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4.5 out of 5 stars38
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2014
Housed in an LP-sized hardback book, this box set is a very stylish package with a well written overview plus scores of stunning photographs. The dvd/blu-ray traces the rise, fall and rise again of Alice Cooper singular, although footage of the original band is heavily featured. Instead of being the usual, formulaic music documentary, the techniques employed by the film makers - archive material, animation, an absence of 'talking heads', interweaving symbolic, silent movie excerpts etc. - create a timeless feel. There are plenty of musical excerpts, but the lack of complete tracks actually enhances the unfolding drama, helping maintain a momentum that never lets up, even in the most disturbing moments when Alice's life/career spectacularly disintegrates. The roller coaster ride ends in 1986, with a sober AC triumphing against the odds and embarking on a successful comeback that has lasted to this day.

The film isn't meant to be a complete overview of Alice Cooper's career but instead a dramatic look at how a fictional character almost destroyed the real life person playing him. A selection of interesting 'bonus' material has also been added. (Note, there are a few expletives uttered along the way!)

There's an extra DVD included, showing rare footage from a 1972 Montreal concert. It's magnificently ramshackle, presenting the original band in all it's 'theatre of the absurd' garage-rock glory. Footage of 'Dead Babies' and 'Killer' is particularly striking in the 'menace and macabre department'. Finally, there's an excellent sounding CD of a 2009 Montreux concert that rocks like hell from start to finish.
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on 2 June 2014
Majority of the film uses photographs (some with animation) live tour videos and also snippets of tv interviews.
A lot of voice over work from Alice and the people involved with him, though we never see the voices behind the mic so if you're expecting new one on one interview work on screen, you wont find it here.
The majority of the film focuses on Alice's early years, the first two hits and his decent into drugs and alcohol and his rehabilitation. There is little focus placed on his return in the 80s and nothing afterwards, which is a shame considering his induction to the hall of fame in 2011
There is also a few deleted scenes that really should have been in the main feature e.g. his new additction to golf and some more in-depth story to his 80s revival (with emphasis on Kane 'Rambo' Roberts)
Overall if you have read his book 'Golf Monster' then you may not find anything new here history wise, however I would recommend viewing for the old archived footage and the odd snippet of information gold, plus interviews with other big names on how Alice has influenced them.
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on 5 June 2014
This is excellent value with a really good hardback A4 format book with some stunning photos, especially pre 71, quite a few of which are in colour and full page and many I have never seen.

£ for £ this is much better value than the very expensive original full size 'old school' box with arguably a better book to boot.

It includes the excellent documentary super duper in both dvd/ blue ray (which are exacly the same). The real bonus is the other DVD, which while only 35 minutes, is in full colour of clips from Montreal an early 1972 Killer concert. As it was made for a documentary it only has parts of some of the songs (only three are fully complete) as what we have here looks to have been spliced together from filming undertaken to be used for a Canadian documentary which I think was called rock-a-by. Some of the non concert footage from the original documentary was used in Super Duper, with more in the extras, talking about Alice nearly being kidnapped by gay activists. Some of the footage has been around for years in collector circles but never in this colour quality or in such a complete form. Be warned some of the audio has also been synched from other concert recordings, presumably as parts of the original recording is lost, so quality of sound is variable.

However it is the most complete colour footage we have of a Killer show shot with 2-3 cameras and highlights the innovative use of lighting the band were already using and will be the nearest many of us will now get to experiencing a Killer tour show as we were too young to go and see the Band at Wembly in 72. For big fans of the original band this is an absolute must have as the visual quality is excellent.

The main film includes mouth watering clips that appear to show the archives have a lot of the 72 Hollywood Bowl, Schools Out era concert in great quality and this with the Don Kirshner 72 US TV special would make a great super deluxe release with concert audio as a bonus cd.

Only down side is that as the 2 film DVDs, the extra live concert DVD and the book focusses mainly on the original band era why include the 2009 Montreaux audio Cd? While a great concert cd, it is totally pointless in terms of the context of this release which ends in 1986 and the main reason I have docked a star.

However, more like this please, as the contents are generally excellent for the big original Cooper Group Fan. I think the Cooper managment and their advisors are starting to listen to what the real fans want, especially as the Group era along with Nightmare represents the golden era with one or two other exceptions - Poison etc.

What we now need are individual Love it to Death, Killer, Schools out, Billion $ Babies , Muscle of Love superdeluxe boxes with additional correct year bonus dvds with full length concert and tv clips, video promos, audio live cds,(soundboard where possible) from the archives, as glimpsed in the documentary.

