And I love the way she explains how insomnia is a fabricated concept and that it does not actually exist. What does exist though, is your attitude towards sleep, and once you control that, you'll be in a totally different place.

While this second book doesn't offer so much NEW information (especially the first half). what it does do is strengthen your resolve in changing your attitudes and makes you feel validated for finding the struggle hard. Sasha encourages you to keep at it and she answers every single question you may have, even if you ask the same thing over and over again, in multiple ways! Although I was sleeping better at the time of the first book, soon after I had an awful AWFUL relapse and there were times that I wasn't sleeping for whole nights in a row. I felt depressed, exhausted and unable to be "happy" and "normal" but the thing I was aware of 100% was that this period would pass. I knew it was because I was going through big life events and had a lot on my mind and I KNEW that once those events would pass, I would get back to normal.

This book helped me remember and pushed me further in my understanding that it is me who controls my sleep and that if, for a few days, I sleep awfully, it doesn't HAVE to continue. I won't ever call myself an insomniac again, because to me, the concept does not exist. I'm a sleeper who sleeps and every so often has a bad night, but I also know that it's okay to have a bad night - it does not define me.

So, although this book alone won't cure you (as Sasha herself says time and again), what it will do (together with the first book) is help you identify what you need to do to cure yourself, and it will support you the whole way through.

Sasha writes in a unique style - it is both humorous and entertaining, and at the same time is filled with sound advice and proactive solutions. She is not only wise but a great writer too!
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on 3 May 2016
This book doesnt really add to anything. It is just the author's responses to various questions from readers. It's a bit like reading one long peptalk. It didnt seem to have any direction or flow. Just a mash of losely related responses to questions that may or maynot be relevent to you.

The original teaching centres around the concept that you wont sleep until you stop worrying about it. Im sure every imsomniac knows this already. However it doesnt contain anything more than to just 'relax'.

If you suffer with pain, a psychiatric issue or menapausal insomnia, then this isnt for you. This is a peptalk book only.
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on 19 March 2016
Although I am a good sleeper in general, I had two bad weeks (overreacted 1-2 night bad sleep turning to anxiety for the next days). I read this book and it fixed the bad thoughts and habits in my head right after I finished it and had such a great impact that I could sleep through the entire night without any issues or sleeping pills. I am extremely grateful that I could reach out to this and avoid months of struggle or becoming dependent on anything. Haven't read any other books in the topic as it was very temporary so I can't compare but I'm sure that this could also help people who have more severe problems.
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