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on 10 December 2015
This mouse is very comfortable to use and has very responsive button clicks. The mouse's build quality is excellent and it has a smooth coated rubber surface and 5 teflon feet/pads on the underside which give it an effortlessly silky smooth glide. The USB nano receiver is conveniently stowed into the underside of the mouse. Installing the mouse was very easy just by simply inserting the USB nano receiver into the computer or laptop's USB port. The mouse will require 2 AAA batteries (not included) for power and works instantly without needing to install any software. There is an on/off power switch on the underside of the mouse forward of the optical sensor.

There are translucent LED strips on the sides of the mouse that flash red very briefly during installation but otherwise remains dark while in use. The on-the-fly DPI button (located on the top middle of the mouse) works instantly to toggle the mouse's sensitivity through 3 levels for intricate graphic or fast spreadsheet editing.

Here's my YouTube video ( unboxing, closeup look and test of wireless ergonomic mouse.
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I received this ergonomic mouse for free in return for a review. The following is my honest opinion on this product:

This mouse comes in a plain brown box with 'Frustration free packaging' written on it. This is indeed true and the mouse is inside a thin foam bag inside the box along with instructions.
The instructions are in English (with a mention you can get German and French versions online) and are very easy to understand with diagrams and the instructions are also in colour on glossy paper making them even nicer to read.

The mouse itself runs using two AAA batteries which you insert into the bottom of the mouse. Regular alkaline batteries work fine so no need to go for expensive batteries unless you want them to work really long.
On the bottom of the mouse, while putting the batteries in, you will see the usb receiver, cleverly slotted into the bottom with 'TECKNET' written on it. Just pull this out and place it into any usb 2.0 slot on your pc. You also have to turn the switch on the bottom of the mouse to ON to connect it to your pc.
Now, the pc should register the receiver straight away, but if it doesn't don't panic. I actually thought my mouse was broken as I tried again and again to turn it on and off and then unplugged and re-plugged the usb receiver into my pc again and again. Nothing happened each time except for red lights flashing briefly in the mouse. It wasn't until I restated my laptop that it then registered the usb receiver and consequently the mouse worked fine!
So, if it doesn't work at all try restarting your pc as this can sometimes be the reason (which isn't listed in the instructions).

This mouse can only be used by the right hand. It is comfortable to hold but the sensation of using an ergonomic mouse like this can be quite strange when you are not used to it. The mouse has a good size to it should fit any hand. The normal buttons are on the mouse, the left, right and wheel buttons along with a DPI button and two others. The DPI button can be pressed to change the speed that the cursor moves on screen. For every day tasks it isn't really necessary to change the DPI, but the more graphic hungry the programs you are using are, the slower the cursor moves, so just press the DPI button to increase the speed. Pressing enough times will return the DPI to the lowest setting which is best used for desktop work.
The other two buttons are operated by the thumb and are a forward and back buttons which are great to use if you are browsing as you can go back and forth without having to click on the little arrow buttons at the top of the page.

The mouse has a sort of non-slip rubbery feel all over which is perfect if you hold and use a mouse a lot as I do while playing games. My hands are prone to sweating a bit when I play something intense and this non-slip slight grip like coating really does help you to keep a grip of the mouse.

Because of the way you hold the mouse with your right hand it is supposed to put less strain on your wrist. Rather than placing your wrist completely parallel with the table you instead hold it in a more natural sideways position. This indeed does help with the wrist. But through using this mouse I have incurred my own problem with the way I hold it.
By holding the mouse in this way for a long period I have found that the ball of my hand (where the hand ends and the wrist begins, on the outer edge/under the little finger) starts to ache. I'm perhaps not supposed to drop my hand onto the table so much to have this 'ball' touch the table but over time I can't help the way I hold this and I've actually had that part of my hand become swollen a little and it makes using the mouse uncomfortable.

