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Star Trek 10 - Nemesis 2002


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The tenth instalment in the 'Star Trek' film series. When Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the crew discover a disassembled prototype of their android colleague Data (Brent Spiner) on a distant planet, they take the parts back to the Enterprise and attempt to put them back together. Meanwhile, news arrives that the new Romulan leader Shinzon (Tom Hardy) wants to restore relations with the United Federation of Planets and Picard is sent to negotiate. When Picard arrives, he uncovers a shocking truth about Shinzon's connection to himself, and unearths a sinister plot to destroy the Earth.

Kate Mulgrew, LeVar Burton
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Product Details

  • Feature ages_12_and_over
Runtime 1 hour 52 minutes
Starring Kate Mulgrew, LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Jude Ciccolella, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, Shannon Cochran, Marina S, Alan Dale, Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Tom Hardy, Robertson Dean
Director Stuart Baird
Genres Science Fiction
Rental release 11 August 2003
Main languages English
Dubbing German
Subtitles Dutch, German, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish
Hearing impaired subtitles English

Customer Reviews

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Format: Blu-ray
In this fourth 'Next Generation' film there's a popping of champagne corks as Captain Picard fulfills his role as best man at the dinner celebrating the marriage of his first officer and ship's councillor; Will Riker and Deanna Troi. It's also a farewell as the happy couple are due to leave the ship and start duties on the USS Titan. But their last few days on the ship are interrupted by the chance discovery of a positronic signal from a nearby planet which is deemed worthy of investigation.

The trip down is more eventful than expected - after discovering Data's slightly backwards twin they find themselves escaping a hostile reception in action packed style. No sooner are they back on the ship with their new visitor, the crew are required at Romulus to attend the scene of a mass political assassination. The film gives us some interesting insights into Romulan culture, or rather 'Remus' culture. Remus is a neighbouring planet where the native Remans are forced to live on the constantly dark side of their planet, they are viewed by Romulus to be a lesser race and considered nothing better than slaves. However, it appears they have a saviour in the guise of a vaguely familiar human, Picard's clone "Schinzon".

Nemesis turns into a very personal battle between Picard and his younger genetically matched adversary. The two debate on how they are the same, and Schinzon states how if given the same upbringing, Picard would be just like him. The battle of wits is often quite compelling and at first it looks as though the film is going to take the easy option and see the young 'Picard' have an epiphany and accept that he can use his influence for more altruistic means, but thankfully he remains a twisted, dark soul.
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Format: Blu-ray
Patrick Stewart - 'Jean Luc Picard'
Brent Spiner - 'Data/ B-4'
Johnathan Frakes - 'William Riker'
LeVar Burton - 'Geordi La Forge'
Michael Dorn - 'Worf'
Marina Sirtis - 'Deanna Troi'
Gates McFadden - 'Beverly Crusher'

Whilst investigating signals on an unchartered planet, the Captain, Data and Worf , shuttle down to the surface,
much to their supprise they find several robotic parts, it's a double of Data.
They become under attack from a number of the planets occupants, they escape along with 'Data's' double, ....
in parts.
Enterprise and it's crew are ordered to 'Romulus' to act as an escort to the new 'Romulan' leader 'Preator Shinzan'
(Tom Hardy)
'Jean Luc' is in for a supprise when realizing the new 'Romulan' leader is a 'clone' of himself, perhaps his most
dangerous adversary yet.
The 'Clone' has an agenda, as well as conquering the entire 'Romulan' empire, the destruction of earth and the death
of 'Jean Luc'
The Enterprise Captain has to battle himself.
It becomes a battle against superior odds for the crew of the Enterprise, ultimately a heavy price will be paid for the
encounter with ';Shinzan'
(The film gives us a glimpse of the series's future, our first, if but brief sequence with 'Kathryn Janeway')
For me - This is probably my favourite 'Generations' movie, equal to anything that had come before, this having the
benefit of some impressive Special-Effects and Battle sequences.
Special Features -
* Commentary by - Michael and Denise Okuda.
* Reunion with the Rikers HD
* Todays Tech Tomorrow's Data HD
* Robot Hall of Fame
* Brent Spiner - Data and beyond - part 4 HD
* Trek Roundtable - Nemesis HD
* Starfleet Academy - Thalaron Radiation
Blu-ray Exclusives -
* Library Computer
* Star Trek IQ - (BD-Live)
* Plus over 3 hours of previously released content
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Star Trek: Nemesis killed off the movie series for years, and on a second viewing it's not hard to see why. While it's not quite as bad as its detractors claim, it suffers from a terrible screenplay by John Logan that never manages to integrate characterization into the action, leaving most of it to be found in the DVD's deleted scenes bin, while slogging through an incredibly undernourished but tediously dragged out and dull story that has one good but barely utilized idea in having as its villain a younger clone of the Enterprise's captain. How did they manage it? They must have got a hair off the bald captain's comb is the main theory offered (this may be a joke, but judging from how crude the comedy is elsewhere that's doubtful). Why did they do it? Part of an elaborate conspiracy they, er, gave up on years ago. But he's got a plan to make the Romulan Empire great again, of course. Probably. Quite what his nefarious plot to destroy the Federation is is never really explained so there's not much in the way of threat - especially since the villain only has one spaceship and quickly loses his allies because he keeps wasting time playing mind games or committing the odd psychic rape rather than getting down to delivering the conquest and pillage he promised. Oh, and he needs Captain Picard's DNA to stop himself prematurely self-destructing. Only, on second thoughts, he decides not to bother and to do something else instead. Quite what isn't exactly clear, but it involves filling much of the last third of the movie with a desperately unexciting space battle against a dull green background before yet another of the regular TV cast makes the ultimate sacrifice.Read more ›
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