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Your router is very fast if it's not faulty. But your broadband speed is not just about your router. Check your home network LAN (wifi) speed, which better reflects your router speed. Your internet speed is dependent on your ADSL download speed and your home set up, so your perceived slow internet is unlikely to be caused by your router. There are lots of broadband speed checkers on the internet that will give your ADSL (broadband supply) speed and your speed at your PC or laptop so that you can see where your losses occur. If you establish it's your modem router then send it back. If it's your supply speed contact your ISP. My home is quite big and solid and my router gives me good high speed wifi all over the house for streaming videos from my NAS for example, but my broadband speed is slow because I live 2 miles from the ADSL telephone exchange. Hope that helps.
11 Aug 2014 by Plancius
I am far from an expert, but I belkieve that almost any device should link to almost any modem. The issue is to correctly put in the device settings on set up. Hope this helps, cheers!
21 days ago by LOTUSRACER
I used to have the same problem. I talked endlessly to TalkTalk but they wouldn't replace the modem FOC. Once I had replaced the useless free modem/router that they had supplied (all companies hand out the cheapest possible) with a similar router, all my dropouts disappeared. The connection is faster and the wireless is stronger throughout the house.
8 Jan 2014 by A. Denial
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