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I have a couple of flat bed scanners but when I was offered this free to test and review I was intrigued as I have never used a wand type scanner before and could something as small produce the sort of results I get on my other scanners. The answer is yes and no, if you want to do volume scanning of A4 sheets get something else but if you want something that is very versatile and will even scan the paintings on the wall and a page from your Kindle then this is for you.
Primarily I wanted something to scan till receipts as I keep a spreadsheet record of all my expenditure and wanted to associate a scanned image with each spreadsheet entry. For this it is brilliant even at the low resolution (300dpi) at the highest resolution (900dpi) it does a very respectable scan of a colour photograph.
I have posted 3 scans in customer images, I have deliberately included these as although they show the quality of the scans they also show how you need a steady hand, I am improving with practice. I am sure most people will do better from the start.
EDIT After lots of practice I am now getting superb results I have now posted a customer image of the same photo of a panda but scanned with a much steadier hand (It seems to have been slightly cropped in the publishing process, I do not know why). I have also posted a copy of the original photograph, although Amazon reduce the resolution, so it is difficult to compare the photo was originally 5Mb in size, the scanned version seems to have more vivid colours, I particularly noticed the brownish red patch on the panda's head.

It is extremely easy to use all you have to do is put in batteries (It uses 2 X AA disposable batteries which is actually an advantage as you can always carry spares) and a micro SD card (be careful when you put the SD card in it goes contacts upwards which seemed to me to be the wrong way) and once you have set the time and gone through the calibration process you are ready to scan.
To scan simply select the resolution either 300dpi, 600dpi or 900dpi (the default is 300dpi which is fine for till receipts but you need a higher resolution for colour photographs) and the type of image JPG or PDF. Then press the scan button the green scan light comes on and slowly move the scanner across the image to be scanned once you get as far as you want to scan press scan again and the scan light goes off and the scan count goes up one.
If you scan too fast then a red error light comes up however I found that even when this happened the scan was often still useable.
If found that with till receipts it was actually easier to hold the scanner still and pull the till receipt through as this prevented it moving. On the underside of the scanner are 4 rollers which are certainly adequate to hold the scanner against even quite thin pieces of paper.
Once you have scanned to get the scans to your PC simply connect the supplied usb lead between the scanner and the PC and the scanner looks like a memory card and you can copy the images to wherever you want. If you have set the time all of the scans are time stamped, this is useful as it is a single directory structure and you need to be able to find the scans you want I have used a 16gb card and this will hold approx. 1760 scans highest resolution and 13600 scans lowest resolution.
It comes with a handy pouch to protect the scanner a usb lead and a mini dvd which contains ABBYY Fine Reader 9.0 Sprint a reasonable OCR programme which will integrate with Internet Explorer or Word. NOTE it will not integrate with Word 2013 and you need to deselect the option if you are running this version of word.
An excellent scanner so long as you have a steady hand (This will be applicable to any scanner of this type) and are not expecting to get the results you do from a flat bed scanner but much more versatile. There are so many times that I have been out when I would have liked to have scanned something and this can now live in my briefcase.
I never read other reviews until I have completed mine I have now done so and one other reviewer was complaining that to delete images you have to format the card, although this will certainly work it is not needed. I just right click on the images I want select CUT and then PASTE them to where I want them. They delete from the scanner and the scan count decreases appropriately.
I also did not find that the object being scanned slipped the 4 rollers seemed more than adequate to hold the thing being scanned. My hand wobbled but that is a different thing.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 9 May 2013
Just received this and am over the moon never expected it to be so good
so simple to use on testing got very good results
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 TaoTronics TT-DS001 Handheld Scanner 900DPI Color & Mono Handyscan For Document, Photo, Receipts, Books + JPG / PDF Format Selection (Micro SD Card, 2ea AA batteries required but not included).

This is perfectly adequate for any small priority job. I would prefer to enter the 21st century with a USB recharging lithium device rather than being tied to AA batteries like a 1998 digital camera. For a high priority job like very old and fragile photographs you will still want a 2400 DPI or better flatbed scanner. But for those simple emergency items you might run across while in the field this is a handy lightweight hardcopy to JPG tool. It would be far better to be 100 miles from nowhere and have and not need it than to need it and not have it. The scanners jPG photo is far superior to a copy made from a coin operated copy machine that was serviced sometime this decade.

