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4.5 out of 5 stars207
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2004
Twenty-two years as a heavy smoker; about half that on forty-fifty roll-ups a day. Now I don't smoke, and haven't for over four months. This book is AMAZING, its method so easy (just as it claims). I'm the last person to run for self-help books - you'll never find me reading tomes about women who love too much or men who ought to stay in their rooms - but this was recommended to me and I am so, so glad I took the advice. Oh, and girls: I haven't put on weight! One tip: read the book in one hit if you can; I did that, and I think that helps with its cumulative method. It's a very short book and you can smoke while you read, so you shouldn't find too much difficulty in doing it like that. I'd wish you luck, but you won't need it.
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on 1 July 2009
Allen Carr said he was the world's worst smoker. I cannot steal that title from him but when it comes to stopping and starting, then maybe I could take the Bronze?

I began smoking at age 26. Duh! For all the reasons I had evaded it as a more sensible teenager. I was with a gang of people who all smoked and poor little me was missing out from all the benefits those fags appeared to give them.

After being a "casual" smoker for a few weeks, one night I was driven out to buy a packet of my own. This was it! What followed was a nightmare 30 years of trying to stop. I was always hugely ashamed to be a smoker. I knew it was poison. No sooner had I started than I desperately wanted to stop this foul addiction. If only it were that easy.

There are many who can make up their mind to quit and do it. Then there are the ditherers like myself who retain such a strong psychological attatchment to their cigs, that they are drawn back again and again as a moth to a flame.

I had read Allen Carr's Only Way some years ago and given up for 3 years!
Yes folks, this dumbo started again after a night at a club on a blind date. How nice it would be to have "just one"! Doh.

So I have been giving up since starting. I still retained a fantasy that I could smoke only on Friday nights. This I did, but surely it crept into my week too. In short if it was there I had to smoke it.

I cannot tell you how many packets of nicotine have been run under the tap in a bid to stop me smoking. What happened? I would just go out and buy more and then have to destroy that packet after a couple of roll ups.

I have cried. I have prayed. From somewhere came the courage to attempt another quit. I had already stopped for a few days when the book came.

Let's just say it absolutely put the final nail in the coffin of my illusions about nicotine. Yes I do have the odd fleeting desire to light up, but now I just let it go for what it is. A fleeting desire. In the past I would have hot footed it up to the off licensce to buy some tobacco.

So do please buy the book. I hope my words have helped in some way. Being free of smoking is a true blessing. Let's face it this government have made it impossible to enjoy a ciggie! That makes me angry too - but I shall save that story for another day!!!! Good luck ladies.

I am updating my review to let you know that I am now 2 years free of smoking since I purchased this book. I never crave a cigarette anymore and it truly is wonderful to be living my life without this horrible addiction. Please don't think it took two years to get to this positive state of affairs. It really only takes a few weeks for the physical craving to go, after that it is all psychological and we do have the resources within us to see the cravings in a true light.

