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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2009
I really love this season. I didn't enjoy the last two seasons much at all (in fact I thought the writing was pretty horrendous during those seasons). However, this season managed to make me laugh, cry and squeal in a fangirly type way -- no easy task. Season six had much better written than the prior two and has clear direction from episode eight onwards. Schwahn always talks about 'organic storytelling' and for once I think he just about managed it! Nothing about this season, after episode eight, felt too clunky or contrived to me -- I was impressed that everything flowed as well as it did once the Nanny Carrie arc was done with -- which I thought was kind of cheesy and silly. I was pleased it didn't go on for too long; it was one of the few missteps this season.

Season six of One Tree Hill picks up directly after the fifth season's finale cliff-hanger -- who did Lucas ask to marry him? We all know who it is and the relationship between Peyton and Lucas is one of the main through lines of the season. I've never cared who Lucas dated but wanted him to make a damn decision all the same, thankfully he puts us all out of our collective misery and thus it was nice to see him happy with Peyton. It was always going to be her. As for the other characters: Skills opens the season still dating Deb and acting as some nice comic relief, Nathan continues his struggle to get a shot at playing at the NBA while Haley continues to be a supportive and steadfast presence. Mouth and Millie have relationship issues when Gigi, Mouth's ex-girlfriend, starts interning at his work. One of my favourite arcs of this year is when Brooke fosters a troublesome girl named Sam (Ashley Rickards). Their relationship is surprisingly touching, as is Brooke's development as a character as she faces down her mother and the attacker that harmed her in her own shop. Brooke also gets a new romance which is really well written, and this person is the kind of guy I've been waiting for Brooke to date, one who's worthy of her -- there's also amazing chemistry there. I loved it!

I enjoyed almost everything about season six, aside from that asinine Nanny Carrie storyline which should have ended with season five. Carrying it over just made it drawn out and over the top. A certain storyline between Lucas and Peyton near the latter half of the season was well handled and reaped some surprisingly emotional acting from those primarily involved. I like it when this show leans more towards being realistic than being silly and melodramatic ie. crazy nannies. There's plenty of humorous antics and dramatic situations, as well as minor characters like Mia and Chase returning. Another important storyline for season six comes in the shape of Lucas's book being turned into a film -- along with that offer we're introduced to the charismatic and humorous film producer: Julian Baker (played by Austin Nichols), who shows up with some baggage extending beyond the movie itself. Julian's a great character and he fit in right away with the cast; I was so pleased when he was announced as a regular character for season seven. His interactions with the other characters are pretty funny (nice to have a snarky male on OTH) and I'm glad he was put to better use than just causing issues for Lucas, which would have been the unbelievably predictable way to go. I applaud the writers for utilising someone talented for a more satisfying purpose. Another new character we're treated to is the awesomely insane director Dixon (James Van Der Beek), who plans to direct Lucas's movie: Beek was totally hilarious and over the top as Dixon and I loved every single second of it.

Episodes like 'You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight' has a nice change of episode format as it's split into five sections for each couple; one that goes into depth of where they are emotionally at that moment. 'We Change, We Wait' delivers a well balanced fare and the finale, 'Remember Me As A Time of Day' could very much work as a strong series finale. I admit it. I cried! It was a fantastic and satisfying way to go out if there had been no seventh season. So there it is -- a great season.

Highlight episodes include: Remember Me As A Time of Day, You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight, We Change, We Wait, You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain), and Touch Me I'm Going To Scream.
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on 19 December 2011
this series follows on straight after the end of season 5 and the old story of who will lucas choose opens the season. he makes his choice and things go on smoothlyish for lucas and peyton until her ex comes to town. his book is turned into a movie and in a brillant piece of casting James Van Der Beek arrives in one tree hill as the director. genius and he is so over the top is hilarious. brooke gets a foster child and possibly a boyfriend, nathan gets his game on and haley stands her ground for what she believes. a great season with brillant guest appearances from james van der beek, nick lachey. also doing something new one tree hill does a uso show in an episode but they actually put on a concert for the marines.
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on 9 August 2014
Do you love Hills? Do you love Trees? Do you love Hills and Trees? Well there's none of that here. Just overly earnest Americans and their first world problems. There's also a precocious kid in it. 5 stars cuz my wife likes it.
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For Lucas a film of his first novel? For Nathan more basketball despite that injury? For Brooke continued designer success after branching out on her own? For Peyton triumph with her record company? For Haley satisfaction as a teacher?

Season 6 is uneven. Weaknesses first! For Dan a ludicrous "Misery"-style scenario, he held captive by nutty nanny Carrie. (This might have worked as a horror film spoof dreamt by one of the characters but, as it stands, is out of place.) Haley's teaching seems confined to one class. Brooke conjures up clothes (and a magazine) out of nowhere. She also implausibly refuses to tell police of a savage attack. Antwon (Skills) dates grandmother Deb. Lazy plotting occasionally has people acting out of character - Mouth, Millicent and Owen amongst those deserving better.

