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3.7 out of 5 stars12
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2014
I would urge anyone to just do their research before they buy a Tacx product. Especially read what DCRainmaker says in his reviews about the fact Tacx stuff being buggy and support being poor. I love new stuff, gadgets etc and I am really tolerent of new kit but this took the biscuit. This is my experience since buying the Tacx genius multi-player in Novemebr 2013.

Poor software
The software issues are well documented online and I can confirm that to me they are as prevalent as ever. This left many users including me with no trainer for most of December 2013 with a complete v4.9 debacle with Software updates clearly going out with no testing.

Equipment never links up, I have the Tacx Ant+ heart monitor and I always have to spend 2 or 3 minutes getting this to link, it never does, I give up and then it starts about 5 minutes into each ride.

Poor hardware
My hardware has now also failed, just failed after less than 20 rides. The rear unit is completely dead. It also made a high pitched noise when in use from the start. I thought this was normal but i'm now not so sure. Checking for people with this issue now I realise i'm also not alone.

Poor support
Tacx support in my opinion, is just not great at all. At no stage did anyone ever apologise, they were rude on their forum to me and others, and I had multiple issues which really disrupted my training. They made me feel like it was me at fault whenever I communicated with them and I was clearly being used to test fixes or theories rather than having my issues resolved. When you spend £900+ on something you should expect to not be used as a guinnea pig.

Unusable online rides
Basically if you work then there were never any online rides to join or the ones I could at the weekend had 1 or 0 riders. I never did a multiplayer session and it wasn't for want of trying.

When it did work...
For about 3 weeks out of the 9, it was OK, but not great. The rear wheel slips if you are on a slight incline or trying to put some slight power down even when using the Tacx blue tyre, the virtual worlds aren't what you think they are. They're basically 1.6KM laps, the opponents are way too easy to beat and it ends up just me riding round the same circuit for 30 minutes on my own and i'm certainly nowhere near fit right now. The steering is a bit of a gimmick you soon tire of, it steers you automatically anyway and my steering rack was never in line. It seemed fine when calibrating, but during every training session I had to always tilt it slightly left to run straight which was annoying as its spring loaded. You put your head down for any time and you were in the barriers.

The GPS rides are OK, but you have to buy a Google Maps license yourself for about £30. They're also not that accurate for hills so they didn't really represent the trail super accurately. Don't get any ideas that you will be in a video street maps nirvana either. Its just a series of images as you go along, which is OK, but you end up just using the top down map view. This would be the same as any other trainer though.

My only saving grace was that I bought my unit from Wiggle and they really were excellent, refunding me quickly which allowed me to buy a replacement trainer quickly. I now use a Cycleops, it's way better, I don't miss the VR stuff at all and because it's an open standard there are all kinds of apps I can use with it like Trainerroad. The difference is simply unbelievable in the quality of ride, the software just works, I get home, I get on and I ride.

All in all this product was simply rubbish. At best it worked for a couple of weeks at a time before you got some sort of issue, it took way too long to get it all connected and going every time you trained but for most of the time it just broke fully and sat there gathering dust. I'd like to say I was unlucky but to be honest when you read what others have been saying both now and over the past years I think you're lucky if you get no issues.
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on 19 January 2013
I chose 4 stars because the trainer can be a bit jumpy on the computer screen and also because you don't really get any proper instructions with it. Its mostly trial and error how you learn to use it. I would recommend using the usb extender that comes with it as this stops the computer interfering with the wireless signal from the brake unit, its a nuisance when it loses connection mid programme and you have to stop and reset it. Other than that its a good trainer, very well made and comes well packaged, its expensive but I suppose we're all allowed a treat once in a while.
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on 7 January 2015
I want to love this as when its working its a great motivation to get on the turbo and do some winter training. When using Virtual Reality an hour or so slips away in what seems no time at all (something I've not been used to when using a turbo). The other turbo training settings such as the downloading and watching Tacx films, building your own workout plans are brilliant and work well. When set up correctly the information and data analysis is all you really need to hone any training requirements and can be easily uploaded to sites such as Strava. But and its a pretty big but, the software has been totally unreliable, i.e. from crashing to freezing for no apparent reason. After its done this on every other ride when in VR it begins to drive you nuts. That said, I have found the IT support to be pretty good (and I've used them on many occasions), even to the point of having the Tacx guys take over PC to fix some issues. Its currently working ok, so if you put up with a few teething issues (or at least I hope thats what they are) and you are reasonably computer litrate its brilliant.
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on 27 November 2012
First let me say that Im a 55 year old; returnee to cycling 5 years ago, who is a fair weather cyclist. As my health has improved and ive wanted to ride throughout the year Ive found the combination of potholes that make up Rotherham roads (thanks RMBC), Mobile phone using drivers, greasy conditions and my family's worries; a mitigating factor in spending the money on this trainer.