Once again, please do have another can do it! All the best. :)
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on 22 April 2005
I'd smoked for 30 years (even continued the habit after being diagnosed with asthma), and my intake of nicotine was steadily rising to over 30 per day. I wasn't desperate to give up - it was something I felt I would "like to do one day" (I'm the last of the great procrastinators!)
I'm a very nervy, self-indulgent, obsessive-compulsive, highly strung sort of person with absolutely NO willpower whatsoever, and I always thought people who successfully stopped smoking were the opposite to me - strong, determined etc. I saw no hope for myself. I'd given up giving up smoking for the last 5 years as my attempts had always met with complete and utter failure, usually after just a few HOURS!!
So, I bought this book and it sat on the shelf for months while I carried on smoking and talked about giving up "tomorrow," then one day I picked it up and just started reading. I read it slowly and carefully over the next 3 days, re-reading anything I didn't understand or wasn't convinced by........and then I quit smoking forever.
Believe me - if I can do it anyone can!
Allen Carr's method is based on common sense and reasoning. It's this logical and positive approach that makes quitting so easy, and the great thing is that you don't spend the first few days and weeks wandering around in a great black cloud of self-denial, depression and reluctant self-sacrifice.
If you smoke don't waste another moment of your precious life wondering whether to get this book or not - just hit the "buy" button, order express delivery and read it as soon as it lands on your doorstep! It's probably the best investment you will ever make in your life. Do it!!!
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on 30 March 2005
I read this book just over a year ago and although I felt it was a revelation at the time, I promised myself I wouldn't write a review until one year had passed in order to see if it really worked. Well one year has now passed and I am still a non-smoker and am sure that I will be for the rest of my life. As a 20-a-day (on a good day) smoker for the past 12 years I had always said that when I 'gave up' I would have to isolate myself from society for the first few months as I became like a raging beast without cigarettes, I had made no previous attempts to quit because I was too afraid to stop. This method of stopping smoking took all the pain and anguish out of quitting, the hardest thing about it was making the decision to buy the book. So to all of you out there reading these reviews and trying to decide if you should make the leap and buy the book, just buy it! You get to smoke all the way through reading it and if at the end you decide to continue smoking then you've lost nothing at all. Just buy it, you've got nothing to lose!
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on 9 March 2006
I was a moderate smoker for 15 years and tried on numerous occasions to give up but never lasted more than a few days -despite Asthma and various related health problems as soon as a strong craving came along I'd decide I could always give up later. I assumed that somehow I must have less will power than other people I knew that had given up. I then found out that a number of different friends had given up using the Allen Carr book. I also noticed that the one thing these friends had in common was that (unlike other quitters I knew) they didn't seem to be envious of smokers at all - or even missing their old cigarettes. Thus I read the book and at first it didn't work. All I did notice was an increased desire to give up. However, six months down the line something happened and the underlying arguments clicked - I started to read the book again. Though I didn't give up entirely the Allen Carr way (for a week or two I used the odd nicotine gum while re-reading the book) things finally did change and I lost any desire to smoke (or use replacements). OK I'm only 4 months in to no nicotine but I can now go through stressful situations and socialise without wanting any. It's an incredibly great feeling as I really don't ever want a cigarette again. However, I did want to warn people that the book doesn't always work the first time you read it.
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on 11 February 2006
I was a smoker for the better part of 48 years, starting as a child. I quit several times, for periods as long as six years. I told people I "loved" to smoke and even convinced myself. A friend of mine read this book and quit. I finally got around to reading it several weeks ago. I haven't had any desire to smoke since.
While I think it's vital for the reader to discover the process herself (as Allen Carr meant it to be done), I think two things are very important: (1) this book works by reverse brainwashing, so you MUST read every single word, even when it seems boring or repetitious, and (2)this book doesn't "help" you be able to quit, because after you've read it, you don't need any help. It's true: you will simply lose all desire to smoke. This was the hardest thing for me to believe--that I wouldn't be tempted to bum cigarettes, that I wouldn't rush off and buy a pack after a few drinks, that I wouldn't have to avoid smokers. Instead, immediately after reading the book and smoking that last cigarette, smoking just didn't matter anymore and I'm sure I will never smoke again. It's amazing, but it really does work.
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on 8 December 2004
I would like to start by saying that I am the worlds biggest sceptic, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I was desperate to stop smoking so I first read this book having been recommended it by a friend. I eagerly completed the book but found that I could not stop smoking, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was, as I have tried just about everything on the market to stop smoking (patches, zyban, gum, hypnosis, microtabs and inhalators). Anyway call me determined or just plain stupid, but I decided I was not going to be beaten. I was convinced that this book could work form me. I decided to read it again and two weeks later I did just that. This time I took time to absorb and digest the information. I also questioned all the arguments Mr Carr gives for stopping. The result, I am thrilled to say, is that I have been nicotine free for 5 weeks and feel absolutely no desire to smoke again. Smoking a cigarette seems completely ludicrous and I no longer resent my husband for smoking, I just pity him. Please give yourself the chance to be free and read this book. Also amazing is that I have not eaten a single sweet or chewed any gum since stopping and have not gained any weight, but I have gained masses of energy and huge amounts of patience ( my kids are eternally grateful). It worked for me - It can work for you - What have you got to lose?
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on 1 February 2014
I'm a 41 year old female and have smoked since I was 16. I smoked every day, even if I was ill. The previous year I had a short spell in hospital and was told I had asthma and I still smoked. I've tried about 5 times to stop smoking and each time I did I spent every minute thinking about smoking until I started again. As I got older I was sick of waking up in the morning and feeling awful then eventually lighting up and feeling even worse! This book was my last resort and I had no doubt in my mind it wouldn't work for me. I ordered it on a Sunday and it came on the Tuesday, much earlier than I though as I planned to 'quit' the following weekend after a blow out of non stop smoking. However I began to read it and couldn't stop reading! By Thursday night I had finished the book and smoked my last cigarette. That was 1 year and 1 month ago.

