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Terminate Damnation
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Terminate Damnation

30 Aug. 2005 | Format: MP3

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  • Original Release Date: 30 Aug. 2005
  • Release Date: 30 Aug. 2005
  • Label: EMI CMG
  • Copyright: (C) 2005 Solid State Records
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  • Total Length: 54:26
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  • ASIN: B001IQMG66
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (3 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 271,393 in Albums (See Top 100 in Albums)

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Mr. Sm Smith on 6 Dec. 2005
Format: Audio CD
Imagine what would happen if you crossed the growling vocals of bands like Demon Hunter or Slipknot, the instrumentals of bands like Dream Theater, the pure heavy brilliance of bands like System of a Down and then added Christian lyrics. You may have an idea of what Becoming the Archetype sounds like. Terminate Damnation is the best album I have heard in a long time. Combining death metal like heaviness and vocals with amazing guitar and piano solos, and the occasional acoustic bit, this is an album the likes of which you probably will not have ever heard before. Fans of bands like Opeth, or just fans of the Christian heavy metal scene will seriously enjoy this band. A definite must!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By J. Dixon on 12 Jan. 2007
Format: Audio CD
I have bought this album and as I now type this it is assaulting my ear drums, This album is just overwhelming, it has everything, death growls, the odd scream, crunching solos and kick drumming to blow the mightiest brain out, but then a nice serene side I mean an acoustic instrumental track (night sorrow) that is just amazing. The stand out track is the 11 minute epic "Elegy" it starts heavy and gets heavier then slows down with an instrumental just to show the musical prowess of this band; the lyrics are heartfelt and meant it's as if the singer will only sing each word once so he puts every ounce of energy he has in his performance, this music cannot be put into any genre it's too good for that it can have one all of its own. I had lost faith with Solid State as a label as they seemed to be churning out the same old stuff but this breaks the mould into so many pieces you have no chance of putting it back together again. In short buy this album then wait until the end of January where they hit the UK touring with "The Chariot"
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Format: Audio CD
This was the first christian death metal cd i bought, and i've bought several since, and this is still the best.

Becoming the Archetype perfectly combine brutal vocals and incredibly complex instruments into a brilliant sound.

Each song on this album is great, especially Ex Nihilo.

If you like Christian metal, then BTA are for you.
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Amazon.com: 46 reviews
29 of 29 people found the following review helpful
Welcome. 28 Oct. 2005
By Nicholas Adam Chupka - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Audio CD
Four and a half stars

So you want to become the archetype. Take a look at the back of the CD. See the guys who look like Avenged Sevenfold's trifling and trendy younger brothers? Still want to become the archetype? And what of this Solid State records business? Alright, let's just throw the CD in...

(55 minutes later...)

Holy metal mayhem Batman!

I read such great reviews for this album, there was just no way I could pass it up for the price of $9.99, despite my reservations concerning the label and the back cover. I was SURE this must be another mediocre metalcore band.

Not so my friends. This is metal on many fronts. The album opens with a Transylvanian synth passage before launching into a blast of fury. For a few seconds, you will hesitate, and think all your preconceptions will prove true, but then the dual guitar attack will veer off into a run reminscient of Necrophagist's or Children of Bodom's ability.

Throughout the album, you will hear echoes of Meshuggah, In Flames, Opeth, and many other metal bands, but this band is not simply a clone. And do not be fooled into thinking In Flames "owns" these guys. Nothing they have put out recently matches the intensity of this album, and even at its peak, In Flames never showed this kind of technical musicianship, even if they did write better songs.

No, one thing you can expect to love about this album is the talent of the band members. Changes in speed, time signature switches, furious blastbeats, tempered rhythms, earth shattering guitar solos, and progressive, complex riffing make Terminate Damnation a truly memorable listen.

I must add, too, how much I enjoy the acoustic classical passages, which are more disconnected from the songs than the fluidly integrated passages indicative of a band like Opeth. It is obvious these guys are masters of their trades, and true students of their music.

Rounding out the diversity of this treasure is a stab at epic songwriting, "Elegy". I find it interesting how the lyrics for this song match those of so many other death metal bands: "Death reigns over the earth, oppressing justice and truth, nations plagued by despair are collapsing hopelessly into themselves", and yet, this band approaches these feelings from a Christian viewpoint, while most other death metal bands...well...don't. I don't really have a point to go with that, just that it's interesting.

Anyway, this song is mostly a piece of perfection. The first leg of the track contains some sick death metal progressions (and some dud moments too), before retreating into a depressingly poignant piano passage. The last movement of the track, aptly titled "Triumph", adds that invigorating Denouement one can expect to hear at the end of any quality, epic track.

Despite the obvious mounds of garbage hitting the metal shelves these days, the sheer number of bands and the age of the internet have still guaranteed us a constant inlfux of great metal bands. Becoming the Archetype has convinced me it plans on being one of those bands that will forge ahead and blaze the true path of metal. Any metal fan would be nuts not to follow along.
12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
Holy Awesome Metal 6 April 2007
By Aaron R. Headley - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Audio CD
I really dislike those ignorant jerks (to put it in polite and unbannable terms) who continually say oh these guys are christians therefore they are not metal. shut up. who cares what they sing about really. if they want to be christians let them, its called freedom of religion.

its funny these people. Go to a Deicide review. on there these same people i mentioned above will be complaining about the christians talking about deicide's lyrical content, saying "its just music lighten up". yeah, i say HYPOCRITE to you folks. ha ha!

and to just ignore and forget this band just because of their lyrical content is a horrible mistake. these guys are very talented musicians that make brutally heavy music, but at the same time sounding unique and original, not like half the bands comning out nowadays.

this album did take a little getting used to. you know, when you first hear an album and your like "ehh its okay" and then later down the road your like "AWESOME!!!' thats what this album was like.

my favorite songs are probably ex nihlio, elegy and the epigone. trivial paradoxym is a really weird and heavy song that just seems to go all over the place, and one man parade is an awesome straight forward rocker. the second half of elegy is just beautiful with the piano to guitar to the brutal end. they are coming out with a new album in may, looking forward to it.

its kind of hard to put these guys into a catagory. they dont really sound like anyone else. but its kind of progressive sounding like opeth and at times melodic like dark tranquility.

