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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars229
4.1 out of 5 stars

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on 12 November 2013
I was looking for a cheap backlit keyboard (wired) and narrowed it down between this product and Sumvision's Indigo Keyboard. while I couldn't find a single review for this keyboard anywhere, but I was able to find favourable reviews for the Indigo and decided to take the risk seeing how they are both by Sumvision.

Compared to my previous keyboard (a basic microsoft one) this is a little smaller. Due to the size difference the # key is not between the enter and apostrophe key as on a regular full size keyboard, but instead is between the backspace key and the += key. As the hash key is not commonly used this shouldn't really impact usage, however it does mean that the backspace key is the same size as the alphanumeric keys meaning I often hit # when intending to delete something. This is only a minor annoyance and I'm already starting to adapt to it. (this article was written the same day as receiving the item)

As for the keys they are very similar to the keys on a laptop, soft to press (no noise) and a little shorter in height than the average keyboard but not quite as flat as a laptop keyboard. You can also be pop them off should you need to clean out any dirt. The key sizes are a little bit smaller than average as well, but this shouldn't be much of an issue unless you're trying to type with your toes.

The multimedia keys (from left to right) are 'My Computer' 'Internet' 'E-mail' - 'Light colour/off' 'search' 'favourites/bookmarks' 'light brightness/low/medium/full' 'mute' 'volume down' 'volume up'.

The illumination, which was the feature most important to me, is very good. In a dark room, even the lowest setting is bright enough to see with so the medium and full are just there to help with personal preference, though I did find full more useful in that twilight stage as it stood out more.

All in all this is a very good USB backlight keyboard for under £20, and I would highly recommend it to people who like to use the PC in the dark and want a cheap backlit option.
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on 9 January 2014
I received the keyboard yesterday so I can't comment on reliability, but I would say I am overall pleased with it. A few things to bear in mind are:
1. The backspace button is about half the size it normally is, which isn't much of a problem - I'm almost used to it already.
2. There is no function for all 3 modes at the same time as shown in the picture.
3. The LEDs appear dimmer when looking from different angles (i.e. not straight above.
Apart from these details, the keyboard works as it is supposed to, and I would say it is worth what I paid for it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a budget backlit keyboard.
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on 18 May 2014
I love this keyboard, i've been looking for a multi colored LED keyboard and they were all costing too much. I had a lot budget.

So here are the pro's and cons.

3 Different colors from the touch of a button
3 Different brightness settings
It isn't that loud, It's quiet in my opinion. But that also depends on how fast you type.
Smooth feeling
Nice to game with

Space bar makes squeaking noises. Not all the time but it will happen at times.
One of the keyboard keys has already lost it's "quiet" noise. When i click it, it sounds like any crappy keyboard.. That's annoying..
Not good for people with big hands. I have small hands and it's alright, but i sometimes have my hands in uncomfortable positions.

That's all!

Fast delivery! :)
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on 28 August 2014
After reading some reviews I was a bit worried about it being bright enough, and I'm pleased to say that it does stand out very clearly in a darkened room - no matter which color!
The backlights, to me, seem equally bright across the keyboard as well!
The only difference is with the purple/ lilac where some keys appear blue.
I only gave it four stars as it's not the most ergonomic of keyboards, but by no means is it lacking in ergonomic features - it's like a free keyboard you get with a computer, with backlights and a few extra buttons (quite chunky).
Also, importantly, it's a Uk layout.
I've only had it a few days, so I can't comment on durability; although I've already spilt tea on it, and it still works fine.
Overall I'm very pleased with it.
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on 16 May 2014
i got this keyboard because i didn't have the money to get a more expensive one. i have enjoyed using this keyboard for the last year or so. i have gamed on it and typed alot on it, and i can say i wasn't 100% impressed with the keyboard in either respect. for gaming i found it was ok. i didn't want a mechanical keyboard as i don't like the noise, and this keyboard felt like a good compromise between key firmness and quietness. good positive keystrokes, plenty of space between keys for long fingers like mine. no macro keys, but thats not a deal breaker for me. what is though is the keyboard being backlit, and this one is, but only in blue, red or pink (not purple), andf don't be mislead by the pic; you cannot have all 3 colors on the keyboard at once, or for any given profile. there are no profiles, no software to install or customize the keyboard. this is good and bad. the buttons across the top are pretty handy, although one of them didn't seem to do anything. they keyboard has a nice weight; it gives the impression of being well built, but its not too heavy as to be uncomfortable on your lap. it has flip out feet to tilt the keyboard towards you, but they do not have rubber caps, so the keyboard will slip around when they are extended. over the period of time i have had this keyboard, nothing has ever gone wrong; no keys fell off, or stopped working. it never fraked out. it installed itself and worked faultlessy through hours and hours of typing ang fps gaming with a problem. my only gripe is that after only a couple of months the illumination became very dim from the caps lock line upwards. this meant at night the number keys and qwerty key line were still quite dark, and with the characters being laser etched into the keys not printed onto them, you can't see what you're typing. so better illumination would've resulted in more stars. still a great keyboard for the price, and i would recommend it to any budget gamer.
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on 24 September 2015
For £12.50 it is a great looking keyboard as you probably can't find one like this at such a cheap price. It was delivered to me last week and it was a simple case of plug and play. The LED lights look beautiful in the dark and they are also bright enough to be noticed in a well lit room; they can also be switched between three different colours red, blue and pink. There are also several extra keys including media keys which are simple increase/decrease volume and mute and keys to open your 'my computer', browser and computer search bar.

