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4.6 out of 5 stars330
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 November 2009
The first thing that struck me when i opened this set is its size. Its pretty large in the days of silm line box sets, about 9 inches by 9 inches (8 inches tall) and dominates my DVD collection. The box top lifts off to show the 11 dvd boxes side by side (the 11th box being the extras). No inserts in the boxes which is a shame.

It contains all star trek movies from 1-10 as described, they are the theatrical versions and not the extended versions. Each film has the language options of English / French / German (bar the extras disc, this is English only). All Discs have subtitles as well, including on the commentary, in the following languages;

Subtitle languages - English / English for hearing impaired / Danish / Dutch / Finnish / French / German / Norwegian / Swedish

Commentary Subtitle languages - English / German / French

In short, pretty box, good movies, slightly disapointing extras. If you are a fan who dosnt currently have the DVDs, its a good price to get them.
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on 6 December 2009
Having had the Star Trek movies on Video, Laserdisc, DVD and now Blu-ray I can state without fear that the Blu-ray discs are the best I have seen these movies, why does everyone go on about the Directors cut, the only movie that was a directors cut was the motion picture (and much improved it was too), Star trek 2 & 6 had extra scenes which to be honest are my preferred cuts but as the Director has stated in the recent edition of Star Trek magazine he refused to let the DVD releases be call Directors Cuts as they were not, they just has a few seconds of footage inserted that he lost the fight over at the editing stage prior to release.

Was I disappointed that Star Trek I, II & VI were not the extended editions, of course but even so sit back and savour Star Trek in glorious HD, you will not be sorry.
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on 3 December 2014
This is a nice as a set of Star Trek history.

The cardboard box slip cover is embossed really well. The text is all raised along with the ship and it's blue hue is slightly metallic, very nice facing out on a shelf. The main case itself is a large amaray style with a removable page turner disc holder. They all hold firm and this makes for really easy access. The films are the best I have seen them outside of the cinema experience. Each transfer is sympathetic to the original release. I wouldn't personally hope for anything more in a release of this size covering such a time period. The included booklet feels a little 'thrown in' but it takes up no space and is nice to have, it features similar artwork to the US release. I did like the look of the US box set presentation but the amaray design employed with this set feels much more truly next generation.

This is very much a particular edition of these films. As a result of this I felt that each film was a little soulless. All menus and interactions are in a standard Starfleet Insignia format. I would have liked to have seen something of a theme from each individual film. Each film is set to it's own musical score during the menu screen which does redress the issue a bit.

The physical discs are all grey for the first 6 films and they then adopt a star field pattern with individual colour tones for the last 4, splitting the timeline as it were. Interestingly Star Trek II is not labelled with the 'II' merely Star Trek: TWOK. (TSFS starts the numbering with 'III')

Each disc has a good deal of extra features pertaining to the film in question and each has a Libray Computer or PADD feature depending on the generation. This accesses film data and seems pretty comprehensive. It is difficult not to compare this set with the Alien Anthology which was physically poorly packaged but with great digital interaction, film features and presentation. This complete Star Trek release wins with both packaging and design but misses a trick with some fan service.

The extra two discs I have not watched but have noted that they also follow the generation split in their appearance this bookends the set well.

All in all a really well put together and a complete collection of original releases. Highly recommended.
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This is a great release of the ten Star Trek films. If you are looking here you're probably familiar with the films, so I will just discuss the release itself.

The films have all been remastered, cleaned up and presented in the best possible quality. Having owned a few of the previous editions I can say that the picture quality is excellent. Especially on the older Kirk and Co films the difference is really noticeable, and they look almost as though they were filmed last year. The sound has also been fully cleaned up, and is presented in 5.1 surround. Again, the effort is noticeable and the result superb.

The ten films are each in normal wide DVD boxes, all gathered into a large, stylish cardboard cube. My only gripe is that the box is too big to fit in my DVD shelf, it would have been easy to make it a bit smaller.

There are a wealth of extras with each film, and a further 2 discs of extras. In the main these are reasonably interesting and add to the set, but I suspect some of them will be of interest to the more serious Trekkie.

