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Customer Reviews

2.6 out of 5 stars
2.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 January 2011
I've never written a review for Amazon before, but I just had to write about my experience with this book to stop people from wasting their time on it!

I pride myself, as a bookseller, to be able to read all manner of dross. But I struggled terribly with this; it was an actual effort to make it through to the final page (which I did, to ensure a fair review).

Reid is the 'bad boy of golf'. Well, so he says. Because aside from a couple of minor altercations with photographers, the man spends the entire novel throwing money at complete strangers and falling in love with a woman he has known all of two hours. The jokes are terrible, and the plot is boring and repetitive. It genuinely wouldn't surprise me if it was written by a 14 year old.

The one thing I was holding out for was the great unveiling of the suspect. However, even that was a giant disappointment - no build up, no great surprise. The entire novel was a damp squib.

I implore you, don't waste your time on this book. Even if it is free! Which thank goodness it was for me when I downloaded it.

I am loath to even award this one star.
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on 25 October 2011
Oh dear oh dear. First of all, I would like to hold the previously respected James Patterson and Clive Cussler to account. Your books are best sellers, people respect your literary opinions and to be honest to endorse this utter twaddle, borders on irresponsible!!
I have never read a book quite as bad, about a third of the way in I began to attempt to build a psychological profile of the writer, and concluded that it was written by a 12 year old girl or a 15 year old boy with an active imagination, and I cannot be moved on that. If The writer is indeed the middle-aged gentelman in the pictures then this is truly sad.
Every page left me cringing, but I kept on, i kept reading hoping the shaky premise would eventually give us readers an exciting if rather bumpy ride! Sadly it ended with me more bruised than anything else!
The story was so poor it hurt to read it. The descriptions of Reid clark left me unable to believe that anyone with such glowing endorsements could have constructed a lead character less two-dimensional than the nameless goons from a DC comic! The story hung itself on sad and annoyingly recurrent plot devices, most often used here were the awkward jokes about the unbelieveably immature Mr Clark, followed by drawn out silences, and then followed by the generalized burst of laughter, with Reid generously "letting that go...'you got me!' " This in particular left me wondering who in their right minds would tolerate such a juvenile adult, even in a novel!
But that wasn't the worst part: Reid Clark, he is hot, the girls are hot, his golf is ace, his body guards are "always alert, awake and aware" oy oy oy oy!!

This book is the absolutely worst thing i have ever read in my entire life!
There was no twist, no middle, the "threat" was laughable, the language paediatric, the writing pedestrian, the conceptualization non-existent.And the end? A mysterious threat-making individual with the "sophistication" (i use lightly- nothing in this book is sophisticated) to send personalized symbolic threats, turned out to be someone with no discernable motive for making them. In fact the villain (used lightly once again, no such depth was acheived) could have just made a garden variety attempt on the ridiculous guy, which, successful or not would have made a whole lot more sense!! And saved us the torture!!

I cannot believe that this made it past any editors of worth!I cry nepotism on behalf of unpublished writers of America-a few super endorsements and voila!!!!!How wrong is that?
So all i need to get published is for, say, the excellent Stephen King to "like me"?!

Amazon should create a 0 star category for this book---nothing i have ever seen with a 1 star is this bad!! there are 20-word reviews of this book which are better reading---i hated it so much i could return the free book and ask for double my money back.
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on 23 April 2011
The combination of this book being on free offer and the recommendation by respected author James Patterson encouraged me to dip into this novel.

It's about successful professional golfer Reid Clark who receives a death threat. The plot seems to be based on finding out who made the threat and telling readers how Reid Clark spent an awful lot of money. There is also a dollop of romance thrown in. Reid's girlfriend Shane is naturally beautiful and he rapidly falls for her in a major way.

I should now state I categorically do not have any interest in golf. However, I do enjoy reading an eclectic mix of crime/murder/mystery novels. My Kindle has encouraged me to try a number of debut novels - especially when offered free or for less than a couple of pounds and I have enjoyed and recommended a number of these.

I am always aware and appreciative of the dedication and hard work put into any novel by an author so try not to be too critical but......

For me, this book threw up some anomalies. For instance, I couldn't quite equate how anyone who receives death threats still embarks on shopping trips? The death threat is as close to a murder taking place as it gets! And the romance simply came across as a bit too Mills & Boon for my tastes!

Unfortunately, I also felt a fair degree of fine tuning to the writing style was required but maybe this will come as the author gains more experience?

Others may (and I'm sure some will) enjoy it but this book did not hold my interest at all as I found it bland and, dare I say it?........ well below par.
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on 31 January 2011
If I hadn't seen a picture of the author, I would have though he was about 15. Even though the main character is obviously a *ratt, he's the best golfer in the world; beautiful women find him irresistible; his sisters hang on his every word and ... I think you get the idea.

A very boring book, and to call it a murder mystery should be an offence under the Trade Description Act.
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on 24 May 2011
I had high hopes for this novel, and alas I was left very disappointed by the end of it however. It is a great study of golf and the mind-set to playing at high levels, but as a mystery it was really bad.

There was no real build up of suspense, just endless pages of Reid Clark's pre-tournament routine, post-tournament routine and other daily routines. How many times do we have to read about him getting a massage, how tense he feels, his bad boy image, (which was distinctly lacking), his 'feeling ' of dread, which to be honest never ever felt real.

Added to this was probably the worst romance and ending of a book i have ever read. The big reveal of the 'suspect' was dreadful and had no mystery to it, and felt tacked on just to finish the book. To be honest by the time it came, I would have happily took aim at Clark too.

If you want to know how to play golf or even just a sports novel get this, you'll be a 'Pro' in no time, but if you want a crime/mystery thriller, leave well alone.

"You like golf, you like murder mysteries - - then Sudden Death is your book!" James Patterson hang your head in shame!
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on 9 January 2011
I was convinced when reading this that it was written by a 13 - 14 year old. it certainly gives that impression with the appalling set scenes of a golfer who manages to do all a 13 year old would imagine he could do, including standing up the president of the USA.
I must confess that I feel that it was a complete waste of time reading it.
Glad it was free otherwise I would want my money back!
Steer clear.
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on 4 January 2011
If you want an exciting, sports based novel then this book is NOT for you. I have honestly never read such an appallingly written book before. Stilted narative, poor grammar and sentence construction, one-dimensional characters, repetitive dialogue and a 'plot' which never got going and limped pathetically to a damo squib of an ending. Seriously, this book is less exciting than a two day old cucumber sandwich.
I did wonder why this book was free, and now I know - because its awful. I was determined to finish however, so that I could legitimately write a review of it, but I almost lost the will to live in doing so!
Don't waste your time folks, there are so many wonderful books out there that you really don't need to bother with this one. Oh, and for heavens sake don't pay for it!
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on 7 September 2014
I read this book because I'd downloaded it, I found the story a bit tame and the writing style a bit stilted. The author seemed more comfortable writing about the sport than the emotions. The dialogue was hard work and many of the conversations were unbelievable with no natural flow
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on 15 June 2011
Trashy rubbish. All about beautiful people hangers on and a spoilt brat golfing celebrity. There was a plot which could have been built on and the book could have been so much better. Won't bother with this author again. Book had no depth or feeling
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on 30 November 2012
I'm not a big fan of golf but the endorsement from James Patterson made me curios enough to give it a go, and it was a free read. I suppose that in the books' favour I did finish it, but it does rank as one of the worst books I've read. Implausible plot, one dimensional characters, ridiculously stilted dialogue,
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