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3.9 out of 5 stars163
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2013
I have to agree with the other reviewers here that although this is a good read the author goes off on a tangent with the Michael episode. The plot of Jesse needing Sinclair to pretend to be his girlfriend so his parents won't find out that he's gay and then Sinclair hitting it off with Reed would have been more than enough for this romance. Michael just confuses thing. Is this a horror? A romance? Suspense? Its not sure what it wants to be and that does detract from what could have been an excellent book. Having said that I really loved Sinclair, Reed and Jesse especially, there were the odd moments where I chuckled and a few of Reed making me swoon so it wasn't all that bad. Overall I'd recommend it.
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on 31 October 2015
This book was a really enjoyable read, although I didn't enjoy the ending. Sinclair is a normal young woman whose been hurt before so is more reserved with her heart, she works, reads and enjoys her friends which leads her to the weekend at Jesse's family home. Jesse is her best friend and also gay, he hasn't told his family and Sin agreed to be his girlfriend for the weekend. Unfortunately she didn't count on his brother being the one who would stir her insides. Reed is instantly attracted to Sin even though he's currently engaged with Sela, he knows its not meant to be but meeting Sin confirms that. Will they allow their feelings to grow or will something sinister stop them in their tracks?
This story was good, the writing, plot and characters are good. This is an engaging read and kept me glued to the story. Lots of angst, some cute moments, not much romance but the sex is hot, the plot has a sinister turn which had potential, but the ending was too quick and didn't go into it. Sin's feelings toward Reed are not discussed and she doesn't call him out about his apparent behaviour, it seemed rushed. overall I enjoyed the read and would recommend apart from the stories conclusion.
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on 25 November 2013
OK this is not perhaps going to win awards for a standout novel.
But it was free and you have to hand it to the author for bringing us some uniqueness in terms of the storyline - talk about giving it a go!

To start with we have a hairdresser in the lead female role - OK that's different - not seen that before and the salon she works in is called "Tangled" - cute name!
We have the rich family - OK seen that before
The lead male is a gorgeous solicitor - OK seen that before too
The premise of the story is to convince the family that the lead female is dating their (obviously) gay son and make it look genuine - different
There is an underlying story of a stalker - not seen too much of that before either

There is a hint of old school Jackie Collins to the storyline, but with a modern twist and quite honestly I really liked the writing.

A speedy read - managed to get through it in a day - overall quite enjoyable!
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on 5 August 2015
Having read other reviews I wasn't sure what I'd get with this book. The author randomly came up in my search through my typical genre - zombies, vampires etc, but when I searched out Kristen Middleton I thought I'd start with these books. This is not a vampire book, nor is it really a thriller....but it's a bloody good, fiery romance. I agree with other reviewers on the sub-plot on really wasn't needed, but don't let those reviews put you off. This book is so funny from page one - I laughed throughout it - really great dialogue, particularly between Jesse and Sin. The only reason it's not a five star is because it's not my typical read, and it's one of the shortest books I've read in some time. Very enjoyable overall....thanks Kristen.
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on 3 November 2014
Fun and not to be taken seriously it was a book that i soon read and enjoyed, it was fun and frivolous and everyone needs a best friend like Jesse. I did find it slightly bizarre with the twist at the end wen she was taken by her stalker (sorry for spoiling it) i didn't think think there was any need for this part and feel that it was added after an after thought. I also didn't understand the dynamic of the parents, i think this could have been written better and you could still they weren't the best parents ever if K.L Middleton hadn't been so extreme in how she portrayed them. It was cheesy inlaces but as i said before it was fun and certainly not a masterpiece
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on 23 October 2013
This book isn't very long. I read it in one sitting. It's currently free, which is even better.

I really liked the main characters and even though it is predictable I was still gripped and laughed at Jesse and swooned over Reed. To very loveable brothers.

Spoiler alert... the one bit that I thought was random was Sinclair's stalker... It didn't add anything to the story. I just didn't get it.

Well worth a read.
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on 5 April 2014
This started off really good but then just got rediculose towards the end. Loved Sin and her gay best friend Jesse loved the banter between them. Couldn't really get into Reed he knew what Sera was up to and I didn't like the way he pandered to her every need. For God's sake grow a set. The point were it got absurd for me was Michael the stalker really why even make that part of the story. He showed up took Sin and then he was gone again. The whole thing was rushed and not necessary. Luckily I didn't pay for this book and I won't be getting the next one.
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on 15 September 2013
My feelings on this story - LOATHE, HATE, DESPISE.

One dimensional, shallow, pathetic characters - cliches of a cliches.
Slut shaming, girl-on-girl hate, sexist, borderline homophobic, awful plot blah blah....

The Characters:

Heroine: poor, little, uneducated, average me Hair Stylist. She's adopted too - Poor Orphan Annie.

Hero: tall, dark, handsome, OLD MONEY rich, annoying playboy of the model/ actress dating type. A lawyer - because despite his daddy's OLD money he needs to have a job outside the family firm. No morals, no principles. All the women he meets are after his money, or his father's connections, are shallow, $luts... UNTIL HE MEETS THE HEROINE!!!!! Additionally, apparently he's always busy with his court cases (I think he's in Criminal law- not a Corporate lawyer as I'd assume - so either he's thinking of becoming a politician or the author didn't realise that type of law pays peanuts and most rich boys circulate the Corporate sector). Also he posses a self-righteous "I'm so IMPORTANT and busy- my clients need me" attitude.
Additionally, apparently he's in the papers due to his playboy showbiz-dating lifestyle (he even had an ex gf spread rumours about him being an unsteady alcoholic womaniser) - at 27 years old (still making his career) that doesn't bode well for his legal career - it's suicidal in fact. This author really doesn't know much about professional conduct.