I found the initial setup of this devise a bit complicated. I had to go up to the Mall for a package of AA batteries, and an SD card. Having finally secured these three items it was then a breeze. Pop in the batteries, set the whie ballance with the narrow piece of white balance example paper supplied in the shipping box. It has the steps to get to the balance adjusting mode printed on it. I would have set the time and date at that point but I am out of paper clips. The first scan was very simple.

1. Turn it on
2. Toggle the resolution to Medium
3. Set out the item to scan.
4. tap the power/scan button, green light says go.
5. Roll across target surface.
6. tap the Power/Scan button again to toggle the green scanning light off.
7. Plug USB2-mini into scanner
8. Open folder to View files.
9. Navigate to saved JPG file. (Move, copy, delete, as needed)

OR if using SD card reader (save battery time in the field).

7b. press and hold power button until device is in power off state.
8b. pull SD card and insert into reader.
9b. insert reader in desktop USB slot to access the scanned object picture.
10b. Open folder to View files.
11b. Navigate to saved JPG file. (Move, copy, delete, as needed)

So, as you see the preperation of device for startup most difficult part was a saturday trip to the mall. God what a nightmare. Park on the end of the lot, ride a tram to the building, the first two conveniently located stores were sold out of AA and SD cards with a capacity under 16GB. Fortunately the little camera shop on the upper level Rotunda had not been gutted yet.

OCR= Optical Character Recognition software. This is used to scan a page to a text file.
The OCR included with the TaoTronics TT-DS001 is. ABBYY ver.10. If you want to be up to date I am sure you can buy ABBYY version 12 at your convenience. This software is used if you wish to scan to a text file, or PDF, Word, etc.

Up to 900 DPI Resolution. OCR Software can help to edit your scanned document easily. It is possible to take it with you due to its portable and convenient features. Package contents: TaoTronics TT-DS001 Scanner, Cloth, USB cable, CD, Manual, bag, 1 year TaoTronics warranty.

I recently found myself out in the wild needing to copy the scrawled entries on the leaves of a 200 year old family bible that will only see the light of day for a birth or a death. I seriously wish I had one of these in the travel bag. Not perfect or even excellent, it would have been far better than trying to make phone snapshots with bad lighting.
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on 26 September 2013
2013 New Model" - TaoTronics® TT-DS001 Mobile Scanner Handheld Scanner Document Scanner 900DPI Colour & Mono Handyscan For Document, Photo, Receipts, Books + JPG / PDF Format Selection

I have reviewed this handy little scanner on my YouTube channel [...] and if this link is deleted by the moderators then please search YouTube for this video review watch?v=5RM5M8sOtf0 if interested. You need to watch the quality of the scanning and the ease of using this scanner.

- Reasonable priced accessory that works well with laptops, android devices or any USB OTG phone or tablet
- Would be very useful for students to scan photos and tables from thick books for projects as its a pain using a flatbed scanner for scanning bits from thick books.
- Will be useful for people who work from location or travelling salesmen
- It scans long strip of bills, patterns on cloth, books, cards in black and white and color very nicely.
- I was surprised with the good quality of the scans even in low quality and in high quality my video reviews shows that it even picks up the thread in the patterns of the bedsheet scanned by me and very nice quality images and text even at 300% zoom
- Easy acess to all features including microsd card and battery compartment
- OCR software included but I didnt use it so cant comment on its usefulness but its there if you need it.
- Very portable, powered by AA battery, easy to use, comes with sleek pouch, good manual
- Will be nice to scan personalised cards made by my child for her grandparents and email the photo to them without needing to use the big scanners.
- People interested in geneology will find this useful for scanning little bits of info for their family tree.

- Sorry i couldnt find any negative points! Wish I had got something like this long ago. This was the first time I used a portable scanner and I have two flat bed scanner at home and would gladly use this portable scanner for scanning photos and tables for my presentations for teaching purposes. Wish i has had this earlier as life would have been easier trying to scan small bits from thick books.
- You need a steady hand but its very easy and didnt have issues with errors, even the long strip of billing was easy to scan with only minor errors but still very easy to read.
- If you need to scan entire books or manuals then you are better off using a flatbed scanner. This will be useful for smaller jobs and on the move jobs.

Very pleased to have been given the opportunity to review this excellent product. I never imagined that a portable handheld scanner could be this good at resolution and colour accuracy and text sharpness. I will be using this product for a long while for scanning stuff for my teaching presentations at work and scanning all my old photos at my mums place abroad on my next holiday so that my child can see them at her leisure.

