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4.7 out of 5 stars158
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Bought as a Christmas pressie for the brother as he's a Bourne fan and hasn't actually got any of the movies on dvd!

Probably an attempt to milk yet more hard earned cash out of the fans by the makers as the trilogy is already out there and well reviewed and the fourth movie is available too as a stand alone disc. But if you haven't already bought them I suppose this is a great purchase.

I won't waffle on (or have I already) about the movies as they're brilliantly reviewed on here already but in this quadrilogy you are getting for your hard earned cash. . .

- The Bourne Identity movie.
Extras- Ultimatum trailer
Ludlum identity
Ludlum supremacy
Ludlum ultimatum
Alternative beginning/ending

- The Bourne Supremacy movie.
Extras- Ultimatum trailer
Ludlum identity
Ludlum supremacy
Ludlum ultimatum
Explosive deleted scenes

- The Bourne Ultimatum movie.
Extras- Man on the move
Deleted scenes
Rooftop pursuit
Planning the punches
Driving school
New York chase
Commentary Paul Greengrass

- The Bourne Legacy movie.
No extras. This disc is English descriptive service enabled.

That's a whole lot of Bourne folks. In my opinion all brilliant movies in their own individual right. So if you haven't already got them, give this a go.
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on 28 July 2013
if you like action and intrigue these four are for you. I loved all of them and have no trouble recommending them to anyone.
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on 23 January 2015
Spell-binding reinterpretation of a complex novel sequence which is now building up its own head of steam - and following. The (car) chases are second to none. Likewise the film scores - they add a tremendous atmosphere to the drama - as do the settings. Matt Damon is superb as a sort of deadly lost boy, but Jeremy Renner (part 4) brings his own vulnerabilities to the party too - and the weaving of the stories together now adds a new dimension. So does Edward Norton (part 4), whose asides simply open up even more possibilities for the next stage of the chase. The thought that all the strands may yet (ultimately) be brought back together in a Greengrass/Gilroy collaboration is one to promote and the post-Snowden world of the enemy within (and without) offers endless themes for development. Great action, intelligent acting and deft direction. If the best is still to come, these four films make a wonderful set of appetisers; if not, they are well worth watching again... and again...
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on 6 October 2014
Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and the Bourne Ultimatum are very good. Matt Damon's performance was excellent. The Bourne Legacy not so good. There was a thread running through 1,2 and three which was easy to follow. The fourth Bourne movie seemed a bit of a muddle, and not as good as the first three. However, a good collection to purchase nevertheless.
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on 17 January 2014
This is a review of `The Complete Bourne 4 Movie Collection' which certainly proved to be a good buy for £10.
Overall I'd say the appeal diminishes as the series progresses although none of them is a bad film. Why the drop in appeal? Basically it concerns the nature of the product and the lead-actor. Matt Damon appears superior to Jeremy Renner mainly because the original plot involved fast cars, fast running and fast martial arts and Matt Damon proved better at making this fantasy come across as it stretches credibility not ignores it as in Film 4. Also it's irritating when a Bourne film doesn't contain `Bourne' and it's clear the title is only used to attract the viewer so the performance of poor Matt Rimmer, who does a good job, lacks the impact as a consequence.
The first 3 films were threatening scenarios with some ruthless, self-serving exec -NASTY strutting around demanding increasingly impossible operations to deal with, what to them, appear to be a pile of ants but still failing to clobber a single agent who's rocking the boat. That wasn't quite believable, especially as Damon insists on marching around with no attempt at disguise re' personal appearance & on passports (compare that to BOTH `The Day of the Jackal' & `The Jackal' for intelligent dodging of the forces of authority). The 4th film (`The Bourne Legacy'), however, has a new SUPER-nasty (Edward Norton) along with several of the surviving exec-NASTIES from `The Bourne Ultimatum' - who'd never have even been put in charge of a lunchbox after the revelations published at the end of that film - now employing souped-up means of surveillance and attack (e.g. drones) and STILL failing to knock out one irritant (plus obligatory female companion).
