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on 21 November 2011
Bought this for charging my Samsung Galaxy S2 for whenever mains electric isn't available, especially when travelling or doing multi-day back-packing. Really pleased with the iEP390, leave it to charge up overnight (its important to leave it 8+ hours and the charging lights go out when its full (rather than unplugging it when the 3rd LED comes on as this may only be 70% full). Have charged it about 4 times so far, and each time used it to recharge my Galaxy S2; it recharges it from empty (5-10%) to full (100%) three times and only takes 3 or 4 hours; then the iEP390 can still do one more charge of to about 70%. So for my phone, recharging it with the phone switched on, but the display off, it can do about 3.75 recharges.
The iEP390 is 11,000mAh whereas the S2 is 1650mAh so 11,000 divide by 1650 would suggest it ought to do 6.5 charges but I knew it would be less than this due to some of the power is lost due to heat build up (the S2 gets mildly warm whilst being recharged) and transfer inefficiencies - and I guess that iEP390 isn't able to charge the S2 once its power level drops lower than the battery level it has built up in the S2 during the last charge (when the differential in the iEP390 is < the S2).

The iEP390 comes with a handy little cloth bag and a variety of charging tips including the one I needed for the S2 (micro USB), its just a pity that they don't include the tip for the Galaxy tab, but the Galaxy Tab's OEM USB cable should fit.

Having researched a little, the iEP390 had the best performance in terms of weight and price. It isn't light nor small, but its not too big or heavy. For my use it offers the best power:weight performance and the best power:cost value. With the iEP390 I can reasonably keep my phone charged for nearly a week between getting to a mains electricity, rather than 2 days. So really pleased, recommended but keep in mind you'll only get about 60% of the number of charges you might expect.
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This product worked well and charged my devices when required.

It's design is good and it's charging performance was acceptably good.

Would I buy the same unit again?. No - I would buy something else next time instead.

They are very useful for days out, camping, boat trips etc and if you haven't already bought a battery charger I would recommend that you buy one.

One tip that I would give though folks is not to go for a big, long, thin, smooth, shiny gloss one as they are very slippery when you are handling them and I recently had a £70 one that slipped out of my hand and no longer works as it used to. I only had it about a month.
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on 27 May 2011
The TeckNet 11000mAh battery pack and charger is an almost perfect answer to the portable power needs of smartphone, MP3 player, and tablet PC users.

I have had this battery for a few weeks now and had the chance to use it through the Holidays and also at CES. it was able to charge my iPhone 4G 5 times and my iPad once from 0% to 100% before it was running out of power.

A GREAT charger! I highly recommend it! It may seem expensive but the value far exceeds the price! Do not hesitate! It's a great idea going on any extended trips, even for a night or a weekend! Just bring the charger and the AC charger and you're good to go! All your electronics are charged!!
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on 23 July 2011
I've had this for 3 months. I've used it to charge my iphone 4, my garmin gps and some other cell phones. it can charge my iphone 4 from 10% to 100% more than 5 times.

The device itself is not particularly heavy and it's relatively compact. If we measure it in "iphone 4 units," then the power max is about 2 iphones thick, about 1.25 iphones wide, and maybe 1.1 iphones deep. It charges my devices just as quickly as their individual wall adapters would.

Aside from my own Apple products I can use it with other USB-chargeable devices like my son's phone, my PSP, my friend's camera and have juice to spare!

Overall, you cannot go wrong with this device if you're looking for portable power! I have yet to see a device with more mAh. If you are not familiar with what mAh-s are, it's not important. All you need to know is that the more mAh a battery has, the more power it is able to store up; therefore you can charge multiple devices a bunch of times.
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on 12 December 2015
This TeckNet 11000mAh was about £3 cheaper than the 12000mAh one, so I thought I’d give this on a go as well as the 12000 mAh one.
The battery in this pack is amazing, and I can charge my iPhone 5 three times from flat, before the battery pack loses all of its battery, so it lasts a very long time and it has a 5V 2A charger, so that charges it pretty quick also. This makes it ideal for long flights and camping.
A tip would be to let it charge for 8 hours or more, so that the 4th light comes on, because if you take it off after 3, it may only be 70%, which would still last you a long time, but would only be able to charge your phone from dead twice, instead of three times.
I have charged it about 8 times, and it has remained consistent for all 8 times, ( about 3.25 for my iPhone 5 from 0-8% battery) and it takes about 3 and a half hours to charge up fully, but what I like about portable chargers is that you can plug your phone into the Power Bank to charge, and still use your phone, so the charging time doesn’t really matter to me, and when your phone is locked, it will charge even quicker, even more times (more like 3.75 recharges).
Like all Power Banks, it will lose some power due to heat build-up, but if your phone is fairly new, then it shouldn’t affect it, as much as older ones that heat up a lot.
In the box, you get:
- 11000mAh TeckNet Power bank
- Cloth carry bag
- Set of instructions
- A plug to charge the Power Bank in the socket

The power bank is very light weight, and a very good size (compared to others), and is also easy to take places, so you can have your phone charged most of the time. I have used it on a plane flight to Australia (From GB) and it has kept my phone charged for the full 20 our flight, but I wasn’t using it for the internet, just music. Also, you can charge 2 devices at once, as you have 2 USB ports, so can charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time, or SIII and Samsung note, or whatever tablets or phones you have.
The only weakness that I can see is that it doesn’t allow 5V 2.1A charging, which means I can’t charge any gadgets that need 2.1A, and it can’t be used for ultra-fast-charging, but overall, it works fine for my iPhone and iPad.
For the price, you can get a cheap but reliable Power Bank, that should last you a couple of years, I would definitely recommend this product to the public.
+ Lightweight
+ Cheap
+ Ideal for campers or frequent flyers
+ 2 USB ports
-Doesn’t charge gadgets that need 2.1A
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on 11 September 2013
I purchased this powerpack for a safari holiday in the Serengeti to enable me to charge my gadgets when I was in accomodation without mains electricity.