In summary, for the low price being asked when I bought this, it's an excellent set. The films are in the best possible condition, and it's really worth replacing the previous editions with these.
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on 6 March 2014
I bought this to replace an old 1-7 VHS collection as having recently watched the two newer movies, I had an interest in seeing the older ones again. There is very little to mention in the packaging. It is a simple, multiple DVD single set, similar to the type used on many TV series box sets and the accompanying leaflet is thin and uninteresting. The extras on the DVDs are mostly rather dull - some commentaries, alternate language versions and a rather naff "Starfleet Academy Brief" which is basically an actress in Trek Uniform showing a few clips from the movie. Not worth watching more than once. Of more interest are the recent interviews where cast members go over their memories. There are some with Brent Spiner and Walter Koenig, but the best is one called The Summit (The Captain's Summit, somewhat erroneously, on the packaging) where Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart and Frakes sit around a table with host Whoopi Goldberg and chat. This is genuinely enjoyable, particularly for the amount of laughter going on and a very funny Leonard Nimoy putting William Shatner firmly in his place any time he gets a bit too pretentious. In summary, this is not worth having if you already have the movies on DVD, as it does not offer enough to differentiate it, but if you are replacing an old well worn set of videos, then this is a good value to get the Trek movies back into your collection.
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on 7 May 2011
OK Its Star Trek, its going to be great!! But the Box sets are NOT Special Editions. Ok you will moan at me saying who cares about 5 -10 minutes of extra filming or different versions etc. I say "good point" however, IF they have released the Box Sets before with everything, including Directors Cuts, why not just do the same with the Blu ray? I have noticed most films have been down graded for Blu ray release only to be up graded once you have bought the others. See my point? I still have my old Box Set on DVD from 2006 release with all the directors cuts, no point getting the Blue ray versions yet!!
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on 22 September 2010
Buy this for the Trekkie in your family! All 10 movies from Kirk Scotty & co's first big screen outing up to the last from Capt.Jean Luc & his crew in one beautiful big cube.
Husband & I bought this as a gift - for ourselves!
We had seen it at a far larger price elsewhere - so thanks Amazon!
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on 9 June 2013
Some have complained that this release is missing this and that, or that no-one would buy this because they should have bought some other edition. So what. I wanted the movies on Blu-ray. I didn't have them. Now I do and I am very happy with this set for the price that I paid - just over £7 per film.
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on 6 January 2016
I have been waiting a while to purchase this boxset, and couldn't resist any longer. Being a fan of the series I was purchasing this set to see the Blu Ray high quality picture and sound. I can safely say this is the best Blu Ray transfer I have seen from a 20-30 year old series of films.
The Films
I won't go into too much detail as I am sure they have been well documented elsewhere. I was never a huge fan of Star Trek:The Motion Picture, only seeing it once on VHS years ago. Jokes about it being the 'Slow Motion' picture may be warranted in parts, but with this Blu Ray transfer you simply cannot fail to be impressed with the quality of the picture. I found this actually enhanced my enjoyment of the film, well, for the parts where I wasn't marvelling at the beauty of the scenery. It is a joy to behold what is going on in the background of the film, on the vastly expanded Enterprise NCC 1701. It would have been intriguing to see the proposed series of Star Trek Phase two that this film evolved from, as they clearly went to town with the production values.
The Wrath of Khan is simply one of the best films ever made, not just in the Sci Fi genre. I could write an essay on this film, but won't bore you with this now....
The Search for Spock(III) and The Voyage Home (IV) are both solid, enjoyable films.
The least said about The Final Frontier(V) the better. Lucky that The Next Generation had started by this one, as it could have killed the franchise....
Fortunately they recovered it with The Undiscovered Country (VI).
The TNG films are a mixed bag, with First Contact being by far the best.

But I digress. This review is solely about the quality of the Blu Ray. Paramount have got their act together with this release, and you will not be disappointed.

If you are like me, and like extras on the discs, you will find plenty of these. Hearing Orson Welles booming voice narrate the opening to the Motion Picture trailer is strangely effective....

Fans of the series MUST own it, that is all there is left to say.
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on 6 February 2014
How can you not love a collection of Star Trek movies all in one handy (and compact) box? There isn't a real dud amongst them. OK, I may be being generous about Nemesis, which isn't much better than an extended TV episode, and is a bit of a damp squib to end on, but The Voyage Home, Generations, First Contact and Insurrection more than make up for it. There are a couple of dics of extras, too - one of interviews with the cast including Shatner, Nimoy and Stewart, and one with moments of Trek history from TV.
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