Suits - Season 1 - Complete 2011


Please note disc 3 contains 4 episodes.Please select the arrow on the right had side on the menu screen for the last 2 episodes on the disc

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The complete first season of the US legal drama that follows the cases of a pair of New York lawyers, only one of whom attended law school. After becoming a senior law partner at one of New York's top law firms, Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) discovers he has to recruit an associate from Harvard Law School. By chance, he ends up hiring gifted college-dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), even though Mike never actually attended law school, and relies on his photographic memory and quick wits to help him win cases. The episodes comprise: 'Pilot', 'Errors and Omissions', 'Inside Track', 'Dirty Little Secrets', 'Bail Out', 'Tricks of the Trade', 'Play the Man', 'Identity Crisis', 'Undefeated', 'The Shelf Life', 'Rules of the Game' and 'Dog Fight'.

Tom Lipinski, Gabriel Macht
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  • Suits - Season 1 - Complete - Disc 1 ages_12_and_over
  • Suits - Season 1 - Complete - Disc 2 ages_12_and_over
  • Suits - Season 1 - Complete - Disc 3 ages_12_and_over
  • Suits - Season 1 - Complete - Disc 4 ages_12_and_over
Runtime 8 hours 24 minutes
Starring Tom Lipinski, Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Julian Dezotti, Gina Torres, Meghan Markle, Max Topplin, Patrick J. Adams, Vanessa Ray, Sarah Rafferty
Director Kevin Bray
Genres Comedy, Drama
Rental release 30 April 2012
Main languages English

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

105 of 109 people found the following review helpful By Makistrak on 8 Feb. 2012
Format: DVD
From the first episode onwards, I loved this show. Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Spectre, a suave, shark like lawyer in New York, hires college drop out Mike Ross, played by Patrick Adams, as his new protégé. Mike is a hyper intelligent rogue, previously making a living helping people cheat on their Bar Exams and lending a hand to his drug dealing best friend. After a brief demonstration of his abilities, Mike is hired by an impressed Spectre into one of New York's leading Law firms...

Don't get me wrong, the series isn't perfect which is reflected in the four star review. I may be being a little finicky but the show can be guilty of being slightly formulaic i.e Harvey and Mike take on a case, encounter some unforeseen difficulties but eventually come up with a clever solution ultimately winning the day.

Right, now onto why this is such a good show.

Quite frankly, even with the above minor issue, this is by far one of the most addictive and enjoyable shows on TV. Macht plays Spectre with a superb polish, encapsulating the persona of a big shot New York lawyer with apparent ease but successfully keeping his character three dimensional, hinting at hidden moral depths.

Adams is brilliant as well. His character is super intelligent yet naive at the same time, a balance which, from an acting perspective, is incredibly difficult to maintain. As a result of his naivety , he frequently has to turn to his mentor for help giving extra depth to their working relationship. Adams acts the part excellently and the viewer is forever wanting Mike to succeed but never completely sure that he will (despite my earlier comments).
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43 of 45 people found the following review helpful By Galning on 4 Mar. 2012
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I know the DVD isn't out yet, so this review is a little premature. But I've watched every episode to date (about 5 I think) and (1) I can't praise it highly enough and (2) I can't understand how it's slipped under the radar (probably 'cos it's on Dave) and isn't been raved about elsewhere.

I won't repeat what others have already said - but what I think they've missed is how great the music and cinematography is too. The whole thing is just a joy to watch and the episodes just FLY by.

I'm also impressed by the standard of the writing and the subtexts. In the episode I just watched Mike lost a "faux trial" because his fav paralegal was on the stand and upset and he backed off from "breaking her". Landing him a telling of from the firm's head, Jessica, for being too soft....and disappointing Harvey in the process.

This was juxtaposed with a storyline for Harvey (they didn't interact much in this one) where he had a hot hook up with a girl who was top of his class in Harvard (Scotty) and, realising she was hiding something about the merger they were both on, pulled something out of the bag and beat her in court. She then got fired by her client and told him she was heading back to England to marry a guy who'd proposed to her a month before.

So you had Mike pulling back and deciding a woman in his life was more important than the win - and Harvey doing the opposite. Clever.

Cannot recommend this show highly enough.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful By Laura Hartley TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 31 July 2013
Format: DVD
Suits season 1 first aired a few years ago now but it has never really interested me. From afar, it looks like your pretty standard law drama but with more charming characters, but I was wrong, because it is so much more than that. Suits follows the stories of Harvey Specter, a top lawyer, and Mike Ross, his associate. Harvey works for Pearson and Hardman, a firm that only hires Harvard Law graduates, but Mike doesn't have any degree. After stumbling into the Pearson and Hardman associate interviews, Harvey is impressed by Mike's wit, attention to detail and impressive ability to memorise facts. Harvey decides to take Mike on, knowing that should it come out that Mike didn't attend Harvard Law, there could be very serious consequences for them both.

You cannot help but love the characters of this show. These characters live in a world where the ability to sweet talk your way out of sticky situations is invaluable so each and every character is witty and charming. The acting is phenomenal from both the main cast and the supporting actors. Each character has a completely different personality and when they're all brought together, they create this phenomenal piece of television. Obviously, Harvey Specter is the most talked about and most notable character, but the other characters are just as important for making this show work. There are a lot of famous faces in this show, but they're mixed with a lot of new faces too

I love that before I watched this show, I had absolutely no idea what words like pro bono and subpoena meant, but now I know a considerable amount of law vocabulary. Granted I had to google these terms as they came up, but if you're not as curious as I am then you'll still have no problem understanding what's going on.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful By BookFiend on 1 April 2012
Format: DVD
I'm a huge fan of shows formulated on the 'buddy' or 'partner' principle, going right back to the 1980s 'Sherlock Holmes' and then through 'The Professionals', 'Starsky and Hutch' and onwards to 'Life on Mars' and 'Lewis'. Such shows are make or break on the chemistry between the leads and this delivers that in spades. There seems to be a new 'number one American show!' every few months going onto DVD here (after months of waiting) and this is one that is definitely worth investing in - it's slick, cool, clever and has that all important spark that makes you invest in the chalk-and-cheese partnership at the centre of it making it through all the twists and turns along the way. Other reviews have described the plot premise - legal dramas can wind up being endlessly formulaic and swamping regular characters in guests-of-the-week but this never falls into that trap, whilst at the same time creating interesting scenarios each week in a similar manner to 'House MD'. High quality buddy show.
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