But it is worth every penny. All I can say is that once they get the street view issue sorted - hopefully with the new software release by Xmas, this is as good as it gets - ive used the GPS Google earth mapping function to recreate the rides that I do when the weather is fine and also to invent new ones. Im even planning to input the Tour de France route books and have a go from the safety of my House. (the flatter stages anyway) and ill miss out the Double pass up Alpe d'huez)

Ive seen a number of issues raised about the set up , and yes it takes a while, loading each update in order is essential, whilst remembering to disconnect the wireless usb does help. But it has been pretty straight forward. I have also bought a Tacx trainer tyre and that greatly improved things too.

The Vr Films - ive got the Touring ones, not Mont venteux and the serious stuff yet :-) are very realistic (even to the point of losing yourself in the landscape).

The positives are so positive that this is must buy for anyone who wants to maintain fitness and cycle anywhere in the world covered by google maps. If you love cycling and want to keep it up all year, scrap your Gym membership and invest in one of these. One other benefit is that i will now be buying another bike to ride in the nice weather and keeping my old bike on the Tacx genius - Genius is it.
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on 9 August 2015
I bought the I-Genius system to replace my conventional turbo trainer as I was finding the sessions on the old trainer to be extremely boring to the point where I was making excuses not to train. I was looking forward to riding some of the classic climbs and other routes using the automated brake resistance function.

The I-Genius arrived on time and the hardware only took an hour or so to set up. The package includes a CD containing the TTS4 software but unfortunately my laptop (like a lot of laptops) does not have a CD ROM. I searched the TACX website for a link to download the software but there was not one so I contacted customer support (this can only be done by email, they do not post their phone number). Customer support responded quickly and sent me a link to download the software. Once the software was installed it was clear that a lot of the functions of TTS4 were not working, notably the virtual reality function. I contacted customer support again and after a long series of emails one of the technicans took control of my laptop and tried to sort the problem. However he was unable to get the software working properly and had to pass the problem to a software engineer. He did say my laptop did not meet the minimum requirements for the software which surprised me so I ran the TACX software compatibility program (downloaded from the TACX website). The result of the test confirmed my laptop does meet the minimum requirements, which I pointed out to TACX.

It is now a month since I received the I-Genius and I am restricted to using the GPS ride function. I have tried downloading a video to ride a virtual reality course but I cant get it to work. I am currently waiting for TACX support to get back to me again. They have not responded to my last two emails. I was prepared to give TACX a shot at fixing these issues before writing a review but as they are not responding to emails anymore I decided to write the review anyway. I would give the product a one star rating but to be fair the TACX the GPS ride function is very good and the initial customer support was very efficient. The feeling a riding uphill is quite realistic until your speed drops to below 10kph, then the pedalling action becomes very jerky and the back wheel begins to slip. For me this occurs on inclines of 10% or above. I bought a training tyre which has helped.

I really want to like this product but the software is not great (in that it doesn't work properly). I have decided that if the software issues are not sorted in the next week or so I will send this product back to Amazon.

December 2015 - So I have been using this product since the end of the summer and although some of the software issues have been sorted I am still far from impressed. I would say 1 ride in 3 is marred by some sort of issue with the kit. it is very frustrating not being able to just switch on the brake, load the software, select your training and go. Instead it is a case of loading the software and crossing your fingers in hope you can train without issue. Most of the problems concern the brake and wireless connection to the laptop. The software either doesn't detect the brake, or will not let me configure it, or will allow me to configure it but lose it again in the middle of a ride. All in all I advise avoiding this product.
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on 27 March 2014
Overall this is a very good product. Prior to ordering this I searched for reviews and noted a number saying it was hard to set up the software. The software proved to a pain to set up. However, I found Tacx support very helpful, responding to queries within a day so I now have it up and running and have been cycling through Italy from the comfort of my own home! I have not got google earth street view working well yet but but this may reflect download speeds of my connection rather than it not working. I have seen comments on the Internet suggestiing that problems with streetview are a product of Google limitation rather than the Tacx software. Overall I would recommend this product. I also considered the equivalent Elite product but at about £300 more expensive it was difficult to see that there was much to choose between the Tacx and Elite products so I selected the Tacx product.
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on 25 November 2013
After some initial problems getting the software to run, a couple of updates to be applied, and having to reconnect the various devices again after an update, got it up and running, and has worked like a dream since. have bought a couple of the movies, and they are brilliant, a real bonus to having to train indoors to help take you mind off it.

Can recommend this highly enough, yes it is a bit more expensive than a normal turbo, but the advantage of using the in built training programmes or creating your own make turbo session a lot more interesting and beneficial.
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on 30 December 2014
works well and not that complicted to set up. Tacx online services drematically need improving, very poor user exeperiences when downloading content and paying for new services.
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on 20 April 2014
My son and I spent hours trying to get this kit to work. The most frustrating waste of time. Instruction virtually non-existent. Thankfully I did not part with my old turbo with 8600 miles on the clock, so still able to train. Do not buy this! Go out on the road instead, or buy a Turbo that works for one quarter the price.
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on 20 January 2015
Set up relatively easy........good quality and still works well after two months.
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