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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2012
What first attracted me to this book was the cover. The contrast between the red and the black was quite striking and yet soft at the same time. When combined with a series of interesting reviews and recommendations to be read, I had no choice but to pick up a digital copy of my own.

Upon first encounter with Anna, I have to say that I wasn't her biggest fan. Meek, quiet and with an almost annoying urge to always do what's right and never lie, she was as close as it could get to being defined a saint. It was almost sickening and I could have sworn my ipad took on a saintly glow of its own for a while.
Combined with an initially slowed and calm pace I wasn't particularly gripped. But Anna's peculiar abilities had me wondering a few things and like most readers I wanted answers, so I ploughed on.

I was soon rewarded, as it was not very long at all when Sweet Evil took on an interesting turn, and I could no longer put it down without having thoughts about it at the back of my mind.

What would happen to our little miss goody-two-shoes if she met the right combination of attraction and evil?
Kaidan was dark, dangerous and oozed sin. Beautifully conflicted, he's her polar opposite. For the first time ever she wants something that goes against her very own do-gooder nature and has the strength to go after it.

Kai stirred her humanity and as she slowly learned more about her true nature she became more human.
Having Anna explore sin whilst Kai in return explored innocence was, as the title suggests, sweetly evil and rather comical at times.
I found the irony of this fact, in a bitter sweet evil setting wonderfully appropriate and added depth to an already interesting read.

Whilst these two characters explored each other and their respective worlds, Wendy Higgins cleverly weaved into their story several themes. Greed, pride, lust and gluttony were shown under different lights, allowing me to see them from both angel and demonic points of view. I found that by doing so the author brought her wonderfully paranormal story back to our reality, relating it to what we know.

With an initial slow start and almost detached approach, Sweet Evil slowly built to a desperately beautiful passion.
Who would have thought that a sinful creature from hell would have been willing to sacrifice itself to save the innocence it so wanted to take, whilst virtue was all to eager to stumble and fall in the depths of sin.

Wendy Higgins's style was somewhat deceptive. Starting slow almost uninterested only to then build up to a twisting series of events and a grand temporary finale (there will be a sequel); made for a very good read. I will admit that I was cooing and blushing on few occasions. I quite liked how Wendy Higgins made Anna fantasise and become overly emotional one moment only to then end her gushy paragraph with a short sarcastic remark.
Anna was most certainly a character that grew on me as her story unfurled itself and now I desperately await the sequel so that I may worry, laugh and blush with her again.

I found this sentence at the beginning of one of the chapters and I thought it was absolute perfect representation of the tale to be told

"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall"
by William Shakespeare

If you liked this I would recommend the Predestined series by Abbi Glines and Falling Under by Gwen Hayes. Another recommendation, where although there is no demonic factor, but remains a paranormal YA nevertheless, would be the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. If on the other hand you would like something on the more angelic side of things then I would suggest the Premonition series by Amy A. Bartol. I would also perhaps think about reading the Until I Die series by Amy Plum.
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on 28 July 2012
I love this book, It's completely different from anything I've read. I've read about fallen angels and angels yes, but not about their children and that their children have to do bad things. Anna is your normal good girl, who was adopted by a human. She has no idea what she is, but then she meets Kai and things start to heat up. I really enjoyed this book, it's a enjoyable read and keeps the reader interested throughout. It ends just right: making the reader want the next book right away!
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on 19 October 2013
To be honest I only brought this book because it was mentioned in the book 'Origin' by Jennifer L Armentrout. I'm so happy that I did because this book is amazing. Kaidan and Anna have the most intense, forbidden love. Both are nephalem and there fathers are dukes. The children of the dukes have to do there fathers work. Kaidan' father is the duke of lust and Anna's father is the duke of substance. The kids have to tempt humans to to do bad this. Anna doesn't know what she is till her 16th birthday but she has always been able to read and feel people's emotions. She goes to a club were a band is playing with her bff Jay, there she meets Kaidan playing the drums. He knows she is Nephalem bit doesn't understand how or why she is a virgin. Anna's adopted mother tells her about when she was born, but Anna can remember it and her and Kadian go on a road trip to see her father, who is in prison and a nun called sister Ruth. Kadian tells her some history and on this trip Anna has her first kiss. Yes Anna does fall in love with him but he still has to "work" and sooner or later Anna has to "work" herself. It's a good read and I can't wait to start reading the second one. There is no cliffhanger at the end just a realization that Kadian and Anna can Never be to gather or whether she will see him again. There are some great characters and maybe a hint of a love triangle. It's written from Anna's pov and written so very well.
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on 30 August 2014
I liked this book cover and after reading the synopsis, decided to give it a go. I happen to like books with Nephilims and I was hooked from the start of the book.