Gay Friend: formulaic gay recipe of b*tchy, camp, into fashion, pretty with blond highlights - basically he's not a manly man because he's gay and has to follow a cliche (and because every cliched Heroine requires a CAMP camp friend who's bi&tchy). He's the hero's brother - but unlike the manly, brave hero he's frightened to come out of the closet.

Hero's Mother: snobby, judgmental, cold, shallow, poor manners (because rich people despite all those finishing schools aren't well bred- that's sarcasm btw), and uncaring because that's how rich mothers are.

Hero's father: rich, shallow, immoral, pervy and a casting director of the cliched sleazy type (because rich people have no depth to them- all that moeny you know)

Hero's fiancee: rich, shallow, $lutty, immoral, bimbo, conniving, after-hero's-connections, a top Paris fashion model who thinks everyone above a size 0 is fat (because all rich girls and models are like this - only poor girls can have the moral high ground)
Also the Camp gay Friend said his parenst wanted him to have a serious career (lawyer or doctor) like his lawyer brother (their darling) but that doesn't make sense since the father is in showbiz?

Baddie: typical cliched baddie. Won't say more but it's obvious who it is.

The Plot
Poor annie orphan wins rich guy (from old money) despite french models throwing themselves at him and her being only a stylist and him a hotshot playboy with a serious career - a lawyer.
Scene 1:
Heroine: I love my job. I am a stylist!

Scene 2:
Camp Gay Friend: I am Gay!
Heroine: you are camp, fashionable and a Queen B*tch!
Camp Gay Friend: but of course coz I'm Gay!
Heroine: you are so Gay!
Camp Gay Best Friend: But Parents Won't Accept it!
Heroine: poor you!!! It's all that OLD MONEY!
Camp Gay Friend: they also don't like my arty career!
Heroine: It's all that OLD MONEY!
Camp Gay Friend: they want me to be like my lawyer brother
Heroine: It's all that OLD MONEY
Camp Gay Friend: yes - we must have SERIOUS careers
Heroine: its all that OLD MONEY
Camp Gay Friend: I need you to pose as my girlfriend
Heroine: ok

Scene 3:
Camp Gay Friend: hello Butler, this is my gf
Butler: Hello Miss Whatever
Heroine: I am a HUMBLE poor girl- use my name
Butler: Miss Whatever
Heroine: I am NOT rich or shallow. Use my first name!

Scene 4:
Camp Gay Friend: hello Mother
Hero's Mother: I am rich
Heroine: You are OLD MONEY. Thus have no manners!
Hero's Mother: I am shallow and a snob!

Scene 5:
Hero's Father: hello. I am a Pervert.
Hero's Mother: Hero is coming with Fiancee!
Camp Gay Friend: Hero is PLAYBOY!
Hero's Mother: he's 27. Wants to settle down
Camp Gay Friend: is Fiance preggers?
Hero's Mother: no idea! But everyone loves Hero
Camp Gay Friend: hero has EVERY girl after him!

Scene 6:
Hero: women are shallow and $luts!
Fiancee: I am shallow!
Hero: why am I with her?
Fiancee: why are you always busy?
Hero: I am BUSY
Fiancee: you're ALWAYS BUSY with Court!
Fiancee: not fair! I am shallow!

===Hero and Fiancee make out====

Scene 7:
Heroine: hero is HOT!!!!
Hero: Heroine is HOT!! I will ogle despite engagement!
Fiancee: I am shallow and Heroine is FAT!!!
Heroine: I am slim. You are SKINNY and SHALLOW!
Hero: yes Fiancee is too SKINNY and shallow! So it's ok to ogle Heroine!
Heroine: she is stupid and shallow!
Camp Gay Friend: yes Fiancee is shallow!
Hero's Mother: I like Fiancee because she is shallow!
Hero's Father: I am a pervert!!!!

Scene 8:
Hero: my Fiancee is shallow! Not the fault of my taste!
Heroine: I am HUMBLE and not Shallow!
Hero: you are REAL! Not shallow!!!
Heroine: I am poor and not a model!
Hero: she is shallow so ok to look at other women!

===they make out despite engagement==

Scene 9:
Fiancee: I am shallow
Hero's Father: I am PERVERT!
Fiancee: lets make out!
Heroine: oh no! I have stumbled upon this! But she is shallow!

Anyway, I gave up around this time. The story was boring and you kind of get what it'll be like.
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on 15 December 2013
- although there is a stalker. Throw together a beautiful but wary girl, rich people with Hollywood connections, a gay guy, his hot brother, parents who are difficult and you have a plot.
Sinclair acts as Jesse's girlfriend for a party at his rich parents house. Reed, his brother, appears with his bitchy model girlfriend. However sparks fly between Reed and Sinclair.
It's a very quick read but fun and light. Three and a half stars.
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on 14 December 2013
Really enjoyable book. It tickled by funny bones several times I lost count. The mixture of passion and wit in the characters left me rushing back from work every day to reunite with my kindle. I can't decide which character I loved best in the book - Jesse, Sinclair or the good looking Reed. I was so sad to finish this book and will go scouring for other books written by this wonderful authoress. Good work Ms Middleton!!
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