Disclaimer: I received this product free for honest review purposes and have had it for almost two weeks now before writing my review. You can see from my youtube review (link given above) that what i have said here is an honest reflection of the quality of the scanning.
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on 27 December 2013
I was considering purchasing this device and sent a few detailed enquiries to TaoTronics. They responded very quickly with the required information and subsequently offered me a scanner and Micro SD memory card for free to review.
I have a fair amount of experience with both office and home scanners and a few years ago also bought a hand held scanner of a different type and make. My particular interest is in optical character recognition (OCR).
I assembled the TaoTronics scanner as directed in the instruction manual and set the time and date etc. The manual is not particularly comprehensive, but the operation of the device is simple and intuitive. The initial set up is a bit fiddly, but once done it can be left alone. Operation of the scanner is very straight forward and good results can be obtained from first usage. It is particularly good for scanning books where curvature of the pages can cause problems for flat bed scanners. By altering the orientation of the scanner - the light and sensors are on one side the wheels are on the other - the pages can be scanned close in to the spine. I have on very few occasions obtained a scan with the text as a mirror image, which can be very easily remedied with various software packages (not supplied with this scanner). From the OCR perspective the file type option of jpeg/ pdf is very useful as pdfs of texts lend themselves to being transformed to editable text more readily. I have only scanned using the highest resolution as the resultant file sizes are quite modest. A 8GB card was supplied which can hold something of the order of 3000 pages. This can be increased by the insertion of a larger card, up to a 32 GB limit.
Scanning of photographs is also easily done to either jpeg or pdf. Although it does not produce scans of the same quality as a flatbed scanner the general result is very fair. Any tendency to waver on the part of the operator can result in some slight distortion. If this is important then better results can be obtained by using a guide e.g. the back of a book. Some problems can occur when the image has no margin. In these cases when starting a scan the wheels can catch on the edge and cause the scanner to skew - however by placing a card frame around or card strips on either side this can be overcome.
Data transfer to a PC is easy and fast via the USB lead supplied and I have had some very good results with OCR. One feature which could be improved from my view point is that when the scanner is switched off and then back on the default settings return i.e. jpeg & low resolution whereas I would have switched off with pdf and high resolution.
I've not used the software on the mini disk supplied with the scanner as my latest spec laptop is not capable of reading it, having a slot rather than a dual disk tray. However my standard software packages have no problem in handling the downloaded data.
My previous hand scanner, purchased some years ago, produced very poor results. The TaoTronics scanner is in a different league entirely.
Although scanning of pages is relatively fast, any bulk scanning would probably be better done on a different type of scanner.
I can't say what durability is like as it's early days.
IN SUMMARY : the TaoTronic scanner is a very good portable, easy to use device and will certainly be very useful to me. From the OCR perspective it will fit the bill with my requirements for usage in libraries etc.
I'm a "hard marker" hence no 5 stars - there's always room for improvement.
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on 12 November 2014
This device is sold under many different brand names. All of them are universally compatible as they connect as a simple USB mass storage device. E.g. all scanning takes place on the device itself (no configuration is done by drivers on your computer) and then pictures are accessible as from a USB memory stick when the scanner is connected.

Works with Linux, Mac, and Windows therefore.
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on 16 September 2014
The product came in a very small box, the scanner works fine and it has surpassed all of my expectations fro a £40 handheld scanner. It truly does scan at high resolutions and the images can be of any length. I use it all the time at Collage and at home scanning work and books as well as receipts and bills.

The only Con with the device so far is how straight i have to keep the device as is scan, Yes I understand the device is handheld and it takes lots of effort on my side, but other than that I have nothing to fault.

The device is good on batteries and it doesn't have a drain on them when powered off. I have showed it off to all of my friends and I have staff asking me to use it too. Best thing i have got so far :D
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This is my second wand scanner, thanks to my wife, who decided to take my trusted ion COPY CAT document scanner for use in the library, where she spends most of her free time. So after a couple of months I decided to get another one for myself, yet I was not ready to fork out over 90 Euros for the same style scanner. So I decided to have a look at cheaper offerings, and found that the TaoTronics® TT-DS001 ticked the right boxes. (at least on paper)

The TT-DS001 scanner came in a "frustration free" packaging which included a soft carry case, USB cable, a software CD containing Abby Fine Reader Sprint and a User Manual. You will need to buy 2 AA batteries and a micro USB card (up to 32GB) to avoid disappointment, as they are not included.

The scanner is compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP and Mac OS 10.4 or above. However the supplied OCR software is only compatible with Windows.

