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3.8 out of 5 stars17
3.8 out of 5 stars
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An original novel based on the tv show supernatural, about two brothers who hunt monsters across america. As ever with tie in fiction it tells a story that is all new and hasn't been seen on screen. This one is set during the middle of the fifth season of the tv show.

Sam and Dean, at the behest of their friend and ally the angel Castiel, head for San Francisco to deal with the heart of the dragon, a force behind a series of murders, and one that reappears every twenty years.

Thus their father fought in previously in 1989, and their grandfather did the same in 1969.

The book thus tells us the stories of both those encounters.

And there's also a prologue set in feudal japan which fills you in on the origin of the force.

It runs for three hundred and ten pages. Afer the prologue, the first third of the book details the 1969 hunt, and the next third details the 1989 one.

Whilst all this is very interesting because of the back story it fills in for characters we didn't see too much of on tv, it means that there's not as much page time for Sam and Dean as you might like. They only come into the action with a third of the book to go. And whilst the tv characters are accurately depicted by the writer, and the supporting characters of his own that he comes up with are well written and believable and three dimensional in their motivations, the force isn't quite the most interesting adversary the Winchesters have ever faced.

The way it ties everything into the continuity of the show and the ongoing story arcs is very good, but ultimately whilst this is a decent piece of writing it's not a great one and perhaps not quite as good as it could be. For fans looking to fill in some of the back story it should more than suffice though, and it passes the time easily enough whilst waiting for the next new tv episode.
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2011
I was a little dubious when I picked this book up. Despite the gorgeous cover, I'm always wary of TV and movie tie-in books. They're often awful. Luckily, this wasn't.

This is definitely a book for fans of the show - if you haven't watched it, you won't know who anyone is or what's going on! But for those of you familiar with the show, then this book is awesome. It spans three generations of hunters, the Campbells (Mary and her parents), John Winchester and Sam and Dean Winchester. The reason the story spans such a long period of time is because the same evil keeps coming back every twenty years. The Campbells and John Winchester only managed to banish it each time - but can Sam and Dean kill it for good?

The evil in question is being summoned each time by a guy and each time, the family of hunters must put a stop to his plans. Towards the end of the book, this becomes much more important as it becomes apparent that the spirit is important to the angels and demons as they want to use it as a weapon in their Apocalypse. So once more, it's down to Sam and Dean to save the day. Grab this book and find out how they do it...

I don't want to give too much away - but this is a seriously good read for fans of the show. It's an additional story to any seen in the show and yet it still fits in perfectly. You even get to learn more about the characters which isn't necessarily revealed in the show. If you're a bit of a Supernatural addict, like me, you'll appreciate what this book has to offer.
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To be honest Keith is an author who seemed to have gotten the job because of who he knew over talent. Whilst this, at times, can lead to a reasonable offering, the reader prefers that the tale that they've spent their hard earned money upon was written by an author who not only knew the characters backwards but also managed to give the readers a tale that had at least some basic research done towards it. (For example their use of Doragon instead of Ryu or Tatsu for Dragon.)

Add to this, the usual problem with this author's previous outings that he hasn't gotten a grip on the mannerisms of Sam and Dean (from what little we actually get of them in this title) and overall I felt pretty cheated. Within this offering, the brothers bicker, they unfortunately didn't mesh as the fans demand and with so much reference material available felt that the author was looking more to his bank balance rather than fulfilling the readers brief.

Whilst the overall concept was interesting alongside the depth of character history available for the author to have tapped into, the story felt slow, badly created and overall pretty lackadasical and I felt that perhaps that it might be better to run a competition for the fans to create their own Sam and Dean Tales with the chance for publication. It would be more accurate, it would get back to the original series concept and would all in, definitely be the full experience that the reader not only deserve but demand rather than an author who writes a whole tale around what could have been a reasonable novella.
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on 14 April 2010
I was highly sceptical about reading a book based on my favourite TV show. But I read the little 'look inside' bit here and decided what the hell...
I found it was very entertaining and it added a lot of detail into the background of the characters. The storyline was quite interesting, fairly gripping. All in all a good easy read. I'm not saying you'll love it, but if you love the show (for the story not the actors) you'll def enjoy this book. I did.
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on 9 January 2013
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on 29 March 2010
If you are a fan of the show and read the previous novels, this one will come as disappointment. When reading novels that add "chapters" to TV shows, the writing must be able to transport you to the TV show as if you were watching one of the episodes. So was the case with the previous novels such as The Bone Key and Witch Canyon.

The Heart of the Dragon is a summary of what is happening, but does not captivate you, it merely describes the actions of characters. it is shame that such a good story line was wasted on flat dialogues, descriptive nature of everything and not enough (barely any) depth.

Supernatural is all about the pain, sacrifices and happiness within as our favorite characters continue their journey, whether on screen or in books. This book failed to put through these feelings.
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on 26 March 2010
I love the supernatural hit show and was a bit secpital when got books but i had no need to. This book is excellent and was just like the hit show except in book form. I wud highly recommend this book to fans of supernatural fans.
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on 20 November 2014
The books, so far, have been okay but doesn't really convey the dynamics like the TV show. I praise the authors for keeping true to the TV series though in terms of language, Monster Of The Week and characters.
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on 2 January 2014
Brilliant A must for any Supernatural fan good read fills in some gaps between episodes loved it. Have brought other Supernatural book and they are all worth it.
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on 11 October 2013
Big supernatural fan! This book is just subscribed looking for! Nice to see a hunt from 3 generations! Good choice for all supernatural fans
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