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My modem measures, 9.4 long x 5.7 wide x 1.8 deep all in cms And it works very well.
30 Nov 2013 by Terry
yes it can either usb port on computer or attach power adapter to usb cable.
19 Mar 2014 by MoniekjeH
Should work anywhere, I used it in turkey, just need to set it up with correct apn settings for the network operator
3 Feb 2014 by Jflan
Yes, the M5350 will work with any gsm normal sized sim card. Have fun using it.
30 Dec 2013 by Ahmad Sada
According to the TP-Link User Guide page 5, it will work in 29 countries including Italy.
28 Nov 2013 by acheung
No. I have both as well and use the M5350 when away from home, and also at home as a fall-back if my existing ISP & Router has a glitch. The M5350 will be setup to broadcast a different wireless nrtwork/SSID to your existing router - so just make sure your pc/tablet/phone is connecting to the right one as relevant. I found this device easy to setup and use, so happily recommend it. I use it with a T-Mobile rolling 30-day data SIM for the 3G connection.
14 Mar 2014 by Tim S.
Sorry, I don't know. It worked well for me in Brazil - not sure if Brazil is on the list or not.
8 hours ago by Mrs L.
Yes we can put mobile Sim.
10 days ago by K S.
i am very pleased with my tp link. works great with my 3g wifi.also battery lasts for a good 5 hours.great buy fore the price 'hope this helps your customer
16 Mar 2014 by david lorne
I am very sorry Ian, but I do not know.You could try it.If it fits the place where it should may work.Bruce
13 Mar 2014 by Brucie Boy
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