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on 24 February 2011
This is a useful book, because it brings together quite a lot of research on this important subject which has not been collected before. On the whole, too, it is academically authoritative. However, it's a pity it wasn't checked more carefully for factual errors, of which there are several; the author clearly has an axe to grind and that always makes the reader a little wary of the conclusions; and the net could have been cast a bit wider still, as it tends to concentrate on certain rather limited areas of research. With those provisos, if you are interested in this topic, it is a book worth reading, so long as you keep your critical faculties honed.
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on 8 April 2008
This book does have some interesting neurology but my concern is about how reliably it is reported when she makes some rather sweeping generalisations and is rather partial. As fundamentally we do not understand how consciousness is generated and much of neurological function is only explicable at the simplest level I feel she provides a sense of certainty where there is none. She presents highly controversial theories with no critique - acupuncture meridians detects through tracers, the quantum brain. She makes really crass errors - talking about 'under-developed invertebrate midbrains" - I think she means 'lower vertebrate' - but that is very poor language from an evolutionary perspective. She says the human brain has tripled in volume in the last 100,000 years which is nonsense. And anyone making these errors claiming a neurological understanding would either be very poorly read, highly uncritical of internet drivel as a likely source, or has a rubbish editor who is making errors on her behalf.
So I worry about how trustworthy her reporting of the research she cites actually is. And any book claining to be 'Scientific' using the word 'proof' for something as slippery as meditation to define goes against a proper scientific rigour in which all currently accepted claims remain yet to be disproven.
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on 20 January 2013
I love this book. I began to read this book since I was researching to determine the link with the power of mind and meditation following severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; bed bound, slept for 21 hrs a day and taking tramadol, Ibuprofen, Cyclizine and many many more chemicals in huge doses daiy. Since reading this book, it helped me to focus my mind more and more on meditation and I began to feel better, with other modalities. As research into the power of the mind continues, it fits in with John Kabat-Zinn's work, Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton, Depak Chopra and many many other researchers and authors.Brilliant book, the best approach is to marry the theory with the practical application. You will begin to see a much calmer and a focused you emerging. The more you meditate the more you are becoming incharge of yourself. Thank you Dr Nataraja for re-awakening my deep roots.I am grateful to you and your book.
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on 12 January 2014
Whilst quite heavy going in places, this is a very interesting book if you ever wanted to know about the science behind meditation. As someone who is an 'open minded skeptic' this has helped me understand the 'why' of my practical meditation experiences. I would recommend for anyone teaching yoga or meditation.
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on 26 March 2014
extremely useful especially for someone teaching meditation and needs more means to explain the possible learners that meditation is not some odd religious thing
and good for those curious about how brain works neuroscientifically
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on 25 July 2014
An interesting read - the sections on neuroscience were very clear and helpful. that, and the absence of new-age flannel, make this a good buy for anyone who wants to know more about neuroscience.
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on 2 May 2011
Don't listen to all those sceptics who want proof, proof and more proof! Consciousness will always be subjective and therefore a different experience for each person. Dr has it right here - spot on - it's an amazing book and I credit it 1000% as a Master of Meditation as being 100% accurate. I speak from personal spiritual experience having realised these things myself personally.

I am often criticised for speaking about things that cannot be explained but many of them are so ahead of their time, that science is yet to catch up. This is not meant to sound arrogant, as these are things that I have personally experienced, so for me they are a reality. I never talk of things that I have not personally experienced.

DO READ THIS BOOK! It's fantastic and wonderful for the spiritual aspirant and again proves that Meditation is a truly amazing practice!

Rajesh Ananda
Spiriual Leader
FISU Meditaton
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on 27 April 2008
Dr Nataraja explains clearly for the non-scientist the reasons why meditation is so effective. She does so in an unbiased and objective manner respecting the value of all different ways of meditation. Her range of research is very impressive. It is very convincing! If you are meditating it increases your commitment and if you are not you can't wait to start.
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on 11 February 2009
I loved this book because I found even as a non-healthcare professional you would have wanted to read it and would have found it very relevant in your daily life.She touched sensitive issues with a great deal of caution so that in my opinion nobody could feel offended.
Advisable for anyone who wishes to know more about the intricacies of the human brain.
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on 23 April 2013
I have been teaching Buddhist meditation for may years and have seen the benefit to both myself and to those I teach. However, it is reasuring to read a review of the effectiveness of meditation written by someone ablt to take a scientific viewpoint. I quote from it often and recommend it highly.
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