I can honestly say it was really easy and I loved every minute of not having to smoke anymore. I think I can remember counting to it being 6 weeks since I stopped then just gave up counting as it didn't matter anymore as I was a non smoker forever. The difference in my life is unbelievable! I can play sports with my children and not get out off breath, my 1 hour dog walk turns into 2 hours because I enjoy it so much and for anyone worried about putting on weight I can assure you that you'll have so much energy that burning it off will become a doddle!

A word of warning though, I think it must only be bought by the person who really, really wants to stop and not as a gift for someone else. I have lent it to 2 people and it has not worked for them so I'm guessing that deep down they weren't ready to stop. But if you are then please, please buy it and it will hopefully change your life too! Good luck!

UPDATE: 2 years on now and I still can't believe this book had such a positive impact on me. I have not touched or even thought about cigarettes since my last review. It almost feels like it's something I've never done ~ JUST BUY IT!!!
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on 28 April 2009
I sat and read this book in a day, it took me about 5 hours, this was 10 weeks ago now, and I haven't smoked since. I had smoked for 29 years and had only ever once tried to give up. Since then, when asked by friend's how it works, I find I am unable to say, but it does! It is simple yet brilliant, the psychology of it unexplainable but effective. I still get the odd craving, especially when I have a drink, but the thought of 'lighting up' makes me feel physically ill. Read this book with an open mind and see for yourself, and do it now, before its too late!!

It is now 15 months on, and I still have not smoked! Brilliant!!!!
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on 22 November 2006
Life is a roller coaster, have smoked since age 16, (now aged 50) smoked 10 a day, gave up with every pregnancy (4) but soon went back to the old habit, given up for 6 years at one point. Started again for more years. Then got tired of everyone saying I smelt strongly of cigarette when I had not had one for hours.

Bought Allen Carr's book read it gave up on first attempt because I really wanted to stop (Also due to those gross anti smoking ads with all that fatty deposit dropping off the end of a cigarette yuck made me feel ill)

Was nicotine free for 16 months, my first big test and I failed when daughter suffered brain damage, but managed to give up again because to me the message of my nicotine monster is forever with me.

Was then diagnosed with Bowel cancer...Started smoking again and thought oh well I'm going to die anyway tut....gave up after my bowel Operation. I was too ill to smoke anyway :-) then started smoking again, but only for a few weeks, have finally stopped smoking and sold my book as I will never need it again, didn't need to read it a second time just having it there on my well used bookshelf was all I needed to tell me I don't like what I am doing how I smell and the huge cost of keeping up the habit.

I think reading it once is enough as what you read stays with you and although it may not kick in straight away, I believe what you have read stays with you and one day you just say that's enough, because of the knowledge learnt in this book.

After just 2 months I could not stand the strength of my own perfume I have been wearing for years, didn't even realise the scent was coming from me, also started really enjoying every mouthful of food, everything seemed to taste much better, that just goes to show how much damage cigarettes do to your system on top of the obvious things.

I did have withdrawrel symptoms too but that only lasted about a week of sleepless nights. about the same as when I used the patches I guess, as I have tried all the things out there gum, pastel, nose inhaler, different brands of patches, the hand held cigarette like inhaler, even herbal cigarettes got a try out with me.

Anyway now I am nicotine free, smell free, my taste buds have woken up and my sense of smell is acute, have much more money in my pocket, don't have to go in newsagents now unless I want a paper. other smokers do not bother me but I don't like to passive smoke nor smell of cigarettes so tend to move away.

If I had not read Allen Carr's book I don't believe I would be a non smoker today yet I read this book way back in March 9th no smoking day 2004.

I have now lost all desire for a cigarette, and still the same weight as before.(overweight)

So if you want to give up remember there is no magic cure first you have got to want to give up in the first place. And if you do this is a very good book to start off with.

Using patches first you have to get used to them (very itchy and uncomfortable) then you have to get used to giving those up after 3 months so it's like double trouble.. This worked for me and I am very thankful to Allen Carr's book.

When I first began to smoke you could smoke anywhere buses tubes, pubs clubs, at work, even cafe's and restaurants. now every day it is much harder to find a place to smoke that is why I am now happier than ever to be nicotine free.
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