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4.3 out of 5 stars81
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC CD|Change
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on 25 November 2014
Brilliant game! I never played Minecraft so cant really compare, but It has kept me off my usual diet of first person shooters for over a year now. Stopped playing it back in September just to try to rescue some of my spare time as I have now clocked up just shy of 500 hours of game time in about ten months! I originally bought the game via Steam on a friends recommendation for £1.49 game spend ever for value for money! Got the collectors addition just to have a tangible copy in my collection. Even got the girl friend playing it too for a bit. All I'd say would be, make sure you have some time on your hands because it is VERY addictive. Also, give it chance when you start out. I didn't know what to do to start with and couldn't even grasp how to craft anything, and as you only start off with a very basic set of tools & weapons, you will spend a lot of time early on just hiding in your house from the monsters that come out at night. But once you get things going and start to mine for better materials, and to develop better tools, weapons & armor, the sky is the limit... literally! Further development seems to have slowed from the games creators, but there is plenty to go at before we see Terraria 2. I really wanna play now, but have jobs to do :-( enjoy!
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on 18 March 2012
When Terraria was first released it was commonly referred to as a 2D version of Minecraft as a selling point with Minecraft obviously being a very successful game. At a first glance the game does seem very much like Minecraft as you have to build your own house and you have a trusty pickaxe to go digging into the ground while fending off enemies. In practice though the two games are quite different, while they've been trying to shoehorn objectives and enemies to take down the real goal of Minecraft is the construction element of it. In Terraria the goal is more RPG-like, you go digging to find better items to make better weapons and take on better enemies allowing you to go further get better weapons etc.

Unfortunately Terraria is just as bad as Minecraft to get started with and knowledge of Minecraft isn't any help in Terraria as it does everything differently. To craft items you don't arrange them on a grid, you simply need them in your inventory, you don't make a torch out of coal you have mined and wood it's made from gel (looted by killing 'blobs') and wood, to make a working building you have to build the basic structure with a 'backing' fill as well. My first few attempts at the game without any external help didn't end very well as I fell down holes and couldn't get back out again as it was too dark, it was only when I sat down and had a proper read at a guide I was able to get properly started. As you would expect there is a great Terraria wiki which has a beginner's guide that doesn't spoil the game instead just giving you the basics and helping you get going so my number one recommendation would be to read up first before playing the game. Although there's no official levelling up you do effectively rank yourself up with more powerful items allowing you to take on better enemies although again, the lack of any help with this can make it difficult as I basically missed a step and was struggling through against enemies that were too tough for my equipment but again the wiki is useful.

Whereas with the likes of Borderlands there is a virtually unlimited amount of weapons as the stats can be randomly generated, in Terraria the weapons are much more straightforward as is the armour. Some weapons you can find in chests but in most cases you forge your own armour from items dropped by enemies. There's the usual close combat weapons and also mana weapons which works well in co-op as it means you can mix your player styles. There's considerable depth to the game as you start to appreciate what you can actually forge as there's also a large potion element which goes from basic health recovery to being able to breath under water, weightless etc. I went for close combat starting off with a stabbing lance which was handy until I could start forging more powerful swords and my co-op friend went with mana weaponry he could use at range. The controls are simple as you use the keyboard to move left, right and jump then the mouse to aim your weapon. Attacking enemies is simply a case of clicking your weapon to hit them and trying to move around to avoid them hitting you. If possible I would also strongly recommend the co-op as I found the game much more enjoyable, the game is reasonably forgiving on the default softcore option as when you die you only drop half money you carry and none of your items so if you're careful there's no real penalty for death which is handy as exploring can sometimes be very dangerous.

As I mentioned at the start, Terraria is quite a different game to Minecraft which will appeal more to others but less for some. Having played Minecraft extensively and played around with mods I've become a bit bored of it plus I'm not a huge construction person so Terraria worked really well for me, I enjoyed the exploration and mining combined with constantly trying to work up to the next best set of equipment. The price for the collector's edition is a bit much unless you're a diehard fan but the standard game can be had for much cheaper and is definitely worth a look if the idea appeals at all.
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on 2 February 2016
I give the collectors edition three stars, not the game itself, you can buy the game on steam for cheaper and it is an awesome game.

I had already played the game on PlayStation so thought I'd buy it for pc as you get a much wider range of items and better functionality of controls and gameplay all round. The Game is great, it is quite enjoyable and has many bosses and enemies to fight. I would suggest looking at a youtube review to know what the game will play out like...