Yes this is a christian band. their lyricals are very meaningful and touching, so if you are a devout christian that happens to like metal this is a great band for you. and if your not christian, they still are a unique and talented band that deserves to be heard.
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Thank God for BTA 5 July 2006
By I Lay Sleepless in My Grave - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Audio CD
This album off of Solid State records is simply amazing! The vocals are low and poetic at the same time. And to FCVoxBoi: why did you say they can't scream those kind of words? They can scream whatever they want, and they sound good doing it. It is a welcome change from all the gore-based lyrics of Gorerotted, Cannibal Corpse, or Gorgoroth. So lay off of trying to tell people what they can or can't scream. They sound great. Anyway, for newcomers, this album is a great place to start with positive lyrics and good heavy music. Plus, it would be a good thing to do to support BTA because they are a new band trying to get their promising careers started. Get acquainted with metal and support this band at the same time. Pick it up ASAP!
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Heavy Metal Goodness 23 Jun. 2006
By Turd Ferguson - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Audio CD
Wow! This is an absolutely breath-taking album! I heard bits and pieces of this record on the bands purevolume.com page and thought to myself, "this is some really nifty-cool music." Well, on June 22, I got to see them play in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and was absolutely blown away. These guys are one of the greastest bands I have ever seen. So then I really started to hunt around for the CD and began to feel a little bit of genuine panick when I couldn't find it at any of the stores nearby (yeah, I was hooked that bad). Trust me, when you hear the rest of the album, you will think it's a lot more than "nifty-cool." Think As I Lay Dying meets Opeth with a little bit of The Showdown and a tasty sprinkle of August Burns Red and The Chariot. Plus, they have extremely strong Christian beliefs that really show through in their deep, poetic lyrics that really reflect on the absolute hopelesness of a world without Jesus Christ. Even their name stands for the spiritual beauty one can find in Christ and Christ alone. This is an amazing album from an amazing band. Just go buy the dang thing, already!!
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
BTA- Should be called Becoming the Best 9 Jan. 2006
A Kid's Review - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Audio CD
Alright, I'll start this with the truth- I'm not under 13. I'm actually 18, but I lost my password. Anyways.

I was first introduced to BTA when I saw them live in November with The Agony Scene, Scarlet, and Nodes of Ranvier at the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, Colorado. They were the second band to play, and with high remarks for them from my friend, I was having high expectations. How can you not have high expectations for a new band when the crap that comes out nowadays all sounds the same? I was looking for a jewel in the dirt or nothing at all.

Luckily, I was impressed... overly impressed... by BTA's performance that night. I was also disappointed, not because of anything the band played, not because of the band itself, but because of the Theaters sound system. You couldn't hear the vocals, as was the case with the rest of the bands (minus The Agony Scene, who put on an amazing performance that night, as did Nodes of Ranvier. Scarlet sucked.)

So, the next day at school I asked my friend to hand over that BTA songs he had downloaded. First song he put onto my school computer was Elegy. I played it, and at first I was like 'what. the. hell.' Not because the music was bad, because it wasn't. Not because the vocals suck, because they really, really, really do not suck at all. But because I couldn't believe that BTA had JUST come out. BTA has that metalcore sound that sounds like it should have come out years ago, because they don't follow any formula for any type of metal. I was blown away. I was also surprised to find out they were Christian, which intesified my respect for them and my love for the music (before even getting the CD) by 100x. I am a fan of Christian metal now, entirely because of BTA.

I bought the CD a few days later. I had to drive 45 minutes before I could listen to it, so when I got home I popped it in. I was confused by the intro, because you don't usually hear the synth in anything other than black metal, but when the best, most mindblowing track on the CD, 'Into Oblivion', kicked in, I was absolutely shocked. The music these five guys put together was just brutal! It was beautiful! It was groundbreaking! I was not expecting the acoustic passages in the song either, which only made me love the song that much more- most metal bands coming out today won't put acoustic passages in, because that's not 'metal'- but BTA did, and they did it very, very well.

The rest of the CD just seemed to pass in a blur. To me, that's a very good thing, because when a CD just seems to go so fast that you can't even comprehend everything one time through, it means that the CD was amazing. I was so stunned by what I had just heard that I listened to it again. And again. And again. 'Elegy' and 'The Epigone' are some of the best tracks on the CD, combining the Christian message and the brutal death metal aspects, and not screwing it up whatsoever. I love the Christian message, because bands that come out now are afraid to talk about that stuff, with the fear that they won't be held so highly by the 'hardcore' kids in the scene. That obviously never bothered BTA, and I absolutely love that about them. BTA is the band that made me turn my band into a Christian metal band, because I so badly want that, to be in the same league as BTA, even though I know I never will.

What BTA did, however, was to show me that there are better things out there than 'hate, kill, f***'. BTA showed me what I have been searching for for so long after hearing Killswitch Engage- BTA showed me there is HOPE in this world, and hope in the music. I love them for showing me this, for giving me their music. But I love God for giving me this life, giving me this music, putting these guys on this Earth, but most of all, loving me even when I don't deserve it. Thank you, God, and thank you BTA.
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