My initial thoughts were that it was a solidly built product but was a little on the heavy side. I actually ended up buying the alternative Anker Astro E4 powerpack which was lighter but more expensive and I was going to return this pack. However I am glad that I decided not to return this as it has been a fantastic product.

- The dual USB outputs were useful as I could charge more than one item at a time.
- Comes with its own USB lead and various charging tips
- Handy (and quite bright) torch.
- Simple to use and check battery levels
- It charged my iphone from about 50% to full multiple times over the course of 2 weeks (I only charged the pack once whilst I was away). I also charged my family phones and ipods during this time so the capacity was tested a fair bit.
- Has its own AC charger (the Astro E4 only came with a USB cable and no wall charger)

- It is a little bigger and heavier than other similar capacity products I have used but not massively so.
- Got a little hot to the touch when charging (wouldn't recommend keeping it in a bag or near chocolate when charging!)

Overall I would thouroughly recommend getting this product if you need charging capability on the go. Is solidly built, has a good capacity and is reasonably priced.
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on 2 September 2013
I bought the TeckNet 12000 mAH Power Bank in order to have adequate power to keep my iPhone alive during the Glastonbury music festival (2013) from the Wednesday morning until the Sunday evening. At the previous festival in 2011, I had used two devices each rated at around 2000 mAH but ran out of power on the last day. A critical parameter here is the storage capacity of the device in mAH (milliamp hours) and you would expect a 12000 mAH device to give you 6x more capacity than the the 2000 mA device. In my case, I still had charge left when I left Glastonbury on the Sunday evening (two LEDs still lit) and I had charged my iPhone (I think) 3 times -- although it could have been 4 times -- and I had also charged my daughter's Nokia phone once. Later in the summer, I used the Power Bank to keep my iPad and iPhone charged for 4 days when camping and it did the trick.

I have given the device a 5* rating but actually probably would have given 4.5* had this option been available because I have a couple of (fairly minor) gripes. (i) when the device indicates that there is still charge left by illuminating 1 blue LED it is actually unable to charge either iPad or iPod -- presumably because its output voltage has dropped too low (under load) to charge. I guess this means that the actual useful capacity is less than the 12000mAH. Maybe actually 10000 mAH if the LED indications are approximately linear. (ii) the device has a useful bright white LED which (I eventually discovered) can be switched on by pressing the power switch twice. Unfortunately, the light tends to come on by accident when the Power Bank is rattling around in a back-pack. It may eventually go off automatically (although I am not sure whether it does) but it took a bit of research to figure out how to switch the damn thing off as there is no mention of this in the little manual that comes with the Power Bank. For your future reference: you need to press the power switch twice to toggle the light on and off.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it.
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on 3 June 2015
I'm really surprised that a highly rated powerbank like this malfunctions after ONE use. The blue lights that flashes keeps on going even if the powerbank has been charged for 2 hours straight, making it impossible to tell if the powebank is fully charged or not. I have not overcharged it or anything, just used it to charge my ipad mini, then plugged it in and the lights just kept on going without any signal if its 15, 30 or 80 percent charged. Really dissapointed as I was looking forward to a product with a highly rated brand name.
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on 13 September 2013

Solidly made powerpack.Easy to use.

Appears to Hold it charge well when not using it.

Managed to charge my chinese android tablet 4 times from powerpack via mini USB port adapter(supposedly a 4000mH tablet but I've always reckoned about 2800mH).

Very Useful for long journeys or when mains plug not available.

Charges Kindle OK.

Didn't want to charge an old NOKIA phone even though one of the supplied power adapters fitted, powerpack tries for a few seconds then switches off.

Could do with larger selection of adapters.

I bought a 2.1A USB to power adapter charging cable to see if I could charge my tablet via the power port so that I could still use the Tablet USB port, same result as the NOKIA, powerpack tried charging for a few seconds then switched itself off.

The supplied mini USB adapter is slightly loose in the the tablet socket.


A very useful accessory. Would be more useful if you could buy an extra charging cable and adapters set, so you charge 2 devices straight away without having to root around to find other cables that work.

Would I buy another one of these? - yes if want to charge things via a USB port, possibly not for charging via the DC input port(It may work on some devices but I haven't proved it yet.)
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on 31 May 2015
When I first received the charger, I was pleasantly surprised. It does take a long time to charge (at least 8 hrs), but once charged it could charge my HTC one 2-3 times whilst I watched Netflix and it was brilliant being able charge my phone anywhere. However after about two months, it would not fully charge. There are 4 lights on the front and once charged, all lights should be fully lit up in blue- mine would not move beyond 1 light even after 8 hrs charging. I can't give this any more than 1 star for that reason.
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