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4.4 out of 5 stars11
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 29 April 2015
Mad Love is, as Frank Miller himself attests, the best Batman story of the 1990s. This collection marks the third time it's been reprinted since its original publication as a single issue in 1994, after the hardcover and softcover prints of Mad Love And Other Stories. Sadly, this latest edition is by some distance the worst of the three versions and if you have either version of the 'And Other Stories' version of the book, hold on to them.

The problem isn't with the material itself, obviously, but the presentation. The Other Stories contained in the previous printings of this book comprised a number of related Batman Adventures issues by either Timm, Dini or both together and accounted for well over half the books' page counts. Here, however, the only thing that's on offer is the Mad Love one-shot itself, as well as Bruce Timm's original sketches for the entire book as well as the book's worth of colour guides. Essentially, you're paying for three copies of the one issue. Selected pages from this sort of thing make for an interesting bonus on occasion, but they cannot replace 130+ pages of good-to-great extra comics material.

You're well within your rights to balk at this as, after all, the book is no longer SOLD as "Mad Love And Other Stories", but that edition of the book is still in print and readily available, for the time being at least. What you're being offered here is an inferior product. Yes, it's oversized, but the artwork hasn't been scaled up to a professional standard and there are noticeable jagged edges throughout the book, which usually isn't a problem with DC's Deluxe Editions. That said, consistency with DC's collections department is non-existent, so it's not fair to judge them by such a standard. Similarly annoyingly, Paul Dini's introduction from the older version of the book is presented here also, though it makes reference to all those extra tales. Really shoddy quality control from DC, there.

I guess the worst thing is that some people are going to feel compelled to buy this out of a sense of compulsion. I sold my paperback when this hardcover was announced, but having seen the quality of the finished book I've just ended up rebuying a copy. Even the dustjacket is disappointing, with DC having gone back to the plain black matte finish instead of using any of the book's suitably presentable imagery like with the recent Arkham Asylum Deluxe Edition.

So, if you have Mad Love And Other Stories, I'd advise holding on to it.
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on 29 April 1999
Too little is mentioned in this page of the work of Mr. Timm in this book or BTAS. He is, after all, THE creative force behind the series: his bold designs of the Dark Knight were the seed for the show. His artwork in this book brings the feeling from the TV screen to the page.
Paul Dini is the best Batman writer from the animated series, and he knows how to best write the Joker, with his madcap sense of humor and violent mood. He is the perfect complement for the vision Timm wanted to bring to Batman.
A real must read.
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on 30 November 1998
This off-shoot of the sophisticated "Animated Series" explores the Joker's insanity through his female counterpart Harley Quinn (why didn't anyone think of a character such as her in some 50 years of Bat-history??), written by the quite capable Paul Dini, who is now rumoured to be behind the scenes of the next big-screen Bat-feature. Harley and Joker's relationship is a good metaphor as any for destructive relationships, but Bruce Timm's disarming, effective visuals keep this tale from "Killing Joke" dark.
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on 17 December 2000
Having read the high praise for this graphic novel on the amazon review page, I bought this book. I was not dissapointed. The Art for the animated series was always brilliant, that same style looks fantastic in this Graphic Novel. The storyline concentrating on the Jokers insanity and his seduction of Harley Quinn to this insane world is terrific, and Harley Quinn is one of my favourite characters. Despite being nuts she's still the cutest thing in Gotham City. Manageing to be funny, sexy, dramatic, insane and tragic in such a short time, this book is worth double the amount i paid. Everyone who likes Batman or just comicbooks should own this.
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on 24 August 1998
This story, written by the creator-force behind Batman: The Animated Series, gives the readers the origin of the Joker's psychotic, made-for-TV girlfried, Harley Quinn. Not a children's story, Mad Love is an exquisite story, showing us new, humanistic sides to characters we have all grown to love and hate. This story leaves many die-hard Batman fans asking why isn't Paul Dini writing Batman comics on a regular basis.
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on 8 September 2015
Came on time. Undamaged. Nothing bad to say about the seller. just disappointed with the comic. It isn't that good. (in my opinion) Artwork isn't great (no backgrounds in most frames characters look good though) the story is a bit simple and the origin of harley is not fleshed out well enough. I would say that it is a good idea (harley being a psychiatrist at arkham asylum) but poorly implemented.
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on 14 September 2015
Perfect I can finally figure out how Dr. Harleen Quinzel became my sexy puddin' I recommend it to any Harley Quinn fan its absolutely perfect for an origin story
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on 6 July 2015
funny and a great start for those interested in Harley Quinn. The ending fight between batman and the joker is definitely worth checking out.
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on 17 January 2000
some of the best emotive art work and storylines ive seen in a long time its like the best batman cartoon that never was. tragic and beautiful, devotion beyond the odds.
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on 25 August 1997
"Mad Love" is; well, let's not mince words here; the ABSOLUTE BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL IN THE WORLD!!!!! It has everything--comedy, drama, action, intreigue, obsession, madness, love, hate, suspense, (and even a little sex). This story tells the origin of Harley Quinn, from her college years and her first day as a doctor at Arkham to her delve into 'manic-obsession' and the lengths she would go to for her "puddin'", the Joker (despite the fact that he treats her like s***, if you catch my meaning). From beginning to end, this ius a wonderful read, and stays fresh each time you read it (how many times have we heard that, but I mean it!!) From Dr. Harleey Quinzel, clinical psycologist, to Harley Quinn, psycotic clown girl, this is a wonderful, tragic story of a fall from grace. (Warning--the last few pages may be a bit to frightening for children, but the whole thing is aimed at teens on up, so....)

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