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4.6 out of 5 stars28
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2007
...but I did! I watched it as there was not much else on but tbh I wasn't expecting much. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be as brilliant as it was! Ok, so it's not a thought provoking-cutting edge-oscar nominated film, but it had me laughing out loud at parts and gasping in slight horror/surprise at some of the more unexpected ones. The idea is simple and you've heard it all before; 3 self proclaimed 'losers' join forces to get back at those who tormetned them when they were younger, and in this case that just happens to be by beating them at baseball (a sport they happen to have never played). So it sounds ridiculous and like a million other films, but the characters are superbly crafted to be funny and likeable- and the 'baddies' take on typical macho and mean form. But along the way there are some classic moments, and the mentioned simplicity is actually what makes it so enjoyable. An easy watch with a lot of laughs and alot of heart. As long as you don't take it too seriously, then a definite film to cheer you up or just chuckle at with mates over and over again.
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I wasn't all that enthused about watching The Benchwarmers, but the film had me laughing from the very start and really surprised me with its home run of an ending, as it featured a really effective twist on an otherwise wholly predictable story. Underdog movies like this are a dime a dozen, but The Benchwarmers is really one of the better ones. With Saturday Night Live alums every where you look (and a little helping hand from Adam Sandler as co-executive producer), this movie has the comedy covered. Sure, it's decidedly juvenile in nature, but guess what? The film's main target audience is juveniles. Whether we like it or not, growing up involves a lot of fart jokes, underwear incidents, and name-calling. The comedy is actually one of the most realistic aspects of the film, if you ask me.

So here's the deal. After watching some bully athletes torment three kids for daring to play some baseball on "their" public field, Gus (Rob Schneider) decides to drag out the old mitt and play a little ball with two of his really dysfunctional buddies, Richie (David Spade), who sports a 3 Stooges-inspired haircut and works at the local video store, and Clark (Jon Heder), a really dumb paper-delivery guy. When the snotty ball players show up again, Gus challenges them to a game - and he, Richie, and Clark actually win, thanks to Gus' baseball prowess. Other challenges roll in, and before you know it local nerd-turned-billionaire Mel (Jon Lovitz) puts together a statewide round robin tournament, with the winner earning a fancy new stadium for his town. All of those who have suffered at the hands of bullies, young and old alike, start turning up to cheer on their "Benchwarmers" 3-man baseball team. Now you might think that, in the end, something happens to Gus and his severely baseball-challenged teammates somehow manage to win the day for all of the nerds and geeks supporting them. You might think that, but you'd be wrong - sort of, anyway. The way the ending comes off is no less corny than the rest of the movie, but it is rather delightfully different and serves to reinforce the message of the whole story.

It's sort of a shame that the movie has to be PG-13, since even younger kids will get a big kick out of it, but I don't know that I would have done anything differently (well, a little less projectile vomiting, maybe). Kids can be as crude as they are cruel (and I can pretty much assure you that your little eight-year-old angel will understand every crude gag in this film). I'm just thankful the beef stew thing wasn't around when I was a kid - if you don't know what I'm talking about, just nod your head and move on because I can assure you it's nothing you would want to have stored in your personal memory banks of childhood. As for the other stuff like pulling someone else's pants down, taking a shot in the groin, losing control of a bat and hitting all sorts of things with it - it doesn't matter how old these gags are, they're still funny, dadgum it (when they happen to someone else, at least). Some of the jokes do get stretched a little too far, but I think I laughed at every one of them.

The film also has a few interesting cameos. I was thrilled when my all-time favorite player, Reggie Jackson, showed up - and he brought lots of comedy with him as he tried to turn the utterly hopeless Richie and Clark into ball players. Molly Sims and Erinn Bartlett add some nice eye candy - even though there's no way, in any universe, that the salad girl would fall for David Spade's mop headed character. Still, it's nice to dream. It's also nice to laugh, and you should be doing plenty of that as you watch this film play out.
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on 7 July 2012
The Benchwarmers is incredibly funny it's been a while since a movie has made me laugh so much. The cast was great in this particularly Jon Heder and Nick Swardson they both stole every scene that they were in but Rob Schneider and David Spade also provide some good laughs as well Schneider not so much because his performance in this is a bit more laid back than other movies we've seen him in such as Deuce Bigalow or The Animal but he's still great. Although this movie has a lot of dumb comedy, slapstick and fart jokes it does have a lot of heart as well reminding the viewer about bullying which is one of the main plot elements.

Blu Ray quality: This 1.85:1, 1080p, Dolby Digital 5.1 high definition transfer is solid and delivers both strong video and audio quality. Now video quality is very good and definitely superior than the DVD, colours are very eye popping they are rich and vibrant and blacks are very solid, visible detail is mostly excellent although the few scenes indoors are a little soft here and there but luckily the entire movie is mostly set outdoors on the Baseball fields. Audio quality is also very good it's not room filling but it's a dialogue driven movie not an action movie so it's not gonna be blowing your ears off but it's all very loud and clear when they are speaking and the movie score is rich in uncompressed sound, also This US import is confirmed region Free so it will work on PS3's and every Blu ray player.

All in all a very funny movie with plenty of laugh out loud moments and also a solid Blu Ray release from Sony that I highly recommend you purchase right away if your looking for a good laugh.
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on 6 June 2010
This is the funniest film I've seen in ages, laughing the whole way through.
Love the fact they get the sentimental message in there at the end as well! Would recommend this to anyone who wants a good comedy
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on 18 October 2006
I saw this film last night and I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in ages! Looking at the other review, I can say that I think it's all necessary because it just all adds to the nature of the film. Believe me, I HATED Napoleon Dynamite... It just didn't ring any bells at all. Somehow, Jon Heder acts the same way and it's a completely different effect! Rob Schneider isn't the best one in this film, he's just obviously the main character and he plays it well enough. I agree with "ChibiDragon" about Jon Lovitz, because he's fantastic here... eccentric and arguably the driving force behind the activity in the story line.

So, if you have a sense of humour, you're gonna love this film! It's best watched with a few friends just for atmosphere and yes, it does help if you're an Adam Sandler fan as it's a Happy Madison production. Buy and Enjoy!
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on 15 August 2013
I was a little hesitant about trying this film as I dont remember it, I went by the reviews and took a punt on it, I will say I was pleasantly surprised, it was a funny film and good entertainment.
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on 23 October 2011
This hilarious DVD, full of man-humour and great extras, made me so happy. The quality was amazing too, almost like it was HD! *****
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on 14 April 2013
I bought this for my son,as he had said that he wanted to see it.Item arrived quickly and packaged well.He was very happy with it.
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on 19 September 2013
Very funny film got it as I love a good comedy would recommend to anyone wanting a fun film it's very watchable
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on 6 May 2007
You know what? I actually liked this movie. And that is something I never thought I'd be saying about a Rob Schneider flick. Thank god it doesn't go overboard with gross-out like his other movies. The presence of children in this film probably prevented that. I saw Duece Bigalow European Gigalo before this and it truly was despicable. He's likable enough as an actor but previous movies just go totally overboard with the gross-out factor. David Spade and Jon Heder offer good comedic support, but as always the show is stolen by Jon Lovitz. The scene where he arrives up driving the original bat-mobile had me in convulsions, as did the postbox target practise. He just seems to be totally himself in every movie. No acting required. A total underappreciated genius at work. With the amount of rubbish in cinemas and on dvd today, i was shocked to enjoy this movie. It's no Spinal Tap, or Young Frankenstein but by today's standards, it is well deserving of 5 stars.
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