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I've been asked for an honest review, and I will try to give it without being to hard. I hate writing reviews for books I didn't love, because the truth is I didn't, when I know that I will get back to the author as its a NetGalley review or that others might change their opinion on it. But the fact of the matter is I really didn't love this book, I didn't hate it, but I wasn't blown away and because of my lack of interest in it reading it too a while.

One thing I did love about this book was how well I thought Cara Lynn Shultz had developed the world around Paige. I loved the idea behind this book and I think that's something she managed to pull of perfectly, One thing I didn't like though was how the relationship between her and Logan seemed to move too quickly, maybe not as quick compared to others but still pretty sharpish. I think one thing that did help though, was knowing Logan was pining for from the beginning, it wasn't just fast paced thing for him. Although with Paige, it felt like because he was the first boy to show her interest she latched on to him and the idea of him.

The back stories are another issue for me, with Paige we only really know her from the time of her accident, we never really got to fully grasp what she was like before. There was hints that she was once popular, and that now she's been labeled as a nut job, and seen talking to her self, she's the school's outcast , so personally for me I feel like I would be able to to connect with her more if I knew was she was like. Logan's back story wasn't that well developed either, but I know its a series so I'm hoping that's something that changes as the books go on, because as characters they weren't all that bad. As for Dottie, well I loved her. And some of the first chapters where Paige is talking to her are my favourite of the book, they really had me gripped and wanting to know what happened to her in the first place. As the book goes on, you do get a sense of how Dottie came to die, but with the risk of repeating myself that's something that was only lightly talked about. What I would love to see in the next book is flash backs to Dottie when she was in school, because her story seems so interesting there's just lack of it, it would also help to gives me/us a better idea of how long demons have been walking around freely. (well I think it would anyway)

As I've said, this book didn't wow me and I didn't end up loving it. But I am interested to see what happens next. It may have been slightly predictable, and there was a lot that I feel could have been better but the book has a lot of potential. The foundation of the story are well set, all I feel is really needed is a better character development for all of them.
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Since an accident she had Paige has been seeing ghosts. She didn't know they were ghosts at first until people started calling her crazy for talking to herself. At a new school while in the toilet, Paige starts talking to a girl who looks lonely and everyone ignores. Its not till her class mates start looking at her funny that see realises Dottie is a ghost. It doesn't matter what they think because Paige and Dottie soon become best friends.

The new boy in school, Logan, talks to her but Paige knows it wont be long till he hears the stories of her and leaves her alone. Little does Paige know that Logan is soon to become a major factor in her life considering he was sent to protect her from Demons. She is thrust into a world she never knew existed and has to learn to protect herself or end up in The Dark World.

Well all I can say is this was wonderful.

Paige was a fantastic heroine. She holds her head high no matter what people think of her. She knows what everyone thinks but instead of letting it get to her, she doesn't care. She is strong, snarky, capable and an all round nice girl. When her life is threatened she steps up and learns how to defend herself. She is terrified but that doesn't stop her. Her only friend is Dottie, whom I loved!!!, until Logan comes.

*Sigh* Logan!! He was strong, gorgeous, kind and adorable. He is the type of guy most girls dream about. He is there to protect the Traveler and when he learns that its Paige he tries his hardest to keep his distance and keep it professional but its hard. He has secrets but is afraid to reveal them in case they hurt Paige.

The romance was so sweet and lovely. I loved seeing it develop between them. Despite their differences they are a wonderful couple. It never once came across as forced and their relationship progressed at a decent level, none of the insta love!!

I loved the idea of the Dark World. Its an alternative version of the world we live in. Everything is dark and dangerous and its ruled by Demons. It wasnt always ruled by them, Warlocks ruled there once and are trying to gain control again which is why the Traveler is so important. Paige can open portals anywhere in the Dark World and the Warlocks want her to open one where the Demon Queen is so they can assassinate her. It was unique and fascinating. I loved the different type of demons and their different talents.

So Overall, I loved The Dark World. Its a fast paced, unique and different book. I loved the characters, even some of the demons and found myself engrossed in the world. With all the suspense and secrets revealed its a very hard book to put down. With it being the first in the series we are left with a lot of things unanswered and a lot of suspicions but I reckon they will all come to light in the next books. Cara Lynn Shultz has created a book that will keep you hooked from the very first page. You even have a lot of laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend and cant wait for more.
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on 3 July 2014
Normality isn’t the daily base of Paige’s life. Her best-friend has been dead since the 1950s hence see can talk to ghosts as she talks to any living person. Since she saved a boy from being crushed and died for a few minutes, Paige’s life has been turned upside-down. And now, after a lethal encounter with a fire demon, she knows that her life will never be the same. Being rescued by a demonslayer and finding out that she has the ability to open portals between our world and the Dark World doesn’t really fit into Paige’s description of being ordinary.

And that was the main reason I absolutely loved this book so much!

The Dark World was an enthralling, pleasant and exhilarating reading. The plot was gripping, the characters amazing and the Dark World mysterious. It had me on the edge to find out more and more about everything. And when a book does that to me, well, you know that’s normally a good thing.

Paige’s character was simply wonderful. She had this amazing sense of humour that had me laughing all over the place. She’s one of those characters that is firm and solid despite being mocked and humiliated by her colleagues, she never lets herself down and holds her head up high, defiantly. I dare say she became one of my favourite female characters in the YA universe.

Logan, the charming demonslayer who saves Paige and who, consequently, becomes her love interest, was a surprise wrapped in a mystery that made me gawk and wishing to know more and more and more about him. His relationship with Paige was the cutest thing ever – even if too quick, I didn’t care – and I couldn’t help but root for them.