The standard 2cm by 1.3cm LCD displays selected resolution, battery status, file number and PDF/JPG selection.

Some reviewers noted that the user manual was not adequate. Taotronics have addressed the issue and offer a very comprehensive user manual. It contains diagrams and photos explaining how the scanner should be used, a spec sheet and a troubleshooting section.

The design and solid build quality is identical to my ion Copy Cat, bar a tiny hole which is intended to set the date and time. This is a very useful feature as it allows viewing of the date and time of scanned media.

As with all wand scanners, it does require some practice to get used to achieving aligned text and pictures. You do need a steady hand or device a way to facilitate linear scanning. Yet once mastered, you will be able to scan documents, photos and, most of all, pages from books which would not fit into a normal flatbed scanner. Yet the biggest advantage of any wand scanner is portability.

The TT-DS001 is truly outstanding in reproducing the colour fidelity of scanned images. It is way better than my multifunction printer/scanner and offers 3 settings for dpi: 300, 600 and 900. Now if you are familiar with flatbed scanners, you might have noticed the varying scan speeds at which the scanner head moves, with 300 dpi being much faster than higher dpi settings. The same applies here. The manual states the maximum scanning speed in relation to an A4 size sheet.

A4 sheet: 300dpi - 3secs / 600dpi - 8secs / 900dpi - 12secs

I do find that 900 dpi is overkill, and very good results can be achieved at 300dpi. This setting will also trigger far less errors, (indicated by a dedicated red ERR LED) thanks to the generous scanning speed. I have tested the included OCR software, and it works a treat with documents scanned at 300 dpi.

This has become my favourite wand scanner thanks to the feature set and awesome scan quality.

Taotronics have managed to pull it off once again! They have managed to produce a premium wand scanner which could easily outperform much costlier offerings.
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on 4 September 2015
I wanted this item to use to scan photographs when visiting family for my family history research. Taking away their precious photos to scan at home is not always convenient especially when there is a distance between you. So I've practised using this handheld scanner for a few days to get the best out of it. I was disappointed with my first attempts because I found that scanned images are not constructed well due to my inability to track across the photo in a consistent manner. So there were obvious deviations in the resulting image, for example vertical lines took on a wavy appearance as did the edge of the photo.
I've overcome this by using the spine of a heavy book to act as a guide for the left hand edge of the scanner. I find I can lean on the book and scan and hold the photo all at the same time and this has removed the imperfections. Heavy downward pressure on the scanner whilst moving across the photo is more often than not all that is required to get a good clean scan.
Of course out in the 'field' one needs to be able to come up with a method that is going to give consistent results as there is no way of knowing until the image is transferred and viewed if you have got it right.
As for the quality of the output. First impressions are the greyscale photos are fine. Colour photos seem over saturated compared with the original. Document colours seem to be desaturated a little. This is of little consequence really as they will be passed through image manipulation software anyway.
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TaoTronic's Cordless Handheld Scanner is another excellent Chinese produced product that lacks significant instructions in order for you to get the most out of this product.

Again, I had to go to the company's website, in order to find more and clearer explanations on the features.


-White Balance: Auto
-Resolution: Low 300 x 300 dpi (default), 600 x 600 dpi, 900 x 900 dpi
-Maximum Scanning Speed: Color High resolution: 13 Seconds; Color Low resolution: 3.0 Seconds; Mono High resolution: 6.0 Seconds; Mono Low resolution: 2.0 Seconds
-Storage Number: Capacity based on 2GB microSD card. 900 dpi color 400 Photos (High), 300 dpi color 1500 Photos (Low)
-File Format: JPEG/PDF
-LCD: Scanning status display
-Auto Power Off: 3 Minutes
-Storage: MicroSD / TF card (Not Included)
-External Memory: MicroSD/
-Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (not included)
-Operating System: Windows up to Windows 8.1 MAC OSX
-Interface: USB Port

The set features:
-1 x Scanner
-1 x Cloth Bag
-1 x USB Cable
-1 x Cleaning Cloth
-1 x CD
-1 x User Manual

** You're also going to need the following items (not included):
+ a micro SD card
+ 2x AA batteries

The scanner has an easy to follow function button that allows you to adjust the settings where you select a low, medium or high resolution scan and to save the image as either a jpg or pdf format.

When I scanned a small check I received this evening, it took about 10 seconds and the image came out beautifully.

All in all, the Handheld scanner is an A-
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