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on 21 May 2013
This is my second helicopter and first Chinook. This is much more stable than my standard helicopter model and much easier to fly. The fact that it comes with a USB cable charger rather than having to run it off AA batteries in the controller is the icing on the cake as the old one used to eat batteries.
The reason for 4 stars not 5......
The one I purchased came with no UK instructions so you are left a little in the dark regarding charging and controlling it, a minor gripe possibly but it would be an easy fix if they had a mind to. My discoveries so far are:
1- The helicopter needs to be switched OFF to charge up
2- The illuminated USB charge lead indicates when it is ready
3- you'll need to use a port in a computer or a phone charger as it does not come with a plug (although for some reason the shipper supplied me with a UK to 2-pin adapter..... still not sure why)
4- the controller lets you trim the rotation and forward and back balance - the second was a bit of a revelation once I found it and makes it much easier to control (there are buttons on the 'top' of the controller marked B & F)

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on 23 June 2013
If you're anything like me and still have the odd childish moment, may I suggest this great little gadget. Its easy to fly compaired to the single gyros, well built and the battery lasts about 15mins. Which is more than enough time to irritate the wife.
If you're looking for a gift for your son/boyfriend/husband then I suggest this gadget.
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on 31 January 2013
My wife asked me to order this for my birthday i had it since about the 9th Jan opened it today the 31st Jan,big big temptation not to open before, especially with some of the reviews i have read about this model especially if it had what people refer to as DANCER on the tail rotor.Well opened it this evening,and did what i have done with all five of my Syma helicopters, charge off the USB lead unplug when red light comes on let cool down for 15/20 minutes.Keep heli switched off place the tail of heli pointing towards you,switch on controller go through all movements with each joystick.Then switch off controller and switch on heli then switch on controller wait a couple of seconds for them to sync [No need to do this every time just on the first flight] And up she went no dipping front or back no drift left or right. Will take a little getting used to, a little more lumpy than the s107g or the apache.Saying that my 17yr old grandson who i have written about before[THE ABSOLUTE EXPERT ON INDOOR HELI FLYING] came around when he finished work,to wish me happy birthday and to have a go of the chinook ,within a couple of minutes he had it flying the length of our lounge which is about 26ft long, doing all sorts of maneuvers.I was really impressed with both the chinook [COMPLETE WITH DANCER ON REAR ROTOR] and my grandson .So don't always believe what you read in the papers or in reviews.The only fault so far is that the charging point is underneath so it would be well worth making a charging cradle. AND REMEMBER 15/20 MINS BETWEEN CHARGING AND FLYING AND FLYING AND CHARGING.
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on 15 September 2013
My children have had a few helicopters over the years, and most have either been so unstable, or have been broken within a very short space of time. So, with that in mind I was slightly reluctant to buy this one, but I'm very happy I did. Not only does it seem more resilient than the others, it is also so stable and responsive, and it is incredibly easy to fine tune it so that it actually hovers in one place.

£15 was money well spent and it's a huge hit with the kids, especially my 9 year old, who's perfected flying it out of the living room, up the stairs and into his bedroom, something I didn't think I'd ever see a small toy helicopter manage


A quick edit. We've had this helicopter for a few weeks now and it's even better than I first thought. It is very responsive and after watching my boys flying it I've had the odd go myself. With just a bit of practice it can be flown through doorways and up and down stairs. As you can imagine it's crashed loads of time, but so far nothing has broken and it still looks brand new, which compared to numerous other toy helicopters is a miracle in itself. I stand by the 5 stars I initially gave it and have bought another one to give as a Christmas present.
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on 19 August 2011
This is really fun, its quite different from any other RC helicopters and is very stable, charging takes around 45 minutes for 10 minutes of flight - pretty good. You can fly it very accurately once you've got used to it a bit, but its simple to control from the start. Just one word of warning, try not to tilt it too violently when its in operation - the blades can hit eachother and cause a fair bit of damage - but that's not really a design fault more my slightly dodgy flying skills! Very much recommended though, hours of fun.
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on 13 November 2011
Managed a few more flights with this heli. It seems to be the one Syma Heli that really does NEED to have the throttle calibrated for full range before each flight (the instructions refer). After having done that, I found it's best to power it straight up away from the ground (otherwise it will just linger in ground effect), alternatively hand launch it. I still would not buy it again.