As for the negatives I have small fingers and even I find some trouble typing on this keyboard as I find the keys are slightly smaller than what I am used to and the backspace key is less than half of its usual size which is quite irritating in finding it while typing but nonetheless it is probably a case of getting used to typing on different sized keys. The base is also glossy plastic and smudges easily and will be hard to clean without scratching but you get what you pay for and this keyboard is still way worth the purchase.
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on 17 May 2014
Excellent build quality and good feel when typing. Makes next to no rattle when pressing keys. Top shortcut keys a little wobbly but not an issue.

LED's aren't as bright as I expected, however they do stand out in absolute darkness.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 February 2015
This is a decent UK keyboard but I think the Email button is useless and the folder favorite button since they don't return a function but I haven't bothered checking whether I can program them which is somewhat effort.

The keys are tactile but only to the point where it's comfortable that you're typing letters. It's just about right but they can feel tacky at times but don't let that put you off for the price you pay for the keyboard anyways.

Something I didn't look at or read up in the reviews about is the Hash key being next to the square sized LEGO backspace button which you can hardly press unless you move your whole hand to that area just to press it (not an exaggeration but that's because i'm doing it without looking at the keyboard as i'm a touch typist).

The LED's work fine along with the buttons to alter them.

In conclusion the tactileness of the keys and useless buttons are one thing but something minor which can bother me is the stand offs that the keyboard has which doesn't really tilt the keyboard enough to the user which I wish could push up the keyboard a bit more so make it more comfortable to type of.
If you don't mind the backspace problem and the lower keyboard then this keyboard will be fine for you.

*I hope that the company can issue exchanges with an updated version of this keyboard since it can really change a lot of the reviews.

- Asad
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on 30 April 2016
For the lower end of the keyboard budget scale, this keyboard is actually rather impressive. It is a full sized keyboard that consists of three separate light settings with three different light colours (Red/Blue/Lilac on Bright/Medium/Low). The keyboard itself is plastic and has a rather flexible feel and lacks a sense of rigidity. Furthermore the 'Sumvision' grey logo located on a separate piece of plastic on the lower-middle of the keyboard both looks and feels as if it can be removed - almost like it is clicked into place. Any attempt, as I found, to even lightly pull this up away from the keyboard and it will snap off. This naturally can be glued back into place but doesn't help give the keyboard a particularly nice feeling.

I have been using this keyboard myself now for a good 4 months and I must say that I am impressed with how it feels to type with, especially for long periods.

One thing I must stress about this product is that, unlike any 'standard' keyboard (if there really is such a thing), this keyboard has a backspace key that is the same size as any single letter key - rather than the conventional double spacing larger size more often seen. This may not annoy most people but it can be annoying when you are used to having a larger backspace - when you go to delete a mistake in a word document for example, you actually end up adding a hash rather than deleting anything.

Another useful point is that the keyboard will not save the backlight settings once it has been turned off - it will just come back on with no backlight.

Overall, I believe this product is a good purchase and holds up rather well for its value, and it performs very well too. It looks pretty good and offers great night visibility, though please do take note of the points I have mentioned to ensure that this is the right keyboard for you.
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on 10 July 2014
Brilliant keyboard, nice, sleek feel to it. Keys make no sound when being tapped, the red, blue and purple colours look great with varying levels of brightness. For the price, you definitely can't go wrong with it.
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