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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2001
Having been a complete newcomer to the Greek language (any language besides English for that matter) and not having time to go to a class I bought this book and tape set as I have been preparing for a lengthy stay in the Greek Islands. I was pleasantly surprised how far in 2 weeks I have progressed. On the basis of the first 3 chapters in the book you are taught the basic greetings and how to count to one hundred and the tape exercises offer you a chance to practice and reinforce the learnings in the book. The written exercises in conjunction with the tapes allow you an opportunity to eavesdrop and see how much you actually understand. I would recommend this title and tape pack to anyone who is thinking about getting an introduction to the Greek language - it is informative, reinforcing and easy to use. Emphasis is put on teaching you the Greek alphabet and as the book progresses the phonetic spellings are removed and an opportunity to sound out the letters is given. Each lesson builds on the last one and the conversations include words and phrases from previous chapters. The more you play the tape the more reinforcing it is and the easier the pronounciation becomes. It's not an easy language - but in this format and a bit of perseverance you'll learn a lot about the structure of the language and have a grounding to move on to more indepth study.
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on 2 April 2002
Having started a beginners greek class I was looking for a cheap book to reinforce what I had learnt in the class. This was by far the best book I came across. It is very informative. Our class has followed a very similar format to the book, so the book has been great at helping me with my homework. Our greek teacher is a great believer in that you cannot learn greek without learning the alphabet first. If you are thinking about learning greek this book is an excelllent place to start.
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VINE VOICEon 22 December 2006
This introduction to Greek is a gem of a short course which lives up to the claim on the cover: "The ideal course for absolute beginners." It consists of a 128 page book and two cds. The cds are well integrated with the book and the course moves smoothly from one to the other (don't even think about getting the book only - the cds are an integral part of the course and add immeasurably to it). There are lots of short spoken exercises which help with learning and build confidence in speaking. The best way of using the course is carefully explained in the introduction and the page layouts are outstanding - very clear, all the Greek is highlighted and it is very easy to follow. In the first three of the ten units the Greek is supplemented by Roman transcription while the Greek alphabet is introduced, but the transcription is subordinated to the Greek and can be easily ignored (which you should do as soon as you can).

The course is aimed at those who speak no Greek but are heading off for a holiday or a visit to Greece. The vocabulary and phrases are well focussed on this aim and once the course is assimilated, you should be able to make yourself understood in Greek in some common situations. Whether you will be able to understand the responses you get is another matter. Greek is not an easy language and it has a complex grammar. There is a very brief grammatical section at the back of the book which attempts to brush over some key grammar points (articles, plurals, the present tense of the simplest verbs), but it doesn't take you very far. The sad fact is that in a course of this brevity you cannot hope to get beyond a very basic stage in learning the language.

Nevertheless, this is a good way to start. The cds are very interactive and you can make rapid progress with a little application. I am sure you will find the course enjoyable and at the end of it you will be well placed to move on to a more comprehensive course (I like the Oxford Take Off in Greek -see my review- but you might prefer Colloquial Greek or Teach Yourself Greek).

If you just want to be able to say a few words or make yourself understood during your visit to Greece, this course is ideal. Good luck with understanding the responses!
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on 15 July 2003
Talk Greek is a must if you want to learn the basics. The ten units take you quickly from understanding how to say hello, good morning and goodbye through to asking for help, directions and the menu. The cassettes are great and really helpful for absolute beginners. The Greek alphabet with corresponding English sounds on page 6 is just the beginning of this great little language course.
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on 27 July 2003
Would definatly recommend this book. The tape can be used with and without the book. The book is great for running through and supporting the tape.
We have been using the book/tape to give us a start of greek so we can enjoy our greek holiday more. The BBC have tailored the book for this very well.
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on 10 February 2009
Amazing - the BBC Active `Talk Greek' actually IS about talking - communicating - in Greek. And it is `active', with plenty of good practice material as well as regular quizzes.

It starts by focusing on the basics for social situations. The authors have clearly thought about what you might want to say: for example, to `How are you?' you learn to reply not only `Fine', but also `So-so' - a handy phrase that other courses seem to ignore. (When you're in a new country, you DON'T always feel `fine'!)

But what really clinched it for me (for that 5th star) is that the authors acknowledge that a place called Cyprus exists, and that people speak Greek here. Not that Cyprus features that often - but it is there, which is more than I can say for the other language courses I've sampled.

The voices on the two CDs are clear, with a varied range of speakers. The use of English is minimal, and the accompanying coursebook uses the Greek alphabet as much as possible. At the end there is a concise section on grammar basics, and the Greek-English glossary gives the definite article with all nouns (which is the way to learn nouns, as you need the article even with personal pronouns).

Bear in mind that this is definitely a basic beginner course, and doesn't purport to be anything else. It seems intended to feed into the BBC's more comprehensive `Greek Language and People' course, but is excellent on its own.
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on 24 October 2009
Talk Greek.
I am currently having Greek lessons..with Karen Rich who is one of the authors of Talk Greek..her lessons are fun and very informative.
It can be very daunting learning a new language anyway but with Greek not only are you learning a new language you have the fun of learning a whole new alphabet too.
I have just returned from Greece and it's amazing to be able to recognise letters and to be able ..or to attempt should I put these letters and sounds together and actually make a word.
The book Talk Greek is a great tool to help you along your way...if you have the added bonus of a great Greek teacher you're well on your way to opening up a whole new world for yourself.
If you are considering buying Talk Greek then go ahead you'll never look back..I haven't.
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on 1 May 2016
It Seems an excellent Way to learn Greek . I have just received it and it includes 2 Cds plus a book. A useful combination to learn.
I bought this for my students as I can speak and Greek and English very well. It has been published recently so it is up to date with the language. I received it earlier than expected too!And what is more it comes in a professional package! The package speaks a lot...

It is not an out of date like most of the books they publish online. I purchased one book written decades ago( trying to learn the drachmas Now Greece use EURO -what a joke) and that book was with meaningless discussions which is a waste of money. No one can learn from a book written in 1970s , 1980s. I was hearing the CD and I thought I was living in the 1960s.There are many such online .I made a mistake and I bought without checking dates.Be careful
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on 24 April 2010
This is alright to get some language into you but on the whole the phrases aren't terribly useful. When I arrived in Athens I found that I was always searching for a word to turn into Greek and failing to find what I wanted.

I felt that compared with other language guides that I've used this isn't amongst the best. It's not useless but I'm looking for something else to help the next time around and I think (if we manage to organise a trip to Berlin later in the year) I wouldn't be looking at the German equivalent as my first port of call. As we were very short of time I bought this blind and didn't have a chance to compare with other books and so I'd recommend that you go into a bookshop and look first to compare.
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on 6 August 2015
This course is good but it is hard at first for the beginner. The speakers on the CD's speak quickly so you may need to play it over. However, having done an will find the answers in the back of the book. Once you get the hang of it and learn a bit, you will be pleased and excited to learn more. The Greek language is really very fine and actually more simple that English language. I would give it 5 stars but for the rather too fast speech on some of the exercises on CD.
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