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4.2 out of 5 stars126
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 21 November 2014
This is a German animated film and a pretty good one It's about Tarzan of course and they do a good job with the story. The animation is of course not as great as a Hollywood film but it's not bad at all. The 3d blu ray looks great and this was filmed in 3d so it's a very good 3d experience. if you collect 3d films then this one is worth owning for sure. And if you like Tarzan then you will like this story as well. This is much more lush than anything Germany has ever put out and that's a good thing. The blu ray has a 2d version as well which cannot compare to the 3d one in depth and power.
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on 20 May 2014
This a review of the film only..After hearing all the negative stuff about this i was pleasantly surprised.. my daughter of 9 really wanted to see this , the animation is my view was overall above average considering everything these days is compared to Pixar/ Disney and Dreamworks, the jungle, creatures and water effects were fantastic, specially the Chameleon and Crocodile..i guess where it lets the animation slip is in the human characters although i think Tarzan himself looked fine and the later adult Jane..i disagree with other reviewer, i thought she was not created as pretty Barbie hour glass figure there and quite Tomboyish..yes of course Tarzan had to rescue her everytime, thats what tarzan does. The other human characters kinda made me think of The Sims tho, bit odd looking and vacant..voice work was adequate and actually like that they did not use big famous voices which i always feel is like a ' Spot the Actor' game.
Storyline is a bit hokey but different and i loved the use of music..especially Coldplay's Paradise which was sadly missing in Life of Pi after hearing it in that trailer but it worked really well here..i enjoyed the romance between Tarzan and Jane as that is also a big part of what Tarzan is for me, a romance..although telling him she loves him after a few hours lost together is a bit much lol.
One last thumbs up for the Gorilla animation and not having cartoon like apes or silly sidekick jokey apes, the roars and fights can be quite brutal sounding..another point for having that more serious feel to the film and not loaded with burp and fart jokes...this gives the film more touching scenes between mother ape and Tarzan.
So don't go expecting to be blown away but hopefully and hour and half pleasing entertainment.
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on 13 May 2014
The film starts out with a meteor destroying the dinosaurs and in 20 minutes takes us to Tarzan with the apes. Jane enters the picture shorty thereafter. It seems this meteor has some sort of power or energy. It also has it own ecosystem unique to the rest of the planet. Jane is with the bad guys who want to take over meteor land. They want to kill Tarzan, because he is a Greystoke. Tarzan saves Jane's life ad infinitum until she falls in love and makes this into a a young girl chick flick with our Barbie doll unable to fend for herself, relying on the big muscled man for everything.

I liked the idea of combining Tarzan with a new animated world. The problem is that they didn't do enough mindless new world, new life animation. I hate to say this, but they spent too much time developing the story, making sure to include every Tarzan nuance. Kellan Lutz as the voice of Tarzan didn't make it and where was his hand when he said, "You Jane?"

There was too much narration in the first 20 minutes of the film that wasn't needed. The voice was annoying too.
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Great film tarzan has been brought to the modern world the way they have made this film is amazing the story is good my seven year old son loves this film it is different from the original but is worth a watch. Now the only problem I have found with this film is you only get the standard bluray version not as advertised 3d bluray + bluray but that's no real issue to me but if you are buying it for the 3d aspect then you must check before buying highly recommended.
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on 30 August 2014
After reading the negative reviews about this film on Amazon I nearly didn't purchase this film, but so glad I did, People seem to comparing this version to the Disney version.
Firstly it isn't a disney film so don't expect it to be the same.
I enjoy the story of Tarzan and how he was brought up living amongst the Apes until he meets his Jane, great version of the film, great animation, and great narration at the beginning of the film too explaining the story as it starts. I will definitely watch this again and would definitely recommend to children and adults, as long as your not expecting the characters from Disney and Phil Collins to start singing halfway through, just enjoy it for what it is, you won't be disappointed :-)
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on 28 September 2014
I must admit, that having caught the trailer for this movie on Youtube last year, I wasn't at all sure about the look of this new CGI Tarzan. A bit too 'surfer-dude' for my liking, but having now watched the full movie I can honestly say "Excellent Dude!" I've been saying for ages that with modern CGI they could make a really terrific Tarzan movie, and here we have it. I didn't imagine that they would animate all the human characters too, but yes it really worked for me. As for the humans, imagine if Gerry Anderson had progressed from his Thunderbird/Captain Scarlet puppets and was now making CGI animated movies. The motion-capture is superb and within minutes you are totally immersed into this fantastical adventure. The jungle and landscapes are to die for, and do not suffer from any comparison with the 'Avatar' movie. I do hope they continue to make more adventures of this new animated Tarzan. I'm hooked!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 September 2015
Firstly, if you don't appreciate the classic stories being re-worked, then you probably won't care for this movie at all, as it bares very little resemblance to the original 'Tarzan' tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs. If you know nothing about the real Tarzan, then you might possibly like it. I'd say this was okay for the children, it has a novelty of being set in modern times, but for me, a 23 year old, it isn't something that I'd choose to watch again, Disney it most certainly isn't!

Tarzan is American here, and apparently came up with the name himself after playing with a doll. Following a helicopter crash, his parents are killed, but the young boy survives. A kindly gorilla discovers him and takes the kid in as one of her own. Time passes, and Tarzan becomes ruler of the gorillas. From there, he sets eyes on the beautiful Jane, falls in love, faces dangerous challenges, and now must now save her from danger, as well as his home.

I thought that the movie's 3D animation was pretty good, Tarzan's world looked great, as did most of the animals, and the waterfall effects were lovely. The fairly straight-forward storyline though, was pretty mediocre, and as nothing about it really grabbed me, I was left feeling that it had been quite dull. Some reviewers on Amazon have commented about the 'annoying narration', but I didn't mind it, and think it helped the story go on. Although bits were possibly slightly overdone, I had no problems with that.

I did say that this film would probably appeal to children, and although I do believe that, there is a little animal death which may upset the very young ones, you may wish to view those bits first.

A fun enough to pass away 90 minutes, there are some funny bits which made me smile throughout, but this film is by no means a memorable entry in the 'Tarzan' franchise.

The DVD contains some decent special features, including a 'Making Off', a behind the scenes featurette with voice actors Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locke, and an 'Animal Shoot'.
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on 1 September 2014
Bought for my grandsons but loved it myself some normal bits like me Tarzan you Jane stuff bt quite funny and with a serious message attached
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on 2 September 2014
I found nothing wrong with this film. I don't know why there are any bad reviews. It's not Disney - but never the less... it's a great Tarzan film. Animation of the Jungle and Water , caves etc... were fantastic. I would definitively recommend this movie!!
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on 27 August 2014
This film is very entertaining, good story line, good concept bringing it into the modern era, graphics are very good, but there's always a but, it's not " Tarzan ".
Why has he turned American ???
The closest to the books is "Greystoke the Legend of Tarzan", but why oh why can't the books be brought to the big screen.
Enjoy the film for what it is but it isn't " Tarzan ".
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