As of the collectors edition, you get a small poster and two cards that aren't really of interest, it claims to have some kind of character but I fail to see any special characters I have received if I have. If you want a really small poster and 2 tiny cards, sort of like pokemon cards but worse, theb buy the edition, if you want the game cheaper it is always available on steam, you will have to download steam anyway so you might as well do that and check out the price.

I also noticed others have a collectors edition on youtube, do not go buy what they are saying you get because you will end up disappointed.

I do recommend this game and if you like a physical copy then buy this game, although you only have to load the disc once and then activate it on steam. Do not expect a great deal from content by purchasing this disc copy.
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on 13 April 2012
This game is a truly amazing experience.It is a game that keeps on going. ( Unfortunately, it IS frequently compared to minecraft, but those people probably haven't done any research into the game.)In Minecraft, you make a new world, make tools,fight a few monsters, hunt for minerals & build a house.
But what then? Why, You start a new world.

But, for me, Terraria is a whole new experience. There is no game to compare it too. There is no WORD to describe the game.It's really a whole new genre all to it's own. As said before by other players, it's a combination of an RPG and Building / Adventure Game. But... There are just so many things to do! You can build a tunnel to hell(HELLAVATOR),Find all the NPC's, Adventure into the scary depths of the corruption, and infinately more. (Sorry for that bad little end, I've only played the game briefly)

The game doesn't END! (Well you can end it if you want,Which is very exciting) There are so many exciting things in this game : there are the Giant worms, eye of Chtulu, Undead miners, Demon eyes, (And thats not all!) Best of all : ZOMBIES WITH TOP HATS!

My description isnt a very good one, Im more or less just splurging on how much I love it. All by one man, Y'Know? Andrew Spinks.
I'd Reccomend this to well, Anyone.It's that widely platformed and fun, Truly Amazing.
Did I mention Goblin armys, And snowman armys with Shotguns?

As I said this is a very Vauge review, And I'm more or less just splurging on how much I love it, But for a better review, read Johnmcl7's Review, or Wtch the YouTube Series "TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox Play Terraria" -- Very funny and enjoyable.

Happy Terraria-Ing!
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on 24 July 2015
I bought this for my son as he's a massive minecraft fan, he'd seen YouTube videos of this game and asked for it. It's a very basic game but addictive, it actually reminded me a bit of Lemmings from when I was a kid!!
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on 22 March 2012
Terraria is a brilliant game that has taken up over 100 hours of my life. All I can be bothered to say about the game itself is that it can keep you entertained for many hours as there is no real end to what you can build or do. The collectors edition includes two cards that are random with every game but it seems there aren't that many of different ones out there. the cards aren't very important in my view as they are basically prints of an item or character in the game with some info that any person who has played is likely to know. The keyring however is a nice addition to the package. it is made from a rubbery plastic material that is quite bendy meaning it wont break easily, the picture in the product images does not do it justice as it looks very much different. the poster is of a nice quality and is double sided, one side of the various NPCs and the other of a random landscape which I use. I don't even know how to get my pet bunny that is included so that's a very bad point but I don't play Terraria so much any more so I wasn't that bothered.
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on 16 November 2015
I really like this game. It came with a disc with the game on that installed really well. It went straight to steam and linked my account with the game. I really like the awesome poster and the 2 collectors cards that came with the collectors edition part of it. It was well packed and delivered fast. If you have a question about the product I would be happy to answer.
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on 30 September 2013
This game supplied me hours of enjoyment, plenty of neat things to find and discover, and as of this review, a major update came out with almost triple what the game already has supplied with it.

The poster in this is fairly large, not taking too much space on the wall but enough to be justified. The cards aren't too terrible, and i'm using the keychain to the extent you can use a keychain.

To me? Worth it.
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on 28 February 2013
my terraria came and i got the box open and i thought somethings missing here . I looked on the internet and yes the keyring should of been included. I contacted amazon and i told them about my problem "we'll investigate further to make sure
this doesn't happen again to you or to other customers" before theyd send me another one they also said to wait two days before they got back to me. I waited 4days and they still haddent replied , so i sent them a message back. They then replied to me saying that it was from Game
Trade Online and they said they couldnt replace it because there stock was always changing and they gave me the option to return it.:(
But apart from that the game is brill , the thing id do tho is buy it staight off steam its only £6 the stuff yoy get isnt worth the other £9 thats if you get all the stuff
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on 2 February 2016
Bought for my daughter who loves this. I then bought it for a 40yo friend who is now also obsessed by it, along with her daughters. Some of my hard core male gamer friends also love the game. Guess I should play it now :)
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