For me it really is a toss up between whether you want your wrist to be twisted over or the ball of the hand hit and rub against the table. For me, although this IS an ergonomic mouse and it does relieve some of the pain of using a mouse, this pain is only replaced by new problems. It is a nice idea and if you are really looking for something different then I can recommend it, but if you are prone to dropping your wrist on the table as I do, then this mouse may not be for you.
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on 23 September 2015
The mouse developed a fault (right click not working) after 15 months of heavy, daily use. As the product is guaranteed for 18 months I contacted the manufacturer by email. A response the following day confirmed that the 18 month guarantee was valid (defective item did not need to be returned) and a replacement would be sent out to me on receipt of my address details and copy of invoice.
the customer service from Charlie at tecknet customer support was flawless and a new mouse in the correct colour was received within a week.
Would I buy another ..............absolutely!
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on 23 July 2016
I bought this mouse as an alternative to the more expensive Evoluent mouse, which, by the way, is excellent. Both are vertical mice, which means that your hand is actually in a natural position when using it. This means that there is no stress or tension on the muscles in your forearm, which means less stress overall, and it minimises the risk of nerve injury or repetitive strain injury. In my case, using a vertical mouse also helped me to completely recover from a nerve injury which stopped me driving and also resulted in me having to take time off work. This is part of the solution - keeping your keyboard as flat as possible and making sure that your wrists are not angled upwards (if necessary by rising the height of your chair and using a footstool for your feet, so that your keyboard is lower will also help). Try getting rid of any wrist rests, as they tend to make your wrist angle upwards, putting stress and strain on those muscles and tendons. It worked for me - I have been pain free for over three years now. I have been a huge fan of the Evoluent mouse for this reason, and when it broke and I needed a replacement I saw this and decided to give it a try as it is a fraction of the price of a new Evoluent. I am so glad that I did. Note, that this mouse is for RIGHT-HANDED use. I don't know if there is a left handed version, but they are not interchangeable. The mouse has a USB dongle, which is stored underneath the mouse when not in use. When I first put the dongle into the computer it didn't work, but a re-start of Windows sorted that problem out immediately. The mouse actually feels more comfortable than the Evoluent, if that is possible, as that is one of the best mice I have ever used. This TeckNet mouse has a soft, rubberised, smooth feel and fits my hands perfectly. The sensitivity was spot-on straight out of the box, and the cursor is smooth and responsive. For full disclosure, I work in the field of disability and often recommend equipment to people using computers. I will be purchasing these as the first choice mouse to try in future, a) because of the tremendous value, b) because it is as good as the Evoluent and c) because your hand is supported in a natural position which will minimise injury. Absolutely recommend this product. You will need 2 x AA batteries for the mouse as these are not supplied.

I generally review any products I buy on Amazon, because I only ever purchase products myself after reading the reviews of others. If you find this review helpful, then please click the ‘helpful’ button. If you would need more information, or if you find this not to be helpful then please let me know by adding a comment. I always try to reply to any comments that are left.
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on 26 November 2015
Its probably one of the best mouses I have ever used. Works smooth. Scrolls smoothly. i use it for editing images and its just as comfortable even after using it for long hours. Right Price, fits perfect and doesn't cause any wrist aches also. I was so happy using the this mouse that got one for my husband too, and he now uses it for work.Definitely Recommended.
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on 18 November 2015
I bought this to replace a mouse that I had broken. I don't want to directly compare this mouse to another branded product, but, this one just didn't feel as comfortable in my hand as the old one, and I replaced it within a week for the same brand as my old broken mouse. It has been passed on to another member of the family though, who is quite happy with it.
If I had smaller hands, I would probably have been happier with this mouse.
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on 5 November 2015
Only had it a day but I've ordered a second one already. Works out of the box (well, you need an AA battery which isn't supplied). Little USB thing fits neatly into the base so that you won't lose it. Great connectivity, smooth motion. Turns itself off after a minute of inactivity to save power, but the red button to switch it back on is on top. Love it, what did I do without it!
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on 6 July 2016
Bought this Ergonomic mouse to help me with pain in my wrist while using a "normal" formed mouse. I am glad to tell you that it has made a big difference. I am using this mouse for a number of month's now and am very pleased with it. It feels great in the hand, easy to use on ANY surface and the battery safe mode which activates itself is just fabulous.

Only thing was: I am left handed!!! and not for a second did I give this any thought when ordering this mouse. When trying it out only than I realised what was wrong with the design. After looking around online if there were this type of mouse around for the left handed people I did not find one without having to pay very silly money. At fist I considered sending it back, but liking the design so much I decided to learn using the right hand while operating the mouse. And this worked great for me.

Highly recommend this mouse!!!
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on 8 January 2016
I like this mouse. It's quite small, and feels flimsy, but it's been dropped on our wooden floor more than once and continues to work. It needs a click to wake it each time you boot up, or if it's been sat idle for too long, which I like as it's not wasting the batteries. Once active it tracks well, the buttons click accurately, and it responds as well as much more expensive items. It sits well in my hand too which shouldn't have much read into it because my hands are not those of a pianist. The finish isn't up to too close an inspection but for the cost it's a great piece of kit.
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on 22 June 2016
A great mouse that is comfortable to use.

I tested both the Tecknet and Anker branded vertical mice. Both are well made and perform just as well. I think the Anker has the slight edge in terms of being a bit more responsive and a more comfortable design (for my hands, anyway).

Nevertheless, I decided to keep both mice and use one for the desktop and one for the laptop.
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