Anna lost her mother at birth and didn't know her father but she had a happy life with her adoptive mother. She led a normal life until she went to watch a band with her two best friends one night. Kaidan was the drummer of the band and he noticed that there was something different about her and asked her who her "Duke" was. She didn't know what he meant and briefly met him backstage after the gig but didn't learn much then as he was very much in demand with the ladies. Anna was determined to find out what he meant and went to see him during practice. From then on her life started to change as she learnt more about herself. She liked Kaidan and he liked her but they couldn't get close to each other because of who they were.

There were so many twists and turns and all the characters were so intriguing, I found it difficult to put this book down. I would definitely recommend this book to those who like paranormal YA with romance and suspense. Both Anna and Kaidan are interesting characters and I look forward to find out how the story unfolds.
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on 19 March 2016
Again this is another book where I fell in love with the cover. I read this in one sitting. I really enjoyed Sweet Evil, it's different from anything I've ever read before.

Anna was adopted when she was a baby by a lovely lady called Patti, when she turn 16 she finds out that she is the daughter of a demon and a guardian angel which is really rare. She holds special powers, but doesn't know what they are until she meets Kaidan Rowe, who is also like her, son of a demon. Through Kaidan, Anna learns about this new world, while they are on a road trip to LA, to meet her father, the Duke of Substance Abuse who has been in jail since she was born.

And then there is Kaidan Rowe, he is everything a paranormal fan could want out of a leading man. He is and exclusive bad boy, that Anna can not resist. He is the son of the Duke of Lust. Kadian lives a lie, has to be someone he isn't and do things he doesn't want to do. He seems of confident, and while he is, he's also vulnerable to. He's British and a drummer in a band. Kaidan is pretty much the opposite of Anna in every way possible.

On the road trip Anna uncovers many truths about her new life and comes to find she's got a challenging road ahead of her.

Anna is an interesting protagonist wasn't what I expected at all. Anna is quiet and reserved, but she is fiercely loyal and protective of those she cares about. She is also on the naive side, and is very innocent. There were times when I wanted her to man up a bit. Thankfully she delves into her darker side as Sweet Evil progresses.
I wouldn't recommend this for younger YA readers, it was a bit on the steamy side, also deals with sex, drugs and Underage drinking.

The Angel/Demon aspect is something I have ever read before. Loved the idea of the Seven sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride) and each demon is head of one of these sins. The world of Sweet Evil is complex, at first it was hard to keep track of various Dukes and all their Nephilim children and Higgins' mythology surrounding demon and angels. What I didn't realize till the end of the book, was an index that gives the name of the Dukes and their job descriptions. But I did love learning about each of the dukes and their son/daughter. Loved all of the relationships of Anna's, whether old friends or new.

The ending was sad, because I didn't get what I wanted, but hoping it will get better in the sequel. Sweet Evil kept building continually through out the book. Everything that happened made me love it more and more. I was sad to see it end. All in all, Sweet Evil is an intense, fantasy debut novel that fans of the paranormal genre will love.
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on 5 July 2012
Southern girl + supernatural beings + psychic abilities = Sookie Stackhouse novels = awesome! Right?

Sorry but no. This book is more suited to fans of Twilight, Fallen and Hush Hush who prefer their heroines weak and wimpy, whilst the guy is a control freak who makes all the decisions. If you prefer women the way they were two hundred years ago then this will suit you just fine. Otherwise, read something like Unearthly where girls still remember how to think for themselves.