***UPDATED 26 AUGUST 2012***
Knocked down to three stars. Even though not used a great deal the heli now refuses to get above ground effect; it has gone the same way as the one I previously returned. If you look on some forums, other people have the same problem. I'm not sure whether it's the battery or what, but what I am sure of is that it's very dissapointing compared to all the other Syma micro helicopters. I would not buy it again.

***UPDATE 19 DECEMBER 2011***
I have knocked a star off this because I had to return the heli for an exchange. The heli would no longer charge properly - evident by inability to take off (it just hovered a few inches above the ground). The battery had been well cared for (no deep discharge, allowed to cool down before charging, no overcharging) - so do not know why it become a problem. The replacement is better, the flight performance is similar to the previous one, which confirms the somewhat sluggish climb response. There is a lag between command and climb - not surprising as the small flight battery has to power up four motors and four sets of rotors! The result of this lag is that you need to think ahead a lot more with this small tandem co-ax heli; it will not get you out of trouble in the way that the higher performance helis such as the S102G, S107G or S108G will.

Original Review:
I have made comparison with the Syma S107G which is probably one of the most stable, controllable and robust indoor micro helicopters around. Any first time flyers would be well advised to start with the S107G.

The S026G is not as responsive or robust as the S107G - but it is very enjoyable to fly, and good value for money. Despite not being as capable as the S107G, the S026G still warrants 5 stars (the S107G warrants six!).

Handling - It turns/pivots about the front rotors causing the tail to swing out. This caused me a few bumps on the first few flights resulting in minor blade damage (the blades are nowhere near as tough as the S107G). The trim controls are effective - forward/back, left/right. The gyro is very effective - once the trims are set the heli can hover in situ. The rudder (left/right) trim needs a little adjustment as the flight battery runs down. It is a bit more `lumpy' to fly than the S107G - probably due the weight, balance and power distribution being fore and aft (as opposed to being central).

Performance - The power (thrust) drops noticeable in flight, you need to quickly/carefully compensate before it loses too much height. It is not as responsive in climb so be ready to increase the throttle before it gets too low. Forward and rearward motion is achieved by differential speed of the front and rear rotors, consequently this is quite a fast helicopter (forward/backward on the S107G is achieved with tiny tail rotor).

Flight Duration - Amazon quotes 7-9 minutes (and 6-8 minutes for the S107G). Some websites quote 6 minutes for the S026G - I agree `up to' 6 minutes. On the positive side, it charges quickly within about 30 minutes.

Comments - It would be more convenient (but less authentic) if the charging socket was on the side or rear ramp of the heli instead of being underneath. A white LED under the nose would provide better orientation (curiously there is a white bead that looks like a light but is not). Mine came fitted with two connect buckles on each of the upper blade grips (some photos show just one). The upper grip set is secured by only one screw (this seems to be standard on all photos I have seen).
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on 26 September 2013
Amazing fun, came fast in the post! I've flown it outside in strong breezes with the trim available on forward and rear motion it allows for flying in a lot of weather/places. Crashed many times never broken. Charges in less than an hour lasts for more than 10 minutes. Ideal little helicopter for those looking for something faster and a bit more challenging
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on 1 April 2011
I have tried many small helicopters to fly indoors, this one beats the lot hands down. It is very stable in flight and very controllable. After it has been trimmed it will practically hover hands off. That how good it is. This version for 2011 says that is has a gyro in it, so probably that what makes the difference. Having said all this I have in the past bought models (not this one) and found it to be very good and then bought the same model again to find that it was not so good. So they can vary in the same model.However I do recommend this one but make sure it is the 2011 with gyro version. Happy flying. I do recommend that under say 14 is supervised by an adult.
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Took about 2 weeks to arrive but it was worth it , once you get used to the controls ( up/down , forward/backward , sideways/trim and inch forward/inch backward ) it's great fun and the more you use it the better you become controlling it. It takes about an hour to recharge using a USB and that gives you about 6-7 minutes if flying time. You need to be careful with the controls as they are very sensitive ,if you're not it shoots straight up to the ceiling, but persevere and in a little time you'll be flying it all round the room and landing without crashing - I've crashed it many times and so far it seem to be very strongly constructed with no bits falling off !!. Incredible value at less than £18 including delivery.
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on 17 October 2013
A good little toy easy to fly
charge time longer if you connect to a P.C. shorter by using the mains still doesn't extend the flight time
I would recommend this as a present for any child over about 7 with a little supervision and any children at heart whatever their age
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