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4.5 out of 5 stars31
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2010
As a sports physician I am naturally sceptical about books like this but so far have found it a good read and a great training guide. After a few years of poor training methods and repetitively breaking myself ( do what I say not what I do! ) I realised I had to do something different. Phil Maffetone's method is backed with quality anecdotes and good science and makes sense. Time will tell what difference it'll make but compared to most guides that preach rigid training schedules that you feel guilty if you fail to keep to this offers a different way. Worth a try if like me you're fed up with the training, breaking, training, racing, breaking cycle I seem to be in. At £10 it's a steal.
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on 2 March 2012
I was recommended this book by a couple of friends at my running club. I recently moved up to the fastest group and was surprised to find that they did not train any faster than our group, but that they did train by their heart rate instead. It's a great technique, simple to implement and works wonders for your times and overall fitness.

The book is full of all the information that an endurance athlete needs to perform to his or her best.

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on 10 May 2015
Bit disappointed in this book. Knew about him from training Mark Allen and use of Heart Rate monitor for training. Had heard great things about it so maybe was expecting a bit too much. Bit about HRM is interesting, problem is there's not a lot else to the book. Most of the reast of it comes across as filler and he seems to jump around all over the place. None of it in that much detail. Useful if you're a beginner and want to learn about training with HRM maybe.
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on 1 September 2014
T.B.B.O.E.R.A.R. - Or if you find that a bit of a mouthful then simply call this book "The Bible".

This book is built upon Maffetone's holistic approach to health and wellbeing, having been a medical practitioner and working with some of the world's top athletes over a career of several decades. Everything you need to know is here.. BUT there's no training plans, no workout guides, and no sport-specific advice. Instead, what he does it outline what we all need to understand and be mindful of in order to become the healthiest human beings that we are capable of being - that means increasing your aerobic potential, being mindful of your diet, and understanding that the body is a whole and to look at problems in biomechanics and injuries in relation to the whole, not just the symptom. Improve your health in all these areas, and they give you the platform to be better endurance athletes. Maffetone's methods have been well proven down the years, but they are not sexy; in today's world where results are expected quickly they are often overlooked or glossed over in favour of "quality" work, but those who astutely follow his approach will never go wrong.
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on 7 January 2011
Love the simplicity of the book on this rater complicated topic. It has really got me back into training and I'm enjoying it more than ever!
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on 26 October 2015
While there are no doubt a few pearls in this book, they are so diluted by pages and pages of unsubstantiated and unprovable quasi- and pseudo- scientific garbage as to be near worthless. Maffetone is in my opinion a verbose quack, who has profited from an uncritical but affluent discipleship, as evidenced by the immodest glowing testimonials from credulous alumni with which he over seasons this near-tome. He writes poorly and repetitively, and with an irritatingly ponderous knack for stating the very very obvious, alongside his line in maverick, so called 'holistic', coaching advice.

Unless you are happy to accept anything in print as being true, without cogent reasoning or reference to evidence, or are particularly fond of 'gurus', avoid this book, and I suspect any by the same author. Wish I could get a refund...
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on 11 April 2015
After doing ironman and triathlons for a few years I wanted to take a break and concentrate on long distance running. Over the last few years of triathlon training doing mostly fast training and efforts I've been frequently injured and not really improved. I was hooked on maffetone a theory's and ideas after reading some information on the web so bought the book. I read the book in February and cut down my cycling and swimming to make way for more running. Last week i took 2 minutes off my 10km best with no speed work following Maffetones principles. It works!
The book itself is a little wordy at the start and technical but the how to stuff is clear and easy to follow. The diet and nutrition section is also really good something which I'm yet to try.
I would highly recommend this book and Maffetones methods.
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on 15 November 2014
Fantastic book. Dr Maffetone is the man. I was a long distance trail runner and this really was a good guide for me. I really improved my aerobic ability following Maffetone's principles and got a better grasp of being flexible in training and 'listening to my body'. Partly due to this book I'm now training for a triathlon and everything seems to be going in the right direction so I I say BUY IT! It's a book I have as an e-book but I liked it so much I wanted people to see it on my shelf so bought the hard copy too!
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on 2 February 2012
I enjoyed the book Endurance Training and Racing. It motivated me much more to use my pulse watch and stay in my zone. I have been using the system suggested for a few months and find it valuable and effective. The information is well written and there are many valuable nuggets of information for the long distance runner, biker, skiier, rower or swimmer.

Orange runner
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on 5 April 2013
This is a great book on how to exercise for endurance, as a way to get healthier and fitter. The premise is that you need to slow down and run within a certain aerobic pace as dictated by yout heart rate monitor. You will certainly see your times improve as your body is not under stress anymore. My only gripe is there's a lot of fluff and this book could have easily been condensed to less than 200 pages.
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