The secondary characters such as Dottie and Paige’s parents only added a bit of flavour to the whole plot. I loved everything about them and their relation with Paige. I only wished there was more of Dottie in the book but I’m hoping she’ll appear more in the continuation. Maybe a short-story about her death, perhaps?

The whole Dark World obscurity was slightly confusing at first and it kind of reminded me of City of Bones. But I didn’t mind at all the contrast because The Dark World dragged me to its webs so deeply I couldn’t stop reading. The fact that there was a parallel world just like ours but with dark creatures lurking its corners was too fantastic for me to care about similarities with other books. This one sounded original enough just because the writing and characters were unbelievably good.

Not good, great!

Cara Lynn Shultz wrote a paranormal YA book that will definitely be the pure delight of everyone who enjoys romance, a good and strong main female character, a nice sense of humour and an action-paced book.

I cannot wait to continue the series and see what will happen to Paige and Logan (because, due to something you find out in the book, you sure want to know what’s going to happen to them).

So, lady, bring me more!!!!
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on 27 May 2014
The Dark World is tricky for me to review, I wanted to like it really badly, and to be honest it wasn't entirely terrible, but it was disappointing in the end. As I started reading the book I was loving it, I was loving the characters, the relationships and the world, but as we got about 100 pages in, I stopped loving it. This is because as soon as we got the love interest, everything else faded in to the background, like Dottie who was one of the most enjoyable characters. Everything was about the romance, and I didn't love that. The emergency brakes on the plot where pulled and when it started to lumber on, any interest I had evaporated at that stage.

The premise of the book was what drew me in, yeah it's been done before, but this time it sounded super cool and I couldn't wait to start reading. I loved the world that was created, and I started off loving the characters.

Paige is that kid that's all "I see dead people", thanks to a near death experience (don't try this at home kids). Cue our main character looking slightly like a crazy person because the dead and the living are all samey looking, so people think she's weird when they spot her casually having a conversation with a potted plant/wall/whatever. And as we all know, weird is B-A-D.

Dottie. I freaking loved Dottie and the whole "my best friend has been dead for years and you can't see her" thing, I loved their relationship so hard I was practically doing the non creepy kind of shipping, ya know...the friendship kind. Dottie was my favourite, I loved her personality and that's why I was so disappointed that she all but disappeared when the romance came in to play, and it was truly disappointing to see a really great friendship get chucked to the side in favour of a boy. Cliche. Sad but true.

Logan. Well. He was okay individually, but put him and Paige together and you have a yawn fest. Logan actually has a really interesting back story but you'll only find out what it is if you make it to the end of the book. Good luck. But in all honesty, he was quite sweet and he made me laugh.

The Dark World had some really good things about it, don't get me wrong. In a world where a book seems to need a good love triangle, this one was love triangle free, although to be honest one may have spiced up an incredibly boring relationship but oh well. The book and Paige where quirky, which makes the book stand out a bit more.

I'm sure you've all read the back and you've seen the word "demons" and you're imagining every over done demon in a book. Don't worry, the demons where way cool/interesting. They where split in to different types lust, fire and such, and each demon had unique abilities which was cool to find out about and gave the book a unique aspect that was generally interesting.

The world that was created was very well done, from what we see. However, there was a distinct lack of background on the world/history of the world, and you only get a tiny bit of info which is a bit of a let down. It's missing the rich mythology/history that would have really taken this book from meh to amazing. Not to mention the tiny little thing where you don't even see the Dark World until the very end. Don't get me wrong, the human world described was well written and created and drew me in, but we spent all our time there when the s*** was going down in the Dark World, the part of the Dark World we did see seemed well written and cool but I can't judge for sure seeing as all we got was a couple of pages. If I had the ability to visit the Dark World, I'd use it. Just saying.

The book was far too long in my opinion. Especially as we don't even see the Dark World until the very end, and the book is named after it. It was like a 384 page prologue and I'm not even joking. I can only assume that s*** gets real in the second book and that's when the main story goes down.

The thing about this book is that it's pretty much a glorified prequel to whatevers gonna happen in the second book which will most likely be the decent part of the story. It was like the author was setting the scene, but there was such a missed opportunity to actually flesh out the background.

Then the romance came in like a frikkin wrecking ball and destroyed everything.

It was all "I LOVED YOU FROM THE DAY WE MET AND IT'S ONLY BEEN THREE MONTHS BUT BLAH BLAH BLAH". I detest insta love, I'm not sure I can call it insta love because they had a really great period of friendship, but the romance came a bit too soon and was just there. Irritating me. All the witty banter went down the pan. The quirky-ness I'd so enjoyed started to grate and came across as try hard. The inner monologue was beyond irritating. This could have started to bug me because when the romance came in I was 1000% done with this book.

As soon as the romance came in, there was no going back and the entire story and all the characters motivations revolved around the romance. As I said, separately the characters of Paige and Logan where great, but together they where boring and the romance ruined their characters. I don't dig the fact they where pretty much dependent on each other once they got together, especially as Paige was strong on her own.

From this point on Paige was the Damsel in Distress making stupid choices and generally being a pain in the ass. You might want some wine to go with the overabundance of cheese in this book once we hit romance territory.

According to this book "true love" means chucking your BFF to the side, and "true love" is waaaaaaaay more important than the war going on in the Dark World. I literally cannot stand the fact that everything great about this book, when straight down the s***ter when the romance started. The characters acted entirely different, nothing was as important as it, and everything else faded in to the background, including the freaking plot.

Mean Girls makes a cameo in The Dark World, to further add to the cheese and cliches. There where a couple of totally pointless characters that where really unnecessary and wasted my time to read about them. And I just...lost the will to live.

The Dark World started out so promisingly, but then it just went to hell in a hand basket. If you don't like the romance, you aren't going to like this book. I may read the second book purely to see if it gets any better, but I don't have very high hopes.
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