As ever, strengths atone. The show is based on firm foundations and sports a fine cast. Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty continue totally to convince as brothers Lucas and Nathan. Those riverside court scenes still impress. From the show's start that setting has proved a haven, the place to go when needing to reflect.

Stand-out episodes? Ep.4 is heartrending after a sudden death. Ep.11: Lucas' "Casablanca"-style fantasy could so easily have misfired but works a treat. (Chad Michael Murray wrote the script!) Eps.12 & 13 contain strong developments. Although comedy is generally a little weak, note that gloriously black moment in Ep.18 - silly most certainly but VERY funny.

There is much talking to graves - not only Keith's whose loss is still deeply felt, especially by Dan who shot him. Forget that OTT early sequence. Dan's real horror is what his life has become - he a pariah, disowned by all and haunted by guilt.

24 episodes, three of them successful directorial debuts by those playing Lucas, Nathan and Haley. Despite implausibilities. cheesy moments and, at times, a surfeit of cuteness, the season immensely satisfies. It involves us right up to the end, we genuinely anxious that a final delightful celebration should not be followed by yet another funeral....

It is a tribute to all concerned that we care so much.
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on 14 September 2009
One tree hill delivers its best season to date. No other Season has had me crying right the way through and left me wanting it to carry on forever, though season 4 had its moments. The strong relationships built up between the core 5 stand as strong as ever throughout this season and as a result, Mark Schwahn has created the most heart-warming and emotional season yet. It is a rollercoaster of feelings and the most sought-after coupling finally blossoms into a "FINALLY" moment, with many amazing surprises along the way. I can guarantee that any One Tree Hill fan will not be disappointed.
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on 17 February 2009
As an avid fan of One Tree Hill, I feel obliged to comment so soon. I am currently up-to-date with this season, but we are on hiatus at the moment, I'm not entirely sure why, I simply wait for the episodes to come onto the internet. If you have ever watched One Tree Hill, you will understand how addictive it is! The season is far more grown up than the others, but it has certainly made the show better. I hope this goes on to a centennial. Long live OTH!
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on 30 May 2009
While season 5 was my favorite season, although it is hard to pick one as there all very enjoyable, season 6 was just as great to watch. Even though I love One Tree Hill I do wish they had made this the final series, everything had just seemed to come to it's natural conclusion and in my opinion there's no need for anything further. On top of that the news that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be returning next season (7), a big chunk of the show will be gone and I'm not sure it will be the same. Can only wait and see I suppose. This season is definitely a must see for fans, however if you did not like the fact that they are now all adults then this may not be the series for you.
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on 21 April 2010
I adore this season, mostly because of the emotions it conjures from its audience. The amount of times i teared up was matched by the times i literally laughed out loud. I adore the new characters and the relationships this season brings and i enjoyed the fact that it showed dark times and not everything was all smiles and basketball. Its hard not to get caught up in the world of tree hill as the characters and their relationships are so believeable. Nathan and Haley's trials and tribulations, Jamie's comedic role and Brookes entire life is utterly engaging. Lucas and Peyton's realtionship brings calm and typicality to the season in amongst all the excitment and drama of everybody else - season six is a mix of tears, laughs and comfortable viewing, definitely one not to be missed.
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on 26 February 2009
I can't wait for this to come out, I managed to find the first three episodes on youtube and then no more so I will be so happy when I can finally watch it all but then i'm sure I will feel like i've reached the bottom of the ice cream and want more just as I did when I finished watching season 5.
This programme is addictive!!
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on 9 January 2010
I had mixed feelings about Season 5. I didn't like the way the show skipped 4 years purely to keep Dan Scott in the storyline, something which they seemed to string out once again in Season 6. It wasn't a patch of Seasons 3 & 4, which are in my opinion the best two seasons by a clear mile. Having said that, I'm glad there was a Season 5, as it enabled me to continue my OTH addiction! I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Season 6, other than finding out who Lucus chose (as if we didn't already guess!) and the completion of Nathan's basketball come back. For me this season was a little too 'safe'. None of the characters were really put their paces with the major dramas they experienced in Seasons 3&4. Yes there was the odd 'wobble' here and there, such a Mouth's relationship and Peyton's pregnancy, but most of these dramas were fairly short-lived and you just knew they were all going to be fine. Unlike Seasons 3&4, there wasn't many moments where I was gripped by the suspense and uncertainty of what was going to happen. That said it was an improvement on Season 5 and I still enjoyed watching it. I would have liked to see Skills being brought more into the fold as he was in 5, but instead he became more of a side show once again. Also what happened to Lucus and Skills coaching the Ravens and attempting to lead them back to glory? As soon as Q was shot, that story ended rather abruptly. Unfortunately Seasons 5 and 6 suffered from some clumsy writing, however I never took the show very seriously anyway. It was more a guilty pleasure and some light-hearted viewing I enjoyed. Did I enjoy it? - Yes very much. Was it as good as Seasons 3&4? - No way - so its 4 stars for me, if I wasn't such a fan it would have only been 3!
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