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4.6 out of 5 stars32
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 September 2001
This book is just as good as the original Thrawn trilogy. All characters and storylines interact well to produce on of the best Star Wars novels that I have read. After finishing this you will be desperate to read 'Vision of the Future'.
However, I would not recommend reading this book if you haven't read the original Thrawn trilogy. Not because it is hard to pick up the storyline but reading this first will spoil your enjoyment of three great novels.
No other author manages to capture the magic of the movies quite like Zahn does. I can't wait for more.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2004
Fifteen years after 'Return of the Jedi', the New Republic is struggling with internal discontent and the Empire, under Grand Admiral Pellaeon, is but a remnant of it's former self. Into these troubled times three power-hungry Imperials create the illusion of Grand Admiral Thrawn's return as Leia discovers the existence of the mysterious Hand of Thrawn.
Zahn brings his usual high-quality style to this book and it reads very much as a continuation of the original Thrawn trilogy. One of the things I liked most was the fact that Pellaeon is a shrewd enough tactician to know when to sue for peace, which is a drastic change from the usual maniacal Imperial leaders from other Star Wars books. Zahn wrote this book with strong links to Michael A. Stackpole's 'I, Jedi' and as such there are many familiar faces ranging from Corran Horn to Elegos A'kla. Generally speaking, this is an excellent addition to the saga.
Fans of Star Wars action may well be disappointed as this book mostly consists of the build-up towards conflict, rather than the conflict itself. Leia's official position is a bit unclear too, in the preceding and following Star Wars books she's Chief of State, but here she seems to have no official power at all.
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on 18 September 2003
Having never read any star wars books, only listened to the audio and this was a great starter. It brings back characters from the old thrawn trilogy, who had not had any major roles since, like Talon Karde, and Captain/Vice Admiral/Admiral Pellaeon (who had only been in darksaber since).
The introduction of new characters suchas Moff Disra and Major Tierce gives the story a new flavour and the ending will leave you interested and keen to read vision of the future.
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on 30 May 2002
A great book from an excellent author. It is worth buying this book just for the plot. The idea of the whole Thrawn scam is quite clever with some clever plot twist and excellent description, this a brilliant book. The character developemnt is great and the plot twists near the end of this duology are good. I've just re-read this book for the uptenth tome and you HAVE to get it . If you don't you don't know what you're missing.
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on 1 July 1998
Okay, lets put it bluntley....Spectar is the best thing to come out of the Star Wars universe lately since the Rouge Squadron. Timothy Zahn and Stackpole are probably the only two writers that have taken the original star wars universe and made it better. Spectar is a product of that kind of writing. Nothing against the other SW's writers but they havent been able to capture the characters essence and they havent been able to grip a reader as Zahn can. I had almost given up on star wars books until I found out that Zahn was writing this book. This book brought back the characters and the creativity that first attracted me to the Star Wars universe. He has a great sense of plot and storytelling that is so addicting, you dont have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy the action and drama. He puts thought behind his villians, not just the brute Empire hates Republic storyline that most authors use. I have truley enjoyed this book for the refreshing storyline and character development, nothing like the other star wars books. I recommend it to any fan getting bored of the same old Star Wars plotline. All I can say is When is the sequel?!!!!!!! I cannot wait for more!
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on 2 June 1998
Zahn practically invented the starwars universe after ROTJ with Heir To The Empire (A must read!!!) When I first heard about the Hand of thrawn I couldn't wait to read it. As expected it is magic !!!!! I can't wait to get hold on the sequel. When I read Zahns books I feel the force They are so great they even destroy the possibility of making movies after ROTJ because I think most of you agree that Zahn`s books are equal to the movies in reliability about the starwars universe. When I read I feel ,The dream Luke had in the end gave me the chills, The characters Karrde, Mara Jade, G A Thrawn and Pellaon is the greatest additions to the starwars universe ever since the movies !!!!!! I love the situations Zahn puts the main characters in ! Specially all those hard choses about the ones they care for Anyone agrees ? Mail me if ya wanna
One part of me is waiting for the solution of the greatest most epic story ever (STARWARS) and one part of me wants it to never end
Gotta go Seeya all *S*
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on 7 November 1998
Whooo! Star Wars (the TRUE Star Wars)has returned. Chock-full of action, drama, and cool interplay.... And not full of Leia-the-all-wise-self-effacing-and-totally-wimp leader, Han-the-respectable (yeah right!) and most importantly, Luke-the-self-proclaimed-Jedi-Master! They're all back the way we picture 'em, the way we want to picture 'em, and the way they'd BETTER keep picturin' them! Much more interesting (I think) than the Heir to the Empire trilogy though a lot less ground breaking. But who cares! The ground Zahn broke back then is more'n sufficent enough to make this one awesome. Timothy Zahn, I bow before you! You are the Alpha and the Omega of Star Wars writers! Long live Timothy Zahn! You have saved us from a time of totally crappy and OOC (out-of-character:)) Star Wars books! (a la Crystal Star, Children of the Jedi, Darksaber, the Jedi Academy trilogy, etc.)
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on 14 July 1998
I was so happy to hear that Zahn was writing another series of books for Star Wars. After some of the cheesy stuff that had been coming out lately, from the almost childish (The Crystal Star), to the "Super Weapon of the week" books (Darksaber, Jedi Academy, Children of the Jedi), it was nice to see a quality book again. And what the other writers did to Mara! They just destroyed her personality! Almost an insult to Zahn. Thank goodness we got away from that Lando and Mara mess! Timothy Zahn truly captures the spirit of the movies, the original charcters. Although I thought that Pelleaon should have had a more substantial role (I find him much more interesting then the Moff and his *crew*), and that it was a little slow to get going, it is still a great book, and way better then all the other Star Wars books, excepting the Heir to the Empire trilogy. Definatly a great book!
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on 2 December 1997
This fisrt book in Zahn's new trilogy is a wonderful and exciting work of art. He brings back the old favorites of the Star Wars saga, at the same time bringing intriguing new characters that have just as much details as the old ones. He also throwns in new challenges for our cherished characters to handle. A good point of this is that he doesn't put his characters in a situation that you can guess how they suceed (i.e. Blow up a Death Star, Kill so and so, etc.) I do disagree with the Reader from Haiwaii. The whole book is there, it's supposed to feel like it is only a third completed, that is why it's called a trilogy. If you'll look carefully, the books are the same size as before.
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on 13 September 2003
i just bought this book and in my style finished it in 5 days, and thought that the book was really good....but it is slow. while the main plot is interesting( people shooting other people in the flacon etc) there are points where the story just drags on or where it goes completely off on its own and your stuck thinking "why have they put this in" and i suspect that the answer will be in visions of the future(which i'm reading now and is a bit faster). if u do buy this book get visions of the future aswell because i assume that the answers will be in there. well they will be but u no what i mean. you'll find out why the characters who have no real part in sceptre of the past are there.
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