Seeing all 4 films over a few days meant that I became brain-dead re': the car chases - how many cars can be wrecked in a minute?; roof-top chases - how much body-contact against building structures can a human take?; unarmed set-tos - how many adversaries can wait in their turn to be pummelled by the hero?; and amazingly-accurate SILENCED-weapons (look at articles on Suppressors to see what I mean). All the `assets'(hirelings to kill Bourne) look so much the same (except for the last one) and the number of differing locations (all carefully labelled) THROWN at the viewer is so excessive that the effect becomes bewildering. The final potential humiliation is when film 4 borrows footage from film 3 so that the viewer may think he's watching the wrong film.
Each film has its own little mystery for the viewer to solve: in `The Bourne Identity' it's just `what it says on the tin' - who is Jason Bourne, what did he do and who did what to him; in `The Bourne Supremacy' it's why they can't let alone an agent who's dropped out and why can't they succeed in squashing him- a spin-off is how can those in charge use national resources for their own crooked purposes. With inexhaustible resources but an inability to hide; `The Bourne Ultimatum' is simply will Jason get back to where it all started (and survive!) and will it do him any good. Perhaps it does because he survives Film 3 (sorry for the spoiler)but has disappeared in Film 4 (read up about the change in planned lead-actor to understand that one). `The Bourne Legacy' is about how can the creators of this mess get rid of this mess - it should be easy but the rogue agent (Aaron Cross) manages to jump from the Arctic to Britain with ease & plenty of resources. Incidentally, only Film 1 deals with the origin of those resources.
For me there are a couple of other problem areas. How can the world strongest democracy deliberately create an amoral organisation dedicated to murder? How can the US manage to survive economically if it throws around money in any way approaching these scenarios - e.g. the world-wide collateral damage in people and equipment.
Take the above comments with a pinch of salt because I thoroughly enjoyed all four films, probably because it brought out the little boy in me that enjoys fantasy. Even so, my title reflects the feeling that the Bourne concept (one man dodging the resources of a major state) is being stretched too far with technological advances. With all that said I'd still give the collection 4 stars.
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on 8 January 2016
One of the few movies that i have watched and have read the books before. I would argue that Robert Ludlum early books were superb and eric van lustbader does a good job with the rest. I would say that Matt Damon plays Bourne well and the movies are good. I would argue that the books were better. Nothing against the film and im sure theres many people that would disagree but i favoured the books over the films, but the films were still very good. That is why it didnt get 5 stars
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on 27 August 2013
This series keeps you glued to your seat. Very fast action and the plot keeps you interested in all 4 movies.
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on 18 December 2014
Three classic films that changed the direction of the Bond franchise, together with the newest (with Matt Damon absent) yet to see so I won't comment on that. The original trilogy have become a staple of ITV evenings and here you get to see them in all their glory without breaks. Intelligent, well crafted and action packed - how often is at least one of those sacrificed for another? Not here, you get three rattling good films with gritty plots worthy of repeated viewing many times. An excellent price for a Series that is rumoured to be back with Damon in place.
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on 12 June 2013
i enjoyed the bourne trilogy, and the legacy was awesome, i liked the story line of the bourne franchise and how it remarks the film in its form, matt damon brill actor, jeremy renner brill actor. and the cuteness of rachel weisz, and the sexiness of franka potente, the way the films run has a plan and a never ending array of questions. unanswered, only jason bourne knows.
i enjoy a good thriller and a tongue in cheak cloak and dagger mystery. and i thoroughly enjoy the stunts. and all films related.
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on 21 November 2013
My grandson has been telling me for ages to get the Bourne trilogy and when I saw this set advertised , I thought why not?
I thought that the three Matt Damon movies were excellent but the Bourne Legacy was no where near as good. I should have got the trilogy instead. However in saying that, if the 4th film had a different name and a slight variation in plot and released as a movie in it's own right, it might have been better.I would have given the three Matt Damon movies on their own five stars.
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