If a similar package at this sort of price can be maintained it will sell and shows how it should be done when compared to the forthcoming Pink Floyd 'Division Bell' rip off and the missed opportunity that has happened again with the Led Zeppelin deluxe box sets. The only comparable one is the Elton John 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Box', but even that was not full sized if you went for the CD option, so as I say, for value for money this is hard to beat.

Buy it, we want to keep encouraging them and this time for the quality of the product, it need not break the bank!
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on 7 August 2014
I think this box/book set is very good value for money, well produced and excellent quality all round. I agree to some extent that Montreux 2009 is a bit odd in it's inclusion as it just doesn't have anything to do with the magic vibe the original band generated but that doesn't make it no good, in fact the band seem to be pretty hot on all the tracks - it's a good live best of etc. The only thing that put me off buying this at first were the reviews of the Montreal 1972 concert but for me this is absolutely brilliant, ok, some tracks are edited and there are concerns about the sound but the weird thing is, despite all of this, it's exactly how I remember them when I saw the Killer show at the Empire Pool a couple of months later, talk about going back in time. It's real and it works because it's on the fuzzy side, no gimpy CGI's and crack pot lighting but a much more underground feel that the band were able to put out during this tour, who needs more than three camera's and crazy crash editing where every shot lasts no more than two seconds, I'd much rather this than being made to feel seasick. I just hope that more unreleased footage gets a DVD release, there have been enough You Tube posts to show good quality is out there. The documentary is pretty cool and I love the way it's done in a different way, just a shame they couldn't bring themselves to credit Michael Bruce, the very person who wrote most of the songs.
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on 27 September 2015
'Super Duper Alice Cooper' is a documentary, produced by Banger Films, who were responsible for (amongst others) 'Metal: A Headbangers Journey', 'Iron Maiden: Flight 666' and 'Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage'

In all honesty, the docu is a bit of a parson's egg - i.e it is good in places

There is a lot of information that I did not previously know
There are many great clips of the man and band which I had never seen before
Also of note are the DVD extras, which consist of deleted scenes and additional interviews, which are well worth watching

There are very few 'talking head' interviews. Most of the film is done as voice-over sequences
There are too many 'animated' sequences, which make it seem like the movie was shot in 3D, but is being presented as 2D
The film ends very abruptly. The final parts are from 'The Nightmare Returns' DVD, filmed in 1986, so there is no comment on Alice post then - no mention of 'Poison' etc

Don't get me wrong - it is a worthwhile purchase for any fan of Alice Cooper, rock and the evolution of music from the 1960's until the mid 80's, but it seems to be lacking...something!
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on 26 June 2014
A really great film about the life of a rock icon,great footage of the early days of the band .
Really interesting about his struggles with drink and shocking footage of him in the early 80s when he was addicted to drugs.
I recommend this film very highly.
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on 4 November 2015
It's entertaining enough for what it is, I didn't hate it, but when the commentary says things like (the theatrics) that "he" created instead of "they", it does jar. Alice Cooper was a collaborative effort for over 10 years, and even if the pressures of success and the trajectories of the individuals could in retrospect, blamelessly take no other course, it's still quite wrong to omit Glen Buxton, and poor Michael Bruce is never mentioned ONCE. The story of Alice is the story of a band, and a documentary that doesn't document that is by definition, flawed.
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on 14 September 2014
Quite possibly one of the most frank and honest music documentaries ever made, this film doesn't shy away from the times Alice messed up, he admits his faults openly and without trying to sound like a better person than he is, which is as amazing as it is admirable. It is beautifully put together too, the use of photos and archive footage is wonderful and the top notch animation made it even more compelling to watch. A triumph in the world of music documentaries and hopefully more will follow its lead.

A film any Alice Cooper fan should find time to watch.
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on 20 January 2015
Better value than the Old School Box Set though the blu ray has no new material. Beautiful photo book and wonderful video of the original band, the live cd rocks with great versions of Halo Of Flies and Ballad of Dwight Frye.
Super Duper itself has Alice revealing cocaine abuse which we never knew about before, no contribution from Michael Bruce, but otherwise a great purchase.
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on 14 January 2015
Lovely package. The film itself is well made and fun. It's a shame that the likes of Michael Bruce and Neal Smith are almost entirely written out of the story but then I suppose this film is mainly focusing on Alice himself. The accompanying book is really nice.
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