Unlikable characters aside, the plot is almost non-existent. Occasionally we get a glimpse of where the author wants to take us between kissing and obsessing over the love interest - but it's a rare occurrence. I was extremely disappointed with all aspects of Sweet Evil after seeing that dark and sexy cover, I was certain I'd be able to add this to my favourites pile... sadly, it was not to be.
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on 28 April 2015
Anna Whitt has always known she is different. Raised by her protective adopted mom, Patti, Anna has led a pretty sheltered life. She is good, kind and sweet with huge compassion for others. Yet, she struggles with an inexplicable inner pull towards alcohol and drugs.

When she meets bad-boy 'man-slut' rocker, Kaidan Rowe, her life turns upside down in a flash. Kaidan helps her come to terms with who she really is and in the process she falls deeply in love with him. Kaidan blows hot and cold and she never knows how he feels about her.

Thrust into a world of angels, demons and Nephilim, Anna has to keep her wits about her if she is to survive this new reality. When she reconnects with her dad, she is strengthened by the force of his love and support. One of the things I loved most about this series was the importance of family and it was refreshing to see a strong mother and father figure.

This book sucked me in immediately and held my attention the entire time. I adored Wendy's writing style and there are some really sweet romantic moments and some laugh out loud funny parts.

I loved Kaidan's sharp British wit and his all round sexiness. It's a little disturbing to learn what he has to do for 'work' but Wendy never glamorizes it.

All in all this was a fantastic read and I'm looking forward to continuing this series.

Footnote: In the Lux series, Kat and Daemon take on fake identities in the name of Anna Whitt and Kaidan Rowe. I was intrigued enough by this mention to check out this series. I'm so glad I did. I guess I now have something else to thank Jennifer L. Armentrout for!
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on 14 December 2014
Sweet Evil has been on my radar for a while now, so I was pleased to pick up a copy. It is one of those angel/demon series. I’m never sure what I’m going to make of these books. They can be incredibly cringy, or they can be fairly decent! Sweet Evil fell in-between the two for me. I thought it was a good story and I’m definitely interested in continuing, but there are some awkward, cheesy moments within the story. I did like how it took a bit of a different perspective when it comes to Angels vs Demons.

Anna Whitt is our main protagonist. She was born with the ability to see and feel other’s emotions by seeing the colour of their auras. She can also remember when she was born. Anna’s not sure why she can do this, but she knows she’s had the skill all of her life. Anna feels different to her peers, especially because her morals are so high compared to the rest of her contemporaries. Anna meets a guy called Kaidan. She is instantly attracted to him… but she can’t see his emotions like everyone else. He’s different (can you see where this is going…?) Anna is surprised to find out that he knows about her abilities and he has similar abilities himself. Kaidan is the son of the Duke of Lust which explains why he always has girls around him. Anna and Kaidan go on a road trip to meet Anna’s father, who she’s never met before. Kaidan fills Anna in with what her abilities actually mean. Anna is different from other Nephilim. Anna’s mother was an angel and Anna’s father (the Dule of Substance Abuse) is a fallen angel. Anna’s always been a ‘good’ girl but things are about to change!

It’s quite nice to read a story about a character that is so innocent. It’s not often that you see the characters in YA fiction have such high morals and that’s okay for me. Anna’s faith never really felt preachy. I think the author dealt with it in an effective way. Anna as a character is a little whiny, so I can imagine that she would really grate on some people’s nerves. I really liked Anna’s friendship with Jay. It was good to read about a female-male friendship that wasn’t about secret longing for each other. I liked Kaidan too, although he is the typical bad boy. I do think he may have some layers to him ready to be revealed.

I am looking forward to continuing the series to see what happens next to the characters!
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on 9 September 2014
3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!

I started reading Sweet Evil back when it first came out, but managed to leave the book on the train (the horror!). By the time I finally got around to reading the entire story the hype surrounding Anna Whitt and Kaidan Rowe was pretty high; I was expecting BIG things! In actuality the story was a bit of a mixture for me, both good and not so good (but mainly good).

Anna can see auras, but has no idea why. Through her friend Jason, she meets British rocker Kaidan. It's a bit of a reverse to Bella and Edaward here, in that Anna can see everybody's feelings/auras except Kaidan's. In a bid to understand more about herself and these strange auras, Anna and Kaidan go on a road trip. Kaidan is keeping more than his share of secrets, which both Anna and the reader uncover along the way.

Anna's really cute. She's kind, sweet and trusting. The problem I had with Sweet Evil was her naivety, she just seemed too nice at times. I also found her a little immature and didn't always understand her. BUT at the same time, I rather confusingly liked Anna's niceness. She's Anna because she's so nice, but I did appreciate the moments where her inner badass came out and I hope we get to see more sassiness in the next book.

Kaidan, Kaidan, Kaidan! I've seen him listed as so many peoples ultimate BBF but was a little underwhelmed by him, at least at first (hides from the army of angry Kaidan fans). Perhaps because I'm a Brit I didn't find his accent sexy, it's just how everybody sounds round here. Anyway, Kaidan did begin to grow on me as he started to stand up for Anna and took chances to protect her. There's no doubting he's hot and all kinds of swoon-worthy but when he kept 'working' I wanted to smack him. I'm used to reading about so called man-whores in NA and Adult stories and wasn't entirely convinced by Kaidan in this role as part of a YA story. It did make sense within the concept of his job and life though.

I was really intrigued by the twins and Kopano. Kope actually seemed like a better fit for Anna because he was more willing to stand up to the Dukes. When it comes to Nephilim stories, it's hard to beat Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series but Wendy Higgins gives it a good go and takes her story in a very different direction! I would have liked to see a bit more Jace style badass fighting from Kaidan and Kope though. I loved that Kaidan is a drummer, because more often than not, it's the guitar player who gets all the love!
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At first Sweet Evil looks and sounds like just another story you may have read many times before, only its not. Anna isn't just another girl in a paranormal story that will accept anything if it means the lead boy will notice her, she isn't stupid or self centred or reckless. She hasn't just been thrown into a world far different than what she knew before without asking questions. No, Anna is a strong female character, who may let her heart lead a little but doesn't let it rule her or the choices she makes.

When I first so this was on Scribd I instantly added it to my library, but even so it wasn't until my friend Amanda over at Book Badger recommended it did I decided to just get it over and done with. And I wasn't at all expecting to love it as much as I did. At best I thought I would like it.

As already stated, Sweet Evil has such a unique story. Firstly, Anna has always known she was different so she isn't faced with seeing the world differently one day. However, she did not know that she was a daughter of a fallen angel. That would make for a common story right? well add the fact that the fallen angels are no ordinary fallen angels, but ones that represent the 7 (and more) deadly sins themselves in charge of corrupting the souls of mortals. I could tell you which is which, but that would be giving it away ;).

Instead I will talk about that characters. Anna is such a sweet, innocent and loyal girl that her character (apart from the daughter of a fallen angel part) is totally relatable. She has always known that Patti wasn't her real mum, but not once in the book do you get the felling she loved her any less, instead she is the most important person to her, like it should be. The relationship they have, goes far beyond just a mother and daughter bond, there is such a strong friendship and its so lovely to see. As well as having a strong bond with her surrogate mother, she also has Jay, her best friend. Although he doesn't know what she is or what she is capable of , he is such a well written character that you know without a shadow of a doubt, he would accept her anyway. He's funny, cocky and so protective, to the point where he will sacrifice something he would consider fun because it goes against Anna's beliefs. In short, I loved him.

Now we can get on to Kaidan, being the the main boy character in it and possible love interest, I know you are all dying to know about him right? well one word for you. SWOON!. Not only is he the bad boy but he's a band, I mean come on!!. I love him, I'm not even ashamed. I love his cocky and sarcastic nature. He may not be good for Anna from the off, but I think by the end of the series he could be changed for the better because of her. Kaidan and Anna are completely different but they have this attraction that is on a deeper level than you would expect and they just work together. In a twisted, awkward way. I can't wait to see how their friendship or more develops as the story goes on that's for sure.

This book was so much better than I thought it would be, I loved the idea of the deadly sins, I loved that the son's and daughters of the fallen angels inherited their persuasive skills shall we say, I loved the whole concept of this book and it just worked so well. The story flowed perfectly, everything progressed as it should do and Wendy Higgins did a great job of not only trying to create a world that we could picture easily ourselves, but characters we could find pieces of ourself in. It may not be for everyone, but its one of a kind story deserves to be given a shot.
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