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on 13 March 2009
My copy of this guide arrived this morning and I have to say it's brilliant but not perfect.

The most important factor is that it explains things far better than the game manual does (which I believe is down to poor translation in the manual).

Obviously it has the advantage of giving full detail on ALL characters (which the manual gives basic move lists on but doesn't on ALL characters because of the fact you have to unlock some and therefore they didn't want to give away who you unlock).

It has incredibly detailed pages about each character, listing their moves, special moves, combos etc etc and frame data. It also has pictures of what each punch and kick looks like, which is great for both playing as that character and against. Therefore this is the perfect guide for mastering all the characters and is great in that respect as it offers solid strategies and the info you need character-wise.

It covers all the basics at the start, combos, dashes, blocking, countering, safe and unsafe hits and fully explains the concept of the revenge gauge and combo gauges so after reading this you'll know everything you need to in order to master the game.

Where the book in my opinion DOESN'T deserve 5 stars is the explanation of how to unlock all the characters, the icons and the titles.

It states unlocking characters such as Seth is as simple as completing arcade with all other characters, this is NOT true and requires far more specific circumstances. To find out this information I suggest you simple search on Google as there's very detailed guides on how to do this as it requires specifics such as getting 3 ultra combo finishes to even meet Gouken.

It would have been nice to have had a full unlock guide for all the colours, characters and titles as well. Perhaps a table showing what completing each stage of the challenges unlocks. In that respect I think it can't be called a definitive guide to the game but definitely a definitive guide to the characters of the game which is arguably the most important aspect.

Another key missing section of this guide is a challenge guide. In the game there are Time, Survival and Trial challenges. Time works one a time limit where you face a number of opponents in a row and have to beat them in the time limit, getting victories adds seconds as does perfect victories, ultra and super combos. Survival is simply beating a certain number of opponents without losing too much health.

The Trial challenges is where this guide could have been of great use. These involve performing complex combos for each character. Detailed guides of how to get the timing and the button combinations would have been great.

So pick this up if you want full move lists and want to master the characters. If you're after just unlocking everything or completing challenges then this isn't the guide for you.
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on 17 April 2012
This is my 1st review.

The guide arrived and was unread; so that was a good start!

The layout/typesetting of the guide are fine, no clumsy graphic/text clashes.

As for the main body of this review, the content of the guide...

The content is comprehensive and accurate; the moves are listed along with some ideas for strategy/usage. Various terms are explained and expanded upon; usually with some decent pictures, and each character has their standard/EX/special/ultra moves pictured.
Combo's are listed for each character but not all, the guide would be the size of a phone book!

All in all a good buy, all I wanted was the move lists as I play using OnLive (so only in-game instructions).

To the people saying that this guide doesn't have all the frame data/timings/training explanations.... Try playing the game!! That's how you get better, not by reading bloody books.
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on 1 September 2009
It's a good book for those who don't know street fighter at all.

Otherwise you can find better tips on the web, and for free.
The information in this book lacks precision for all characters concerning high level fighting, there are too many useless pictures (in the ugly training background) not commented, and NO fighting tips between characters.
(If you wanna know how to be efficient with Honda against Sagat, for example, don't count on this book)

The cover of the book I've received doesn't match the promo picture one.
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on 1 October 2009
This item comes with all the frame data for all the arcade characters wich is great. Frame data is important for all characters and players of any skill to understand the game properly and to take their skill to the next level. It has in depth character analysis so you can understand what tactics strategys and useful combos make your fave character a great fighter.
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on 24 July 2009
The fact that Prima released this book at the same time as the home versions would indicate to me that they would of included all of the home console modes, options and unlocks. Not true.

All you get here is character breakdowns and move lists. That's it.

A very poor effort from them, and they are usually pretty good. A shame.
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on 21 December 2009
Great Guide. I had bought one and I'm really happy with them. Only a few mistakes in one or two figures. But is one of the best guides that I had already see.
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on 25 May 2011
hadn't expect it. all info can also be found from sites, nothing "sur-plus"
cover imange isn't like what is on the site
As a SF fan, quite dissapointed.
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on 10 June 2014
a great guide for this game. provide move details and strategy for all characters and